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Hibbert Arms, Luton

A super local pub, set within a terraced street appropriately called Hibbert Street. this is a friendly and well run proper pub with a very good atmosphere.

4 Jan 2015 22:52

The Bricklayers Arms, Luton

A really good, clean and well run pub with excellent beer and service.

4 Jan 2015 22:49

George IV, Baldock

Food orientated pub with a long bar where people place convoluted orders for food - makes it difficult to get served.

4 Jan 2015 22:43

Hen and Chickens, Baldock

This is a good pub with a local clientele. The (sadly soon to depart) landlord loves music and has many bands on.

18 May 2014 11:27

The Three Horseshoes, Madingley

Pretentious and snobby with nothing to be pretentious and snobby about. It is no longer a properly functioning pub with normal beer and bar staff etc. It now has bar staff who do not serve drinks, they are engaged in far more important tasks like filling up bottles of water, handing over glasses, salt and pepper etc to waiting staff and disappearing etc.

It is a pity this village has lost its normal pub, since it has the lovely music college nearby and it would be good to go there after a concert but alas that is no longer possible.

18 May 2014 11:24

The George and Dragon, Baldock

Now reopened as a restaurant serving tacky modern cuisine with a smallish bar area that serves really expensive beer. They also close on Sunday evenings ! I am glad it is open and in use again but ... dear, dear me.

9 Jan 2014 22:03

The Painters Arms, Luton

the Painters Arms is the most beautiful pub in Luton. Great Guinness as well. Long may in continue.

9 Jan 2014 21:45

Plume of Feathers, Ickleford

This is very much a local's pub. A lovely building, it has two bars, a small restaurant area selling very mediocre food and a rather nice garden. The decor is very traditional but the landlady can be difficult.

8 Jul 2010 10:27

The Bull, Gosmore

Generally busy pub, very much focussed on selling food but it is still possible to go in for just a pint but seating may be limited. Good place to go on a Wednesday evening when they sell fish and chips for about 6. They don't open on Mondays. If you park in the neighbouring Bird in Hand car park and then drink in the Bull, the battle axe landlady there gets really gets very annoyed.

14 Jun 2010 23:53

Wheatsheaf, Northleach

Extremely smug. Has had a rather brutal renovation to turn it into a wooden floored, shaker style painted place with faux chandaliers and candles everywhere. I believe they fancy themselves as a foodie place but my French is probably not up to ordering it.

14 Jun 2010 19:12

The Victoria, Hitchin

Good local pub with well kept Guinness. It is always warm in the winter and the small garden is lovely in the summer.

10 Jun 2010 22:08

The White Horse, Southill

This used to be quite a lovely country pub that even had a well maintained miniature railway in the garden that included a tunnel and points !

It has now become a tawrdy restaurant orientated pub catering for young couples who do not yet know any better or stressed family groups and ... the railway has been dug up and dismantled.

The restaurant promises 'traditonal English faYre (be warned !) but delivers standardised food with an accountant's eye for profit margin and owes more to cost benefit analysis than it does to any vocational skills in the kitchen.

It does, however have one redeeming feature - the seats in the patio area are very comfortable with arms and a lovely rake on the back rest - so if you do go to this pub, go in the summer, don't eat anything but take your drink onto the patio and enjoy the beuatiful sunshine there.

16 Apr 2010 12:21

Highlander, Hitchin

This used to be an old man's pub that sold very good Guinness. It has now been taken over by the old landlord's daughter and turned into an old English with slight shaker styled gastro pub selling mediocre Guinness.

14 Apr 2010 00:25

Three Moorhens, Hitchin

To be fair, this pub has always been pulled about a bit, even in the days when it was a half decent pub. It is now reduced to selling chain pub food within a corporate job dark wood mock homely interior to mainly families and screaming babies. However, I must say it does seem to do a good trade so whilst I would never recommend it as nice place to have a pint, it may be just the place for a cheap meal with family and kids in tow.

14 Apr 2010 00:15

The Cock Hotel, Hitchin

This pub has just been refurbished and it now looks as it should - a town centre pub with a small restaurant at the back. It still has its all day drinkers but the staff are very good and friendly and the food is quite good and cheap especially for lunch.

