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The Black Horse Hotel, Northfield

If your a member of C.A.M.A.R.A show the gaffer your card, he will knock 40 -50p a pint of the real ale selection - Cheers.

1 Sep 2010 21:16

The Lattice House, Kings Lynn

Called in May 2010, whilst cycling the coast of the UK.

Probably the best Spoon's nearest the coast I have encountered whilst cycling the coast of the UK, which includes Spoons in Wick.

Wonderful chartacter of a building, staff attentive, food - well its Spoons so did not expect al Cate menu, but very edible, 6 real ales on tap - and at 1.99 excellent value. Lots of little nocks and crannies.
One small point, was I noticed a table with a reserved card on it, inquired at the bar, was this a practice of Spoon's, No simply they know there locals, and a family regular eat together , thats a nice touch.

See comments left by previous members, can only agree.

3 Jun 2010 16:03

Troll Cart, Great Yarmouth

Called in May 2010, whilst cycling the coast of the UK.
Saturday bank holiday place was rammed with characters dressed up as donkeys,wild west and Jesse James - take it the stag nights have returned to the East coast.

Found a couple of chairs, orders dinner, quickly served,plenty of staff on, food arrived within 10 mins, no complainants as to quality and speed.
Ale nothing special, but it's cheap, as per previous comments plenty of characters about to keep you entertained. Including two gentleman so plastered, after drink jugs of methylated spirits (OK its was blue in colour), that after passing out, their mates would come over and pinch the jugs, not much sense in leaving it to waste is there!
Oh - on strange thing that happens is you see a bunch of people, leave, some 30 mins latter, they all return tank up again, depart for another hour return, this happens all night. Is it that you get tanked up at Spoon's, down one expensive pint/shoot at a club , pass back through town, so might as well refuel again at a cheap place ?

3 Jun 2010 15:52

The Black Horse Hotel, Northfield

Yippy.......... Contractors in florescent jackets,white hard hats, and workspace units have arrived on site Wednesday 5th May 2010.
Sanderson Contractors sign up of the safety fence, we are on our way at last !

6th May 2010

5 May 2010 20:56

Fountain Inn, Tipton

Why do photos downloaded to this site are not appearing lately, is this site now dead ?

26 Apr 2010 20:07

The Black Horse Hotel, Northfield

No sign of any building activity for months now, scaffolding still up, but no skips, or any building work ? Changed date of opening was June 2010 ?

Hearing locally that the scheduled building company has gone bust. Awaiting new contractor I hope!

19th April 2010

19 Apr 2010 20:44

Fountain Inn, Tipton

As per Carlurmston - typical Banks' boozer, called in on way to Tipton Station for a beer ok.
Great grub fagots peas and chips all for 2.50p, that's excellent value . Will return when working in the area again.
Download a few photos taken from the cut whilst working for the Black Country Living Museum, just up the road.
Good honest pub.

12 Apr 2010 21:36

The Beeches, Northfield

Photo uploaded of the Beaches site as March 2010 - thank God its gone !

24 Mar 2010 20:43

William Shenstone, Halesowen

Dropped in whilst working in the area again.

Can only praises the staff for their knowledge of the ale. Just asked what they would suggest to a foreign to theses part, no hesitation of suggesting Ammorite, Dorset Brew include in Sunday lunch deal, never reaching the table with a full glass whilst supping way, I managed another 3 pints of the said nectar before lunch was finished..

Staff suggested Goldthread, Salop brew , and Fireside Bitter both where in excellent nick.
Thanks to my colleages for putting me right about the wounderful Church oppersite Spoon's the Parish Church of St John the Baptist, which makes a nice backdrop while watching the World (well, town) walk by. bee578 and Midwich - respect.

6 Feb 2010 22:36

Forge, Halesowen

Walk passed on 5/2/2010, looks dead. Mail overflowing the doorway, windows dirty,place looks like its closed up but no ones told the brewery Brains.
Looks to be the end of the road.
R.I.P - yet another pub bites the dust.

