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Username: GusFromYork

Age: 58

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The Fishermans Inn, Bingley

My pint of Copper Dragon was cloudy and tasted of sediment. When I asked for it to be changed I was given another one that was just as bad. When I politely took that back I was threatened with violence, then threatened with the police unless I left immediately. The landlord had already been rude separately first to my brother (for drinking shandy instead of beer) and then my girlfriend (for paying for the round!) He then gave the pint, which I had already had a sip of to another customer! I was stunned.

I wonder if some of the other reviews of this pub here are fakes. They do look a bit suspicious as the wording looks very similar. They read more like adverts than real reviews. It is possible that there has been a change of landlord since the reviews were done because the present landlord is so rude and aggressive that I wondered if he was in the middle of some sort of mental breakdown.

Avoid this pub at all costs. Life's too short!

2 May 2011 20:01

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