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Running Horses, Erith

Before i was lucky enough to do as i please.
i had only been in this pub once.
Pop in and see i dont think anyone sits in this pub all day.Im flying back on the 24th june for a few days so i will venture back in for a nose.
I spend most of my time on the golf course now and no i dont drink lager.
Enjoy crayford.

25 May 2012 13:12

Running Horses, Erith

Part of a syndicate that won the lottery hence the retirement.
No doubt you work but judging from your grammer probably a minimum wage earner.
i agree it is a scummy little pub but it seems to attrach your attention.
im told the staff they keep an eye on what you post thats in between having a crafty fag while playing pool.
Me get a life you wish you had mine.
Run along your lunch hour is due to start.

24 May 2012 13:12

Running Horses, Erith

No i dont work in the running horses i had some good fortune that allowed me to retire from work last year at the age of 32.
But i do know people who work there.
staff have to answer to their boss but everyone who complains on here never goes further than speaking to the bar people.
if i had a problem in a restaurant i would first complain to the server than if i was still not happy i would speak to the managment.
i will jump on a plane back to kent for the closing down party.
Its 32 degrees here so im back off to the beach with my board.

23 May 2012 13:58

Running Horses, Erith

Crayfordman seems a very busy individual.
Yet again someone who has witnessed smoking in the pub can i ask what was said to you when you reported it to the managment or was you to scared to because of the unfreiendly staff who tend to be all women.
God forbid after you report this to the authorities and the pub gets shut down.(lol)
The regulars could all end up in Crayford drinking with the scum there.
The One Bell with even more plastic wannadies.

23 May 2012 10:30

Running Horses, Erith

Can i say i have only been in the running horses once so i cant really comment on it in depth.
But you imply you have been in there numerous times. Why when you say that smoking must be going on with the managments consent.
you obviousley had never experienced it before.
Personally i would have made a point of speaking to the managment if not that evening the following day.
Why dont you contact them today and voice your valid concerns.

7 Feb 2012 14:03

Running Horses, Erith

The previous post says i have graced this pub for the last time which implies you have been in quite a few times so why did you not ask to speak to the Managment regarding the smoking incident? Then all of a sudden this pub has become a dump?
Maybe the news shopper will be intrested in your smoking story.
I hope your your flat sells quickley and that you get to enjoy many smokeless nights in the Dial Arch.
Lets hope no one drops a peanut on the floor while your there prompting you to make a call to the Environmental Health department.

6 Feb 2012 15:49

The Red Barn, Barnehurst

The Red Barn is not the best pub in the area when you compare it to the travellers and the yacht.
But is a welcome relief after getting off the train.
The food deals are very good especially the steak ones. and the 2 for 1 offers. And the chef looks like Max Wall which is made more funny when you realise its a women.
All said the Barn is a good friendly pub with a mix of young and old customers.

16 May 2011 14:55

Running Horses, Erith

i have just moved into the area and i find this pub very friendly.
as has been said before the locals can be a bit loud at times but i always feel safe and the carvery is superb.
pop in for a pint you want be dissapointed.

16 May 2011 11:14

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