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The Hoop and Grapes, City Of London

Couldn't agree more with MD16 and babychambers - the H&G is a fantastic pub, and the staff are second to none regarding service. The food is great, and varied, and for those who like that sort of thing, the beers - I'm told - are also great.

I have - without exception - had fabulous experiences any time I go there. Working in the area means I have tried a variety of the nearby bars over the last 5 or so years, and this remains my favourite. Pre Mike, the landlord was surly, miserable, and shut the pub whenever he felt like it, regardless of the customers. Mike on the other hand goes well out of his way to make EVERY customer feel special and ensures that events go without a hitch. He's always happy to organise or assist with events, and in the last couple of years since he's been the landlord, I can safely say there is no pub in London that I'd rather spend time in.

I'm appalled that people are badmouthing the pub - and the staff - completely without justification. Shame on you all.

30 Jun 2010 11:48

The Hoop and Grapes, City Of London

The Hoop is a truly excellent pub - it's close to my office (as are many others) but is always chosen for apres work drinks and events due to the outstanding service provided by the landlord and his staff, the speed of serving even on the busiest of times, the delicious food and the great venue itself. Having a great outdoors area (complete with heaters) is a necessity when your friends smoke, and you don't wish to freeze if you decide to spend time with them, and is glorious in the summer. The mutli-leveled building makes it easy to hold private events, pub quizes, and social evenings, or just go for a quiet beer after work. Huge thumbs up.

18 Nov 2009 15:19

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