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Username: Eddiec63

Age: 57

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The Ale House, Taunton

CELLARBOUY , you have clearly had a bad experience in the pub in the past, you have no guts and just write rubbish behind a troll name, get a life !!

We have not gone bust, We new have a new, better,business opportunity which keeps us out of contact with idiots like you.if you have any questions or indeed something to say make contact with me to discuss further, although. Out doubt you will.

I will admit however, The Ale house is a challenge for anyone due to its past reputation and will take someone strong and fully committed to turn it around. Now then who is next for the venom of Tom Thumb and his cell mate !!

29 Sep 2014 12:01

The Ale House, Taunton

Hi Guys, I am Eddie Cullen and I am not sure what has even done to so offend CELLARBOUY and tom45 but the Ale House is a work in progress, we opened for business on 1 Feb and prior to that the lines were a mess. It took us time and money to get the beer lines upto the standard we required. I am amazed by te comments about our food, the meat is local sourced from an award winning butcher. If there is a problem with anything in the pub I will gladly refund anyone who is not satisfied, but surely you need to give us te opportunity to sort things out prior to posting on websites such as this. If either of the gentlemen wish to discuss this further please feel free to call in or give me a call on the phone. Either wy I would like the opportunity to try and reassure you of our good intentions.

As a side, we had 80+ people in The Ale house yesterday enjoying good food, good beer and rubbish rugby !!!!

23 Jun 2013 11:48

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