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The Mucky Pup, Angel, Islington

Atmosphere, music and the staff = awesome. It used to be my local before I moved out of Islington and I recommend this place to everyone with taste for music and friendly atmosphere. My experience with the staff was always to my full satisfaction because I love the unofficial manners and humour, which was always the case of Mucky. That's why I've decided to share my opinions, because of some of the previous reviews might mislead people that had never been in.

First – an objective person that is qualified to judge other's behaviour, including “quite aggressive” wouldn't make an effort to complain about getting what he or she wanted.

Second - complaining about a bar person who kept serving despite he needed to go to the loo sounds also like very subjective and twisted point of view. I used to work in bars myself back in the days and I remember how crazy things can go when you're busy people wait for their drinks. Yes – the staff is there to serve the customers but if those orders take ages – it delays the others to be served faster.

It would therefore make sense if everyone ordered fast – especially if the bar is packed as the landlord described later. I mean – if a barman needs to go to the toilet (as
suggested in one of the previous reviews) and served the long-waiting customer before doing so – does it mean that he ignored the customer or his physical needs at the time? Common people - stop whinging and get over yourselves - Mucky is great and the staff is excellent!

22 Nov 2011 21:43

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