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The Fox and Duck, Stotfold

The Fox and Duck in Stotfold has to win my award of 'Rudest Landlord and Staff'.

What an appalling establishment. My wife had the 'cheek' to complain about her cheesecake that was still semi-frozen and had actually started to go off (you know - that fizzy taste!) The chef/landlady stated that nobody else had complained about it that day, so there was nothing wrong with it and we had to pay for it (even though my wife only ate one forkful before she started retching)

When we left, we received a torrent of abuse from the landlord who was hiding in the corner.

Last I heard, the Fox and Duck had closed down.

23 Feb 2009 19:52

Millstream, Hitchin

To be honest, the 'Millstream' (the name change was a shame, they lost the 100 year history of the place with that) is the best pub in the area.

My only 2 pieces of advice would be firstly to drink before you go there - £15 for a bottle of cheap generic Rose in a semi-rural chain pub is an unjustified rip-off.

Second point before you go to the Millstream (after you have had a drink at home) is to have something to eat. The food is known locally as "freezer to microwave fare"

It is a shame, perhaps the landlord is tied to the brewery and has no choice in charging astronomical prices for cheap wine, and maybe he/she is also limited in the quality of the food menu. Possibly the brewery has a few things to answer for here?

23 Feb 2009 19:17

The Anchor Inn (Hungry Horse), Hitchin

As a pub lover, but unfortunate enough to actually live near this particular establishment, it is currently closed and will hopefully remain so.

Sometimes it is not actually the pub that is the fault, or even its location. In this instance it is the particular clientèle that perspective managers/brewery do not seem to be able (or want to) get away from, which is a great shame.

20 Feb 2009 19:16

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