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I was raised in a large house called Pentlow Mill in East Anglia. As a small child I was bullied mercilessly by my elder brother who claimed it was character building, I prefer the term 'mental abuse'. At school I was an object of curiosity because of my Luke Skywalker bowl cut and my habit of pretending to have epileptic fits in the playground. For break time my parents insisted on giving me raisins because they are supposedly healthy, in defiance I chose to eat other peopleís crisps off the floor. At the age of 13 I was sent to Uppingham School in Leicestershire where I mostly ponced about in my school uniform with other of my classmates, mocking the lower classes by holding our noses and exclaiming 'I smell poverty' as they passed. Boarding school introduced me to the concepts of the British class system, casual racism and sado-masochism, all maxims that have never left me. I chose to come to St-Andrews because it was the most elitist and had the nicest picture on the front of the prospectus. I studied there for four years and in the process destroyed my liver, my bank balance and last but not least my dignity. I have recently become a complete internet geek as a form of escapism, a process I'm sure will eventually destroy me. After a year at Nottingham Law School and six months working for Nottingham City Council as the least motivated Admin Assistant in history I headed south to the bright lights of London in order to suck greedily on the udders of capitalism.

I decided to call myself Bishop Beverage for the purposes of this site, firstly becuase I have a drinking problem and secondly because my dad bought my a Bishopric from the 'Universal Life Church' for my birthday.

Username: BishopBeverage

Age: 38

Sex: male

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The Bodhran Bar, Hendon

I went here for St Patricks day with the missus. By the end of the evening I had run out of cash and I was about to leave when some guy came over to our table and gave us a free bottle of Magners saying ĎHappy St Patricks day!í. Which, all in all, is probably the best thing thatís happened to me in London. On that basis alone Iíd have to say that this is a great pub.

15 Apr 2007 15:52

The Claddagh Ring, Hendon

I think it was Billy Connelly who said that the Irish and the Scots often mistake the themed rubbish, which is assembled for tourists (think wee hairy highlanders, black and white pictures of noble looking peasants and signposts to Athenry) for the real culture. Hence its not a surprise to find an excessively oirish themed pub to be full of Irish ex-pats. That said, there is a lot to be said for the place and i'm pleased to recomend it.

First the bad stuff

The drinks are quite overpriced, except for the Guinness which is unsurprisingly fairly reasonable. The food is utter shite, unless of course you are shit faced to the point that anything tastes good.

Good stuff

Best night out in Hendon if you go on a night that isnít crowded and there are live bands on. Cant say I like the prices but without a doubt this place has a great craic and while thatís still the case I'll heartily recommend it; just donít eat anything and get pissed before you go. Great having a place this lively in the suburbs!.

If you fancy going somewhere less themey try the excellent Bhodran down at Hendon Central.

15 Apr 2007 15:43

The Goose on the Square, Nottingham

The Goose is without doubt a fantastic pub. Its usually jam packed full of old guys, some nights I have been in there and the average age has been about 50 plus. You may find this amusing if you go in there, but with the UK's population progressively ageing, every pub in the country will look like this. Seen from this perspective, The Goose is a vision of the future.

About 2 months ago I was sitting on the sofas near the door and I saw a decrepit old man in a wheelchair hammered off his face and spilling his pint everywhere. Undeterred by his age or his disability he still managed to two and fro from the bar, getting progressively more wreaked as the night went on. Thatís the spirit that won us two world wars!.

14 May 2006 16:17

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