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The Honeycombe (Hungry Horse), Hounslow

this pub is quite appealing from the outside, however once inside you are confronted with dead atmoshere..deadpan barstaff..and piles of tasteless food on oversized plates...overcompensated with peas and sweetcorn(masses!)These pubs are sad attempt at being a Harvester..and doesn't feel like a pub at all!

6 Jan 2007 15:47

The Master Mariner, Cambridge

The recent refurbishment is impressive, all none smoking, in a clean airy environment. Very firendly landlord and landlady..good food(great carvary) with a small beergargen(great for kids)Appears to be a warm family run pub!check it out..

6 Jan 2007 15:41

The Wishing Well, Hounslow

dirty old paddy's...YES...nuts of Hounslow...YES...minging toilets..YES. This pub used to be good craic about 10 years ago, but those days are well gone. Like walking onto a shagged out bar in a western, with dirty auld Jimmy in the corner and no sight of a hunky coyboy!The thai food is the only reason I would go back to this pub..

6 Jan 2007 15:24

The Duke of Wellington, Hounslow

The 'Welly', as it's known, is without doubt the best pub in hounslow.mind you with the shite array of pubs in the area, that barely makes a compliment.You get a great Irish welcome, with fantastic home cooked food.A tad pricey??where have you been eating..yellow express(suprised your still with us to tell the srory)worth every penny, especially the bacon and cabbage!mmmmm.Yes there are the middle aged chavs...but there is a balance..a good mix of people.Mary & Frank are the hosts of the west, London & Galway!

6 Jan 2007 15:12

The Hand and Flower, Ham

If you wanted a smokeless environment...richmond park is short walk away from this traditional beautiful quaint pub. The landlord is a friendly warm Irish man, and the atmosphere is welcoming. The food is home made and very tasty.The beer garden is worth the visit alone, tropical fish in a lovely pond, with a secret garden feel.Pubs like this are rarerity these days..wake up people!However if you after the yates feel,and your taste buds can't handle it's class..the 65 bust stop is a two minute walk from the pub.

6 Jan 2007 14:57

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