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The Evening Star, Brighton

this pub is the greatest was here just the othe day and this mental guy got me to drink all these 10% beer in a contest with him and he keep saying "ha! hussss! ha! ha! husss!" and making me cleink glasses with him and then the fourth or fifth time he did it the glass shatter and I have all thes epieces of broken glass in my hand all mixing wiht the blood and the 10% beer and the charming barmaid wih curly hair punshes the mental guy in the face and drags him out of the door and then coems back and she is covering my hand in antiseptic cream and pulling the bits of broekn glass out of my hand and they do not have bandage so they just wrap it in bar towel and tehn the guy with the dread locks who works behind the bar is laughing because I am trying to have a lemondae to calm myself down and the blood from my hand keeeps drip in the lemonade and I say "I didn't ask for a blood orange!!" and then the nex tthing I know two of the regulas have picke me up and carrying me to the station and on a tran and the next thing I knew I am going past shreham by sea and find myself amngering and dont even know angmering and it takes me another three hours to get to my house in london it was the best night ou I have ahd in ages I will return!!

2 Feb 2012 15:26

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