6 Feb 2010 22:07

Forge, Halesowen

Walk passed on 5/2/2010, looks dead. Mail overflowing the doorway, windows dirty,place looks like its closed up but no ones told the brewery Brains.
Looks to be the end of the road.
R.I.P - yet another pub bites the dust.

6 Feb 2010 22:07

The Black Horse Hotel, Northfield

The scaffolds up. The skips are in. Works are in place.

What a brilliant Christmas for Northfield, the communities getting a pub after 30 years ,we are finally get a pub that's coming up, rather than run down, or bulldozed.

Opens February 2010 - J.D.Witherspoon's

The Blackhorse is finally getting its respect back, that is befitting a wonderful architecturally designed 1930s' mock coach house.

20 Dec 2009 20:51

The Goose At The OVT, Selly Oak

Not only are the drinks cheap - started doing two meals for a fiver. that's now cheaper than spoon's.

16 Nov 2009 21:20

The Beeches, Northfield

Awaiting bulldozers to clear site - burnt down again.

16 Nov 2009 21:15

Dingle, Northfield

Burnt out shell - November 2009

16 Nov 2009 21:13

The Goose At The OVT, Selly Oak

Still don't know how they do it:
Spitfire 1.69
Carlsberg 1.65
Southern Comfort and mixer 99p .... yes 99p
Curry Thursday (pint and curry all day)4.99p
Tetley (not a bad pint 1.39... yes 1.39p
No i don't work there or involved in pubco, just pass through the University of Birmingham campus ever couple of weeks from work, and I pass the front door before catch the bus outside.
Always stop for a pint or two at these prices.

16 Nov 2009 21:08

The Black Horse Hotel, Northfield

Finally closed it's god forgiving scum hole doors Thursday 12th November 2009.
Northfield will now be alive with chavs, the unwashed and local scum looking for a pint, and a "bit for the weekend sir ?" on the side.

Good news that Spoon's have started to revamp this wonderful building back to its glory days, look forward to drinking in this pub again after 30 years.

16 Nov 2009 21:01

The Duke of Wellington, Minehead

Couple of moans, but overall very impressed with the Duke of Wellington.

1. One of the hand pump clips kept showing IPA local ale available soon, in fact I was in Minehead for 4 Days , and I still never tasted it, so don't put clips on pumps that are never coming on stream.

3. Supped Exmoor Gold , excellent pint kept, and tried the local ales - found the Gold went down wonderfully.

4. Picked up a leaflet from reception , and didn't read until at home, but found that Lloyds No1 shows live sports, If I had been told that by staff I could have saved a few pounds by staying to watch the England match, and not paying £2.75 a pint ! Down the road.

There was Sky showing the sports news, and I did inquire would they be showing the England match, the answer was No ? - Better product knowledge could have kept me there all night again.

The Pub/Hotel were of a high standard, as was the ale, didn't eat as stopping at Butlins down the road..
The ale was such high quality that I never touched a pint in Butlins Camp !

18 Oct 2009 12:54

The Old Moat House, Limbury

Must say the photography of the pub blew me away - just passing through.

6 Aug 2009 21:34

Travellers Rest, Northfield

Now buried under the Northfield by-pass, the area is sadly lacking pubs

6 Aug 2009 21:22

The Old Mill, Northfield

Boarded up , as is the Fordrough Pub up the road.

6 Aug 2009 21:20

Vine Inn, Wednesfield

Any chance of somebody taking a photo? Read reports with relish. Must visit at least I now what I'm looking for.

18 Jul 2009 14:11

The Crown Inn, Alvechurch

Does it still shut at 3:00pm, regardless of how many customers are sitting outside enjoying the weather, and maybe another pint ?

17 Jul 2009 21:26

The Toby Jug, Rednal

Bad news - coke dealing, don't enter, don't even think about it !

