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The Telegraph at The Earl of Derby, New Cross

Shocking service when I was last in this place (December 2012). I was served by a ghost-like bar maid who refused to speak to customers, her face frozen with an expression of despondency and indifference to the customer. Barely five words are exchanged between ordering your beer and burger and having said burger placed in front of you with a hint of derision. The service was bad enough that I won't be going back. It's happened to me a few times with this bar maid. Funny thing is, as soon as she'd finished her shift she was drinking wine and laughing along with her friends like a normal person, so we know she's capable of acting without complete indifference to those around her. The level of rudeness is significant enough to genuinely astound you. However good the beers are in this place, there's no point going to a place you're not welcome.

27 Dec 2012 16:01

The Marylebone, Marylebone

I was in this pub (and I hesitate to call it a pub) a few weeks ago, and have to say it's all that's wrong with the general direction some pubs are going in. First observation was the lack of ale - just one on tap. The rest are fizzy, overpriced lagers. Second, it's the kind of place frequented by people who don't really like pubs - you won't struggle to spot women in overpriced wellington boots or people wearing sunglasses indoors, on a dark day. You can pretty much tell how good a pub will be by its clientele.

During my last visit a reservation notice was whacked on our table having been sat there for a couple of hours. Yes, one of those places. If you do decide to visit this place, I'd suggest you reserve a table first unless you want the same to happen to you. Or if you can't find a table while you're in there, just call from the bar and reserve a table, get some punters chucked off their table. Really. The rules of the pub have worked fine for centuries (first come, first served). The sooner this kind of pub disappears, the better.

29 Oct 2012 18:40

The New Cross House, New Cross

I agree with the review below, but being an ale drinker, I haven't noticed the 4 pint. The ale selection is very good, and they like to try new beers here too. I guess it's the fancier lagers that hit the 4 mark. The Grand Union chain charge 4 for Fosters and Kronenbourg (with no ales on tap), and I refuse to step foot in one of them (and I also refuse to accept that the 4 Fosters is becoming the norm - it isn't if you go to good pubs).

Another good thing about this pub is the beer garden and 'tree house' (with table football). I've been coming here since 1998, and didn't realise this garden was going to waste (it was a bit of a different crowd in the Goldsmiths Tavern 1 (pre-2003 refurb) days).

So, another pub in New Cross (along with the Royal Albert) that you can take your snobby middle-class mates to (a good thing - not everyone gets the whole 'new Shoreditch' vibe). Jokes aside though, I think you'll find that New Cross is the original Shoreditch. Real artists an bands have been doing very well here in New Cross for decades. What good comes out of Shoreditch?

17 Jul 2011 14:43

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