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The Pembroke Castle, Primrose Hill

oops, I meant to say you Don't get service like that any more.... a real thumbs up for this place

11 Nov 2010 15:32

The Pembroke Castle, Primrose Hill

I popped in to get a quick drink out of the rain, the pub is nice enough - could do with a bit of a tart up (one of the walls looked like it was falling down!!!) but that aside - fantastic pub! I asked one of the girls behind the bar if they knew where Calvert street was.... not knowing she called over a manager and he preceded to give me directions after consulting his iphone... in my opinion you don't service like that any more

11 Nov 2010 15:30

Bangers, Broadgate

nice little place, i would recommend if your in the area

11 Nov 2010 15:21

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