17 Jul 2009 21:23

Jewel Of The Severn, Bridgnorth

Friday 11th July 2:00pm

Pint of Woods 'Summer That' excellent nick , at £1.79p brilliant.
Severed quickly, staff very knowledgeable about the local ale.
Food arrived quickly, no complaints as for quality and services for £2.99.
Toilets very clean and airy.
Some local characters looked if they could do with a good clean up, but considering that this pub is opposite the bus stops, it clear to see that all they wanted is a cheap pint, company , and then travel back to their rural villages. (free bus passes ?)
They caused no treat to anyone, but its Spoon's for gods sake, so what do you expect. No problem returning, I'm not local so no axe to grind, only reported what I saw on the day.

11 Jul 2009 13:13

The Grant Arms, Kings Norton


5 Jul 2009 15:02

The British Oak, Stirchley

Royal Oak Stirchley – Sunday 23rd June 2009

Irish band playing way whilst I enjoyed the first of few excellent looking real ales, chalked up on the board.
First off was Pacific Bitter, a very zesty pint, light and refreshing, just what you wanted on a hot summer afternoon 3.8% @ £2.65 (5/10).
Next up was the Zebra Best Bitter – burnt umber taste, hint of cinnamon, dry after taste, not quite my style @ £2.65. (4/10)
M&B Mild a good stable solid Midlands dark mild, session ale at 3.8%, excellent nick, with that dark body, finished with white creamy head @ £2.10 (8/10)
Nutty Black, very dark like mild, expected to be heavy similar to Guinness, but very light on the palette, but no nutty taste, session ale @ £2.65 3.3% (5./10).
Bishop Farewell – very zesty, quaffable enjoyed a few of these @£2.70 4.2% (8/10)
So to round up, an excellent afternoon with the Irish band playing away (3-6pm Sundays), with a wide eclectic mix of clientele, soft cushions on the seats, tea candle lights, set it off to a treat. Lots of well-behaved children, a family pub which I can full recommend..

It’s a pub I have past a hundred times, without think of entering, until I read the previous posting – will return.

5 Jul 2009 14:00

The James Brindley, Birmingham

Sad - another pub closed. Photo enclosed

19 Jun 2009 21:48

The Golden Cross, Harborne

June 2009 - Still boarded up, there is a builders notice on the outside stating "acquired for clients", but that's been there for 2 years, heard that student flats will be built on the site. But when ?

19 Jun 2009 21:02

The Fordrough, Northfield

Closed by police after serious trouble again !

13 Apr 2009 10:10

The Goose At The OVT, Selly Oak

As previous contributor, excellent pint of Brians SA for the incredible cheap price of £1.59. O.K its severed in plastic glasses but at this price, why can't other pubs offer real ale at this price ?

13 Apr 2009 10:03

Somers Sports and Social Club, Halesowen

What a kracking club, I arrived at the door pressed the buzzer, let in with out questions, found the bar, explained that i was guest, and had seen their add in local CAMRA mag, simply signed in no charge.
Then you step back and take in the bar, bloody heaven,(See photos) ten hand pumps, I feasted my eyes on them all, like child in a sweet shop, were to start first, Oh Bathams!, pint of, they the Holdon's Golden Glow, and then the Enville bitter, on,and on my pleasures went, only stopping for a mouthful of piping hot man size pastie (only £1.50).

The staff can only be praised fro there friendliness, and the building is worth a visiting in its our right (Grade two listed), with sport ground at the rear, surround the club is a extensively wooded parkland, with the back drop of the Clents hills.

My only regret is it works on the old opening hours 12-2,6-10:30pm sort of times. making it difficulty having to travel by public transport some 30 miles round trip, but now that I have found it, it's worth every mile of travel.

(I have since learn t that the Trustees of Folkes group are trying to reposes the build and land, which has been in use as a club since 1951, so if your in the Halesowen area, give it a visit before it as visit before its too late)

28 Jan 2009 20:26

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Very highly recommended.

