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The Richmond Arms, Richmond

A nice place to hang out, especially in the evening. The staff and customers are all laid-back and friendly, and they make you feel like one of the gang.

27 Mar 2010 13:11

Smollensky's, Twickenham

I can forgive most things if there's juicy melons on thew menu :)

31 Mar 2006 04:32

The Lot, Richmond

it's the best place in Richmond to go and watch the football with a few mates - get there early and bag a sofa by the doors - it's quieter there, and you can have a big screen all to yourselves

nowt wrong with place at all, despite comments to the contrary from some

31 Mar 2006 04:12

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

don't sit near the door, as being on top of the hill there's usually a huge gale blowing that blasts everything every time someone comes in.

usually there's a nice beer on tap, and the wines are alright too but that door really gets on my tits

31 Mar 2006 04:04

The Turks Head, St Margarets

another mournful reviewer tells his tale of woe - this pub used to be great.

It's now like a an idiot tv set-builder's half-arsed impression of what a pub is like: bare floors, bare atmosphere, barely worth walking past.

survives purely because of the lack of alternatives in the area, and the continuing presence of the comedy club upstairs

22 Dec 2005 11:58

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

A pub that was once a little grot-hole with nothing going for it. A while back it got extended, and now has a large lounge area with an open fire and leather sofas - very nice and comfy - you could take your gran there with no complaints.

Very pretty barstaff.

Good live music

Young 'clientelle'

Food and drink a little expensive, but nothing too outrageous

A wide range of wine, and overall that's the feel of the place - a middle-class wine drinker's paradise

22 Dec 2005 11:54

The Prince's Head, Richmond

A nice pub, populated by human beings - not always true of pubs in Richmond. In the summer it's a great place to sit outside and watch the cricket

5 Mar 2004 02:19

The White Cross, Richmond

In the winter there just isn't enough space for people in this pub - strange considering how big it looks from the outside...

In the summer, everyone has a great time enjoying the beautiful riverside scenery

5 Mar 2004 01:13

The White Swan, Richmond

A quiet pub on the 'other' side of the green - next to where Richmond Palace used to be.

When you're in there, it really feels like a country pub - you could be miles away from London, which is a great plus. No music, and a very developed food side to the business.

I get the feeling there's a lot of good quality wine drunk here.

5 Mar 2004 01:09

The Lot, Richmond

This pub is probably the best in Richmond to watch a game of footy on a Sunday afternoon.

At other times it's loud but surprisingly laid-back; I wouldn't expect many fights here, unlike O'Neill's, Edward's etc.

Modern decoration, more of a bar than a pub. Does what it does well.

5 Mar 2004 00:56

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