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Username: Jeb_Crane

Age: 68

Sex: male

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The Diamond Tap, Newbury

I'd like to recommend this establishment but the music weekends have turned it into a meeting spot for the giro hordes/chavs of Thatcham to defy their ASBO's and get all lary on taxpayer funded shant! Burberry wearing swines that they are!

5 Jul 2012 11:24

The Hope Tap, Reading

The HOPE Tap? Abandon hope all yea who enter here more ****king like it! Where is the hope in a bunch of unemployed giro rustlers and bar staff on six pound an hour? Edgar A. Poe wouldn't even put that cobblers into a tome! The best thing that can be said about this place is one day someone will put a fist in the face of the mouthy drunken giro-scroungers/drug addict types who frequent it and abuse the staff.

26 Jan 2012 21:46

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

This pub has always had a dubious quality to it and I have to concur with the comments below; the influx of your overseas criminal types in the Reading area led to it's downfall. Perhaps they'd be better suited to the equally dubious Polish pub near Central swimming pool?

20 Jan 2012 11:45

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