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The George, Temple

Pretty nice. About 6 different beers, excellent quality and varying from blondes to bitters. My Italian friend enjoyed his Kron, I had an excellent bitter, called Admans, I believe it was. (I'm always looking for new bitters.)

The food we had was excellent, but then, we made safe choices. My American friend and I had the Bangers and Mash. The sausage was grilled, but otherwise very traditional. The grilling was a nice touch, it was delicious overall, and had my favourite mustard, Coleman's. Potatoes were a bit too creamy though and some of the sausage was a little too charred. Overall, though, very good. My Italian and South African friends (I love London) had the burgers. A bit pricy but they said very delicious, juicy though well done as they both like, and very generous portion. The chips looked a bit soft for my tastes, but as I understand, that's how they are liked over here.

It has a nice cozy atmosphere and friendly service. The staff was mostly foreign, the lady had a pleasant hispanic accent, and they were patient and friendly. I recommend this place if you're in the area. I wouldn't go out of the way for it though. Only the Knights Templar is worthy of that. 6/10

17 Dec 2006 15:22

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Good for the food more than the ale. If you are hungry and want some good, traditional pub grub, a little gussied up, this is the place. I had some excellent bangers and Mash, and the service was nice, albiet a bit posh for a pub. I would rate the bangers and mash a 9/10

Unfortunately, this is just a Samuel Smiths, mediocre cheap ale. Its not bad mind you, but there is so much better out there, like Courage Best (a favourite of mine) I don't recommend going here for drinks, as I have made clear, but then, i have no idea what there wines are like.

Because beer makes the pub, I had to rate this 4/10. And it's a shame, considering the excellent food and cozy atmosphere, fire place and all and pleasant scent.

15 Dec 2006 16:39

The Wellington, Strand

Nice in my experience. I have read some mixed reviews, and will take them into account, but I only went here once and was pleased. I hear the fish and chips aren't all they're cracked up to be, but I had the Toad in the Hole and it was excellent. I large, square pudding with bangers, mash, and carrots, brocolli and leeks, all covered in gravy. Brilliant.

The ale selection was limited but very good. The atmosphere was nice but small and cramped, this is central London after all. I would recommend this for the Toad in the Hole, but I haven't tried the other stuff. As for the ale, well, its very good, but if you're wanting to try 10 different beers, go to the Knights Templar on Chandery.


15 Dec 2006 16:25

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