Worth a visit, especially in the winter when its dark wood cosiness is more appealing.

8 Apr 2010 14:16

The White Horse, Arlesey

A white van man pub.

8 Apr 2010 14:01

The Plough, Kings Walden

This is a good, traditional pub in deepest countryside between Hitchin and Luton. Frindly staff and locals with a large back garden area, lovely in the summer or to stop by on one of the many beautiful walks in the area. The Guinness is normally very good here but I have had one very mediocre pint as well.

They have a two day music festival in the summer called Ploughstock (geddit?) and last year featured two stages and a pig roast!

Well worth going to for a decent pint away from it all or during a country walk and also just to support a decent country pub that has not had a corporate job done on it.

8 Apr 2010 13:18

Sword Inn Hand, Buntingford

This is a nice pub in a picturesque village just outside Buntingford. They serve food, although I have never eaten there and they have rooms as well. The Guinness is very good. The clientele is a bit footballer wifey but the pub's beams, low ceilings and lovely patio ara redeem it as decent place for a drink and probably a meal out.

28 Mar 2010 11:12

The Robin Hood and Little John, Rabley Heath

This is a lovely location for a pub and the building is traditional English etc. and it has a very nice garden.

The beer and the service, however is bad. I would go to this place on a hot summer's evening and sit in the garden where you can appreciate the lovely location but don't expect good beer or service.

26 Feb 2010 14:34

The Three Tuns, Arlesey

This pub is now closed.

6 Feb 2010 20:30

The Red Lion, Preston

This is a lovely traditional English country pub in a small village and is especially nice in the summer as it has a very nice garden at the back. The food is quite nice and the Guiness is usually pretty good. Sometimes has a few hooray Henry type twits at the bar making boorish comments but genrsally a pretty good place for a drink or pub meal.

7 Oct 2009 16:54

George and Dragon, Gravely

High chairs, babies and stressed parents sort of place with cook chill food.

7 Oct 2009 16:46

The Sunrunner, Hitchin

Pretty average pub/bar really and the Guiness is only average at best. I have never eaten there and something about the place tells me I should not. BUT they do have live music on Wednesdays which redeems it a lot in my opinion as live music seems to be so rare in pubs nowadays. So go on a Wednesday and you can support the noble cause of live music in pubs with your presence.

7 Oct 2009 16:33

La Concha Wine Bar, Letchworth Garden City

If you like cheap wine and expensive tapas in a confined space this is for you but really it is too small to be a restaurant/bar - it used to be an office for the station and should have remained so as Letchworth would benefit more from having better station staff than having this place.

18 Sep 2009 14:22

The Radcliffe Arms, Hitchin

The sort of people who shop at John Lewis may go here for a spot of middle brow pretentiously served but disjointed food and the usual over priced wines etc. The rest of us can only mourn the loss of another local boozer.

18 Sep 2009 13:57

The Musgrave Arms, Shillington

Lovely Guinness good service. I used to visit this pub ages ago and whilst it has changed since then - internal walls knocked down leaving exposed beam walls etc, it still looks nicely traditional.

30 Nov 2008 13:10

Cromwell's Bar (at the Sun Hotel), Hitchin

Lovely location and nicely decorated. However this pub is hardly ever open and as a part of The Sun hotel, it suffers from the same bad management.

30 Nov 2008 13:04

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

Traditional pub with good, efficient service. This is Adnams country but I had a Guinness which was really excellent.

28 Nov 2008 13:05

Ivory, Hitchin

I noticed they sell Havana Club Rum - I am not a rum drinker but it is nice to see Cuban rum alcohol on sale - Vive la revolucion!

16 Oct 2008 15:02

Two Chimneys, Letchworth

Avoid. Horrible.

16 Oct 2008 14:49

The Green Man, Great Wymondley

Nice location for a pub but very much focused on its restaurant which does not sell very good food.

Unhelpful staff - it is like going back to 1970s standards of British service.

