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Username: Damnting

Age: 52

Sex: ?

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Ye Olde Cherry Tree, Southgate

Went last night as the Olympic torch was passing by. It was not what i would call busy and the one barman was running round like a maniac sweating. I waited ages to be served which was not an issue. I returned about half an hour later and was second in line to be served by a staff-member who would not leave the 1ft space in from of the till. She managed to serve 5 different people including a man with a new tattoo that they had a long chat about despite the queue building and the Manager drawing attention to it and completely ignored me. This was the most infuriating experience and common for this pub. I have lived in the area all my life and will definitely not return as this attitude was disgraceful. I have watched the pub gradually go downhill for years. Pure laziness. The service is actually worse than the Salisbury Arms N21 - A feat though impossible. . . until now.

26 Jul 2012 13:50

The Hoop and Toy, South Kensington

Went to this pub last night. Kronenbourg was flat and undrinkable. OK Strongbow then. . . no it's off. Stella? No it's off. OK Guiness then. Tasted like they had washed the glass with Toilet Duck. Also undrinkable. The only way i will return to this pub is in an Apache Helicopter with full armament.

4 Nov 2010 07:58

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