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The Rocket , Putney

I'm very disappointed that the Rocket seems to have lost its way and the sparkle and promise it seemed to have a couple of years back. The beer is still okay, and a good selection. It's the food. Two weeks ago on "Fish Friday" the battered cod I was presented with was in four parts and looked like it had been kicked around the kitchen a bit. The Sunday roast I received today was only luke warm, was served with dirty, sticky cutlery and no gravy. I like vegetables to be a little "al dente", but the broccoli and carrots were practically raw. Fed up with waiting for fresh cutlery, I went to fetch it myself, the waiter was busy talking to someone and he returned five minutes or so after I had got the cutlery myself. As we were finishing the meal a waitress came over and asked "Was it you who asked for gravy?" I told her not to bother as we had just about finished the meal by then. The table was dirty and the staff didn't wipe it or clear the glasses, napkins etc. left by the previous customers. I mentioned it to one of the sub-managers and he couldn't have cared less. I am feeling a bit queezy as I am writing this - after the meal and just one pint. I hope it isn't due to the food I ate there. I realise that a lot of the food is microwaved and they probably don't have budding Jamie Olivers chefing in the kitchen, but the food should be served hot with clean cutlery.
I guess you get what you pay for, but this is supposed to be a "flagship" Wetherspoons. It seems to be more of a sinking ship.

8 Feb 2015 21:12

The Captain Cook, Putney

No longer a Jim Thompsons. It is caverously large, has some good draught beers and a garden. Also a pool table, table tennis (why not!!) , dartboard. It is a bit marooned away from other other pubs in the area and customer volumes probably suffer because of this. The new management are good and this place deserves to do well. Friendly and accommodating staff.

12 Oct 2012 01:25

The Rocket , Putney

The Rocket is a Weatherspoons flagship and much better than the other 'spoons up the high street (The Railway) . The venue is lifted by it's riverside location with views of Putney Bridge and the iron Fulham Railway Bridge. There is a good selection of well-kept regular and guest ales (you can get a good pint for 1.99. Lagers cost more, but are still good value. The food is also very well priced (a steak and a pint for under 9 or a beer and a burger about 6). It's a nice place for summer evenings. The staff are courteous and friendly and the place is well run. There is no music or screens. It is fairly busy on Sunday afternoons, but it is a huge pub and there is nearly always a table free even at the busiest times. It goes head-to-head with it's nearby competitor "The Boathouse" But the beer is nearly half the price and The Rocket has the prime location, Recommended

12 Oct 2012 01:06

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