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The Blues Bar, Soho

yeeaaahhh, this is what i'm talking about, what a wicked place to have a drink. No messing blues is the order of the day, with live bands most evenings. Try to get there early as it gets very busy especially on the weekends. Good meatballs, well kept beers and music to get you hollering through the long hot night. Not big enough by half!

27 May 2005 12:17

The Andover Arms, Hammersmith

I agree, a real pub (bar the thai food on offer-which is excellent nonetheless)proper local with regulars and patterned carpets, an endangered species.

27 May 2005 12:08

The Bat and Ball, Leicester Square

cheap like the budgie and handy for watching the last few minutes of footy after the premiere of Star Wars - happy hour is actually really quite a happy occasion for your wallet

25 May 2005 16:54

Amber, Soho

I'll keep my rant to an absolute minimum on this one: rubbish.

25 May 2005 16:35

The Raven, Stamford Brook

nice boozer, plays ska and reggae sometimes which is good-on minus side it can feel like your 'down under' you hear?

25 May 2005 16:31

The Phene Arms, Chelsea

This place can only be described as a tragic love story turned sour. Years ago I had a very passionate relationship with the Phene, sharing good times and bad with its patterned, ale soaked carpet and authentic pub looks, but now i no longer recognise her. She has been replaced by a silicon enhanced slag of an establishment that considers burgers served on square plates with not many french fries acceptable. Struth!

25 May 2005 16:20

The Bull Hotel, Ludlow

The oldest pub in Ludlow and arguably the best. The Bull Hotel stands very central to the town and offers good value Bed & Breakfast rates. The bar keeps cask-conditioned ales and serves good food throughout the day. The 'Bull Yard' really makes this place something special, as the courtyard is tented during the summer and regularly features live bands (often with free entry) and plays host to the majority of the best events at the Ludlow Fringe festival of music (jazz, blues, reggae, rock 'n roll etc.) landlord and lady are hospitable and friendly, whilst the punters come from accross the age spectrum giving the place a vibrant feel. This pub must go in your website as a matter of urgency

8 Apr 2005 17:00

The Church Inn, Ludlow

One of my favourite drinking spots in the whole wide world. A truly joyous drinking experience made possible by welcoming staff, great local beers and ales, tasty and affordable pub grub, funny and friendly punters i could go on but if you are anywhere near the enchanted town of Ludlow on your travels, be sure to look in on this place, mine's a pint of Hobsons.

8 Apr 2005 16:40

Lion Hotel, Leintwardine

The beer garden is on the banks of the river teme and you can actually paddle in the margins with you beer! Inside is a headache, just get your drink and march straight on outside.

8 Apr 2005 16:32

Whistle Binkies, Edinburgh

A nice place to go for live, unsigned local acts and one man bands. Good location in the heart of the old town and open late. Never too busy to move but can get a bit claustrophobic what with the low ceilings and students

8 Apr 2005 16:15

Rose Street Brewery, Edinburgh

Supremely positioned and hence in danger of being a rubbish tourist pub. Not a bit of it - good value beers and ales accompanied by a no nonsense interior and efficient staff - proper job.

8 Apr 2005 16:01

The Phoenix Bar, Edinburgh

Used to be a dingy pub with decor of the 'Queen vic' variety. The landlord Big Kev is very scary looking but really is a true gent. Recently undergone a makeover for the worse and started doing food which is a total disaster, nevertheless this is a great pub with a consistently good crowd and atmosphere. The cellar bar is good for having small parties max 50 Jenny says they remeber what your poison is which makes you feel welcomed. go there for pints of the late afternoon, long session variety for maximum enjoyment.

8 Apr 2005 15:57

The Penny Black, Edinburgh

An absolute Edinburgh institution! Opens 5am-10am Mon-Sat and draws the most absurd variety of revellers i've seen outside of Glastonbury. Obviously allows for round the clock boozing, has great jukebox but the decor is pitiful (not that it really matters at five in the morning). If you have ketchup-cheeks and stamina by the barrel, this is most likely the place for you.

8 Apr 2005 15:48

Nicol Edwards, Edinburgh

Great place in the heart of the city just off the royal mile. cavernous winding passageways and about seven different rooms, live music, film showings and normal bars. recommend hiring out the 'dungeon' for your own raves and parties-has its own bar, soundsystem and v. cheap to hire.

8 Apr 2005 15:44

The Antiquary, Edinburgh

An absolute gem of a drinking hole, stashed away on St Stephens street in Stockbridge. Good choice of ales and foreign lagers. Often have impromptu folk bands spark up a jig - if your in Edinburgh you'd be a fool to miss it.

8 Apr 2005 15:35

The Unicorn Inn, Ludlow

Thank goodness pubs like this still exist full of wood panelling and ancient beams- decor is old and the floor and ceiling slope drastically - adding to one's sense of disorientation after a few jars. The food is mediocre to good at times and the regulars are all fairly old. Beer garden by the stream is nice in the summer.

8 Apr 2005 11:40

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

This pub is great, shame about the staff though as they seem to need group therapy to rectify their sense of humour. Try and get in to the very small bar just inside the front door-its got a capacity of about four people and you can pull your own pints if you charm the gopping barlady.

8 Apr 2005 11:27

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

Go during the week when its the best pub by miles in the hammersmith area. Transforms in to heaving monstrosity on hot days in the summer and you'd get more joy trying to order a pint from the river thames.

8 Apr 2005 11:21

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