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The Dolphin, Betchworth

It is certainly not the Pub it used to be - AGAIN!
Why do Young's let it happen - maybe the bottom line says profit and other than that they don't care?
The beer can be good one minute and shocking the next and as the previous poster says - drinkers are moving elsewhere and the character of the place is fast disappearing.
I know some people complain about the front bar but the locals give the place an edge and it is not always bad.
The amount of money they used to spend must surely be missed by the Brewery?
Less cars in the car park means less people stop by.
I am also told from people who ate there recently that the food was not good and they will not be back.
A real shame!

14 Feb 2015 12:00

The Dolphin, Betchworth

I know just the chap you are talking about - a real gem indeed!

18 Jul 2011 07:27

The Dolphin, Betchworth

I haven't posted for a while and haven't personally been to the Dolphin for ages but I have had two people in the last few days state that the meals they have had recently were very poor indeed (both groups of four people) and that they won't be going back.
Also others (three in fact) saying that the atmosphere in the Pub has changed dramatically and for that reason they will probably not go out of their way to go there either.
These are genuine local users - some regular and some irregular but they certainly fly in the face of some of the more positive (partisan) comments posted recently.
Time will tell whether Young's have actually got it right!

15 Jun 2011 06:18

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