16 Jul 2008 17:41

The Colonnade, Letchworth

Letchworth's vertical drinking establishment. The food is low quality chain pub grub. Suffers from poor service.

3 Apr 2008 12:06

The Cavalry Bar, New Delhi

Large and very posh hotel, worth visiting for its welcome air conditioning alone but, as usual in India it also has impeccable service. The loos are also worth a visit with their acres of black marble and bright shiny taps. The ubiquitous but gassy Kingfisher is the only beer on offer. There is no Guiness unfortunately.

3 Apr 2008 11:56

The Boot, Chipperfield

Friendly landlord and good Guinness. The pub overlooks the wooded part of the village green. They have a real fire. It is quite small but a nice atmosphere nevertheless. They sell food but I have never eaten there

27 Mar 2008 22:09

The Two Brewers Inn, Chipperfield

This is quite a nice pub with a hotel attached and they sell proper meals - but I have never eaten there. It has a sliught chain feel to it but has great position beside the green. great on a summer evening when they are playing cricket on the green.

27 Mar 2008 22:05

Green Man, Ickleford


22 Mar 2008 15:57

The Bricklayers Arms, Hitchin

Football place. Run by a skinhead.

21 Mar 2008 22:21

The Half Moon, Hitchin

This is really quite a nice pub with friendly atmosphere, locals and easy going staff. It has a number of real ales, although I am a Guiness drinker myself - on the Guinness front, it is normally pretty good but I have had one awful pint there as well !

It is an especially good place to go early evening and Saturday lunchtimes.

21 Mar 2008 19:54

Millstream, Hitchin

This is a nicely decorated pub and it is clean and the staff are really quite nice but it lacks atmosphere in some indefinable way. IThe beer is very expensive and I have TWICE been sold crisps that are past thewir sell by date. I have also eaten there, which I do not recommend.

21 Mar 2008 19:40

The Three Tuns, Arlesey

The pub looks quite classy from the outside but it is not very nice inside. It needs new management.

21 Mar 2008 19:30

The Orange Tree, Baldock

This really is a very nice pub - I have only been there on weekday evenings when it has been quiet but I hope it gets busy at weekends. It looks very clean and the beer is very well kept.

25 Oct 2007 12:19

The Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park

Good, well run pub especially early evening with the workers coming home crowd. Guinness is great and the bar staff are very efficient. I have never eaten there but the food does look very good.

25 Oct 2007 11:54

The Broadway Hotel, Letchworth

Cheap carvery food but a bit difficult to deal with - if you park in their carpark, you have to 'register' your car with their reception to avoid it being clamped ! and the last time I went there, I was asked abruptly as I stepped through the door by a woman with a clipboard if I was 'eating or just drinking?' and they don't sell Guinness - only Murphy's.

25 Oct 2007 11:44

Three Magnets, Letchworth

The staff are always quite friendly and the service is good. The Guinness (1.79 a pint on Mondays) has always been very good. I have only been there on weekday mid evenings.

25 Oct 2007 11:27

The Three Tuns, Ashwell

Excellent pub, I often go there on my way home from shopping in Cambridge. Excellent steak and kidney pie and chips. Guinness can be variable though. Landlady is very competent.

8 Sep 2007 11:46

The Painters Arms, Luton

This pub is a bit tatty but well worth a visit if only for its excellent Guinness and excellent decor - very traditional bar and wood carving decor.

5 Sep 2007 10:00

The Fox Inn, Willian

The restaurant bit seems to appeal to the all year suntanned, time sharing, white trousererd and gold belted brigade but nevertherless it is a decent place for a drink (I have never eaten there) with well kept beer and much better than it was previously. I believe they also have a few hotel rooms.

5 Sep 2007 09:49

Three Horseshoes, Willian

Good pub. Cosy and comfortable.

5 Sep 2007 09:45

The Three Horseshoes, Letchworth

They close at 8:30pm on Sundays !!

5 Sep 2007 09:43

Cock, Baldock

A good traditional pub. Sometimes has live music on a Sunday. I think the landlady is really very nice persion - she is just a little reserved, not miserable. Good puib to visit in the winter as they have a big open fire.

5 Sep 2007 09:42

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