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Username: Dougie51

Age: 60

Sex: male

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The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

Don't dare go outside for a ciggie and some scum bag steals your pint and have the "cheek" to complain about it you'll get barred run by a power mad australian who thinks he's above company policy and the staff are a bunch of retarded jobsworths

5 Apr 2011 09:56

The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

This pub could and should be a gold mine if i was in the position to hire or fire in a pub and some one came looking for work and they told me they had worked here i would laugh them out the door i think the problems of this pub could be solved by removal of the surly uninterested manager who despite it being company policy to show the FA cup final laughed in our faces saying we should know football is not shown there when i pointed out it was policy to show it he denied all knowledge of it despite it being reported in at 3 national papers and in the inhouse magazine apart from that food and service are crap and if it wasn't for my mates going there i wouldn't go within a mile of it

21 Feb 2011 12:22

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