28 Jan 2009 19:36

William Shenstone, Halesowen

Suggest doing SOMERS SOCIAL CLUB first before visiting this spoon's, if your after proper selection of Black Country ales, unfortunate Somers closes at 2:30pm (shame), then I head down for this pub, where the ales cheap, locals with chat with you, and grubs fine, they even take the 50p vouchers that can from CAMRA without a quibble.

I enjoy it here in the Winter, the office staff come in around 5pm, so nice tasty women to enjoy the view, creating a brilliant back drop to the wonderful church that's is lite up across the road (sorry don't know the name).

138 & 139 and 9 bus stop are 20 yards away, so easy return back to Birmingham City centre.

28 Jan 2009 19:30

The Country Girl, Selly Oak

Closed for refurb May 2008, reopening June 2008, lets see whats changed, and whats on offer.

27 Jun 2008 22:49

The Bear and Staff, Selly Oak

Khippy posted Carleberg £1.90 - wrong, called in for a pint or two, £1.55, and thats after the buget, must be the cheapest pub in South Birmingham.

27 Jun 2008 22:42

The Unicorn, Great Malvern

When I walked through the door, wasn't expecting too much. As the various local establishments had hardley filled me with a fire to return to the Malverns.

But the welcome sight of a hand pumps, and Timothy Taylor
"Landlord" Bitter, first pint went down without touching the sides of the quaffable life giving nectar,followd by five more pints, then a pint of the locally brewed "Black Bear" Malvern Hills Brewery,just to balance thing out.

Food, simple fare looked like it was cooked, and not "pinged". - good price.

Staff friendly and attentive,knew their ales, and how to present the optimum pint.
SKY Sports on TV (No sound)

Could have stopped all day, if we didn't have too catch a train back to Birmingham - will defiantly return to the Unicorn.

I can picture in my minds eye, a crisp frosty January morning, a bisk walk up to the summit of Beacon Hill, then comming back down,seeing the smoke drifting a long, back lite by Wintee sunlight from the Unicorns roaring log fire, supping Taylor's Landlord ale accompanied by a very good lunch-- bliss.

27 Jun 2008 21:58

The Old Mill, Northfield

Closed 2008 ...will it reopen?

18 Apr 2008 21:03

The Black Eagle, Hockley

Just had Xmas dinner there for the 3rd Year running, so inexpensive, fantasist Victorian decorations.
Tim Taylors in top form, as was the Ansells Mild.
Only bug bear its that you have to book the next years dinner, before you leave, otherwise its take what is left.

But I have never had a poor meal, or a off pint.
Thanks to the Gaffer Tony ,and all the staff for such a friendly service, and good grub.
Birmingham best kept gem of a pub.

22 Jan 2008 21:24

Moon Under Water, Cradley Heath

If the ENVILLE Ale is on, enjoy.

Its one of the local Black Country delicacies.

If you get a spot on pint, just wait for the after life that kicks in, with a subtle approach close to listing to the Queen Symophame Bohemian Rhapsody, It will take your mind away on a tantalizing journey, and then when you reaching that creamy bottom of the glass, you have to refill your charge.

Are you ready for the next level!

13 Jan 2008 22:09

The Golden Cross, Harborne

Board up - awaiting demolishion January 2008.

13 Jan 2008 20:48

The Crown Bar, Wick

Called in for a swift half after leaving Wetherspoons next door, dead at 10:30-11:00, take it moves into its own world around midnight - 2 am licence as the rest of the pubs empty this becomes the place for the crack.
Just an observation note from pair of Brummies passing through the Highlands on a John Groat's to Lands End cycle ride - via the coast road, and all the pubs we can drink in.

