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The Green, Ealing

No No nooooo! Used to be OK, now just full of young chavs, blokes who have spent longer doing their hair than their missus and probably had my colour too! Come on blokes get your balls back and stop tarting up!! Sorry this place was the pits this weekend - or maybe I'm just too old for it at 25!!

24 May 2006 15:25

The George and Dragon, Brentford

All of the above are pretty true I ventured into this pub on a few occasions when I lived in Brentford last year. This place is a local for Brentford locals. Tracksuits, caps, burberry and lots of gold jewellery and a benefit book or a gram of some illegal substance a must! At the weekend this place is full of kids whose parents idea of mental stimulation for their kid is the fruit machine. Sunday's are always very busy as most of the clientele don't actually have to get up for work on Monday. It's true, in the summer you will find this place surrounded by kids,buggies and such like - you wouldn't know that they had a perfectly good garden at the back but most seem to choose to sit at the tables next to car park on the street - easy access to the estate behind I imagine for most drinkers in there. This place isn't for the younger drinker - although if you have a higher IQ than a 7 year old you probably won't find the atmosphere or the conversation very stimulating.

24 May 2006 15:14

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