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Username: Kiwi1971

Age: 47

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The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

Nice for a drink but there are lots better places nearby for food.
We visited this pub on a recent Sunday. Signs in the window said two meals for 8.50 Mon - Fri & all day Sat/Sun.
I ordered a steak burger for me and the soup with baked bread for my girlfriend, I asked about the 2 for 8.50 promotion and after the server finally worked out what I was talking about she said it was only available Mon-Fri 3-5pm. I pointed out that the sign said all day Sat/Sun. Another staff member who was sitting nearby said that was only because they forgot to take the signs down but made no attempt to honour the offer even though it would have lost them only 1.50 to do so. They had no interest in customer service, then the girl serving me made up some story about you having to order 2 of the same meal, I was embarrassed for her.
The soup came and was clearly a cup-of soup type thing(served warm) with miniscule dehydrated vegetables that hadn't even been given time to rehydrate the "baked bread" turned out to be 2 slices of thin brown toast from a loaf of sliced bread. the "steak" burger was just a regular beef burger. It was nice enough but it was a standard burger and should be called that. The rolls that the burger were nice square white ones and would have been good with the soup also but they didn't think of that for some reason.
The beers were nice, but then Carlsberg made them

10 Mar 2008 14:20

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