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Username: Bezmina

Age: 42

Sex: female

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The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

My work local, full of braying suits with no manners, beer isn't well kept anymore, wine often makes people feel sick, is dirty, toilets are horrible, always packed and outside smells of wee and lard in the summer, food is microwaved, veg from tins, I also once got spiked with something in there a couple of years ago.

But still we go back, why? Because for all it's flaws it is a real pub and there aren't many about anymore, and it is stupidly close to the office and we are lazy after our hard labours....

31 Jan 2007 14:59

Herne Tavern, Forest Hill

I used to live round the corner from this place and I used to go there for a pint when I had rowed with my boyfriend (i.e. often), I now still live nearby but not with the boyfriend.

It was a cheap but not actually very cheerful place which was dirty, sold horrible microwaved food and had a slab of concrete for a garden. Great... oh how we all hark back to the good old days but they weren't good.

Now it had been stripped back so you can see the lovely orignal features of the building, sells great (though not cheap) food, and the garden will be lovely come spring and summer. The beer is well kept and I have always found the staff friendly.

31 Jan 2007 13:32

Lazy, Tower Bridge

Went here on a Friday night and it was alright, drinks were expensive but staff were lovely, get's busier later and the music gets cranked right up. Becomes the kind of place a young lady without a man on her arm will get hassled in by drunken city idiots after about 11.30. Not the best bar in London though by miles....

10 Jan 2007 12:57

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