24 Aug 2007 23:20

The Goose At The OVT, Selly Oak

Old Varsity Tavern
Selly Oak
Bristol Road

(Visual Exterior)

Typical Victoria building – “say it loud, say it proud”, of that era, large, white and brash, and definitely proud of its stature. It stands on the corner of Bristol Road and Grange Road (pedestrian entrance to the University of Birmingham).
Original built as the Bournbrook Hotel with squared column supports surrounding the main entrance door, with flora relief carved into the stone work.
Above front windows can be seen ‘Holt Brewery’ carved into the stone work, indicating a long past brewery. The pub has had number of name changes ‘Flapper & Firkin’ ‘Old Varsity Tavern’ today its part on the Goose Pub chain (Mitchell’s & Butlers Plc).’Goose at the OVT’


The pub consisting of one L –shaped lower ground floor bar/lounge, high above you the vaulted ceiling of stucco decorative plaster relief work, with pendant drop lighting.
Walls are of blue/green sparkling tile work probably Minton.

On the far wall picture tiles depecipts a Mediterranean, beaded and bare chested Gent reclining, in his lion cloth, obviously winding down from a hard days graft, drawing down on a flagon of life giving nectar.
His mistress creases his broad shoulders, whilst giving him relief! (Steady! Steady! you’re a little in front of me here) from the Days toil.

Below is the inscription ‘VENI BIBI VOMUI’ Literature means ‘I came, I drank, and I threw up’. Appropriate for a Students pub.

The bar is divided by the left-hand side with its Library of reference books, Chesterfield sofas, on a raised platform, this is prodomantyley the realm of Students , whilst to your right are high round pedestal tables, with even higher stools to match, This domain of the more established cliental, of a wonderful cocofnera of colourful characters,. Who can gain line of sight of William Hills the bookmakers, through leaded windows whilst enjoying a pint or two, before placing a flutter.
A melting pot of cultures and age, a community pub. Here both cultures study; one for the turf, and the other possible for the bar.

At the time of my visit (Monday Afternoon) ten hand pumps where available, but only two where in use ; Timothy Taylor’s Landlord Bitter (4.5%) (Check) and Banks Original Mild (3.4%) at £1.35p a pint, very quaffable ale.
Guniees, Carling, Banks Bitter, the standard range are all avalabe.

Large selection, of food available including breakfast – dirt cheap, how’s this for cheap burger and chips, pint of Fosters - £3.50p !

May be not a pub you would spend all Evening in, but its brilliant at what it does, a rendezvous point, meeting place. Before pushing on into the City, or enjoy a local Restaurant.
Its cheap, respected and quaffable ale, that’s what it says on the door and it, delivers, get in there and enjoy.

Three SKY screen showing news and sport.

Cash link machine,

Credit Cards taken.

Bus-link: all services in and out of the Birmingham City run outside the door, as does the 144 (Old Midland Red service) to and from Worcester.

Rail-link: Selly Oak Station is on the frequent Cross City Line Service, 3 mins walk to wards City.

Opening Hours: 11 – 11 Sun –Thursday
11 – 12am Fri and Sat

4 Aug 2007 23:07

The Green Man, Harborne

To the Green_Man_Doorstaff may I remind you that its still 20 mins drink up time - 11:20 chaps, not 11:10. Thats how you up upset customers, and end up with bad reviews (Nellie_uk), but of course you knew that - being licensed door Men.

2 Aug 2007 21:29

The Black Eagle, Hockley

What a gem of a find in the deepest parts of Birmingham. Timothy Taylor Land lord Bitter was wassaling, the Ansell Mild spot on, and as for dinner. plain simply English fare, just what you want to when enjoying the ambiance of the pub. What you see is what you get, simply and honest ale and food.
Book me a place lam coming back for sure !

28 Jul 2007 21:13

Dingle, Northfield

Closed. Wetherspoons better move in soon, there is only the Black Horse Bristol Road left open in Northfield.

28 Jul 2007 20:42

The Beeches, Northfield


28 Jul 2007 20:39

The Woodpecker, Northfield


28 Jul 2007 20:37

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