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Pig N Falcon, St Neots

Apparently this is the most improved pub in Hunts, according to CAMRA. I really like it. The landlord knows and loves his beer, keeps it well, always has a range available (plus a couple of good ciders) and encourages local brewers. I've been in a few times and I'm yet to have had a beer that wasn't spot on.

More power to his elbow, says I.

30 Mar 2010 13:12

Samuel Pepys, Huntingdon


Generally, quite a nice pub serving food and with a decent selection of well-kept beers. White walls and so on inside make it feel quite light and airy.


A group of us turned up, and it was all very nice until the band arrived. Had we known there was a band coming, we might not have sat next to where they'd be playing. Now, this is not a large pub - not small, but not so big that the band needed three amps and half a dozen huge speakers. When the music is so loud you can't taste the beer, something's wrong.

I'm perfectly happy to accept I'm an old git, but they were still serving food and my group - ten or so of us - couldn't hear a damned thing. The music wasn't, so far as I could see, advertised. I asked one of the bar staff to ask the band to turn it down a little, and he refused. The band were actually not bad, but even outside you had to raise your voice to make yourself heard.

Even on a Friday night, I want a pub, not a bar. Really don't know how to rate the pub. Should be probably quite high, except for the volume and the bar staff's rubbish attitude to their drinkers.

30 Mar 2010 13:09

Nancy's, Pall Mall

People here seem to be awfully harsh about this pub. It may be a little pricey, but it's right by Trafalgar Square. I think it's a rather pleasant place - beer's been good whenever I've been in, the landlord and landlady are nice, not too crowded. It's a good place to stop off for a drink when you're in the area, IMHO.

30 Mar 2010 13:03

The Court, Tottenham Court Road

Seems to be the only place on Tottenham Court Road that's open till 12, which is about the only reason for going there. It's loud, it's garish, there's only lager available.

21 May 2008 14:33

Marquis of Cornwallis, Bloomsbury

I seem to have had a different experience from everyone else. Had a couple of good pints of Tim Taylors, service was pretty quick despite being busy and the staff were friendly. The crowd was good too - not too many suits. I'd definitely go back.

21 May 2008 14:29

The Lock Tavern, Camden

No ale, but altogether not a bad pub at all. I've walked past on Fridays and Saturdays and it's heaving, but during the week it's quite pleasant. The garden at the back is pleasant and I like the slightly random staircase going to the top bar. Staff were friendly. As I say, I wouldn't go when it's busy, but during the week it's rather nice.

28 Mar 2008 10:11

The Princess Louise, Holborn

I'm really pleased that the Louise has reopened. I really like what they've done downstairs - go and have a look. I'm glad that Sam Smith's has done a sensitive refurb and that it retains all the essentials of a good pub - the staff are friendly, the atmosphere is welcoming and the beer is good. Oh, and cheap.

12 Feb 2008 17:56

The Blue Posts, Fitzrovia

I'm a fan of Sam Smith's anyway, so this had a pretty good chance of a pretty good review, but is a nice pub. Not sure what happened to son_of_peter - the staff were perfectly pleasant. The upstairs bar feels almost like an Edwardian drawing room; the only thing it lacked was cigar smoke. The drinks are the standard Sam Smith's variety, the beer was pretty good and, despite being a Saturday night near Oxford Street, it wasn't heaving with people; I suspect it's just far enough away that it doesn't feature on the tourist trail.

Like all Sam Smith's, it's actually a pub - the details are original, there's no music or TV and the beer is actually beer.

16 Dec 2007 12:50

The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

While it might not win any awards, it's nice enough, serves some decent beers and, once the suits clear out, is quite a pleasant place.

25 Sep 2007 17:21

The Cardinal, Victoria

Not entirely sure what beercritic and anonymous 10 Sept are talking about - this pub isn't heaving all the time, but even at weekends it has a steady trade in a dead area and it's quite lively on some evenings.

25 Sep 2007 17:20

The Champion, Fitzrovia

If this pub were anywhere else, it might not get an eight, but having a pub that is an oasis of calm so near to Oxford Street is wonderful. The traditional Sam Smith's is there - good, cheap beer, no music, nice fittings and so on - but something about this pub makes it very relaxing after having fought your way along Oxford Street. I was very glad to find it.

25 Sep 2007 17:18

Quinn's, Camden

I don't recognise some of the descriptions... I've had the landlady apologise for one of the new bar staff not pouring a beer perfectly. I've found the staff friendly, the atmosphere warm and the selection of beers is fantastic. L'Angelus is a joy to drink.

5 Sep 2007 17:52

Quinn's, Camden

This is a fantastic pub. The bar staff are knowledgeable, the seats are comfortable, the clientele are friendly and the beer has to be drunk to be believed. It's a little expensive, but the selection is incredible. I had a bottle of L'Angelus (no. 59 on the menu) which thoroughly deserved its gold medal from the Paris competition. I'll not describe it - do try it if you're there.

13 May 2007 10:31

The Cardinal, Victoria

Really liked this pub, particularly in an area that lacks decent pubs. Beer fine, pleasant atmosphere, could get a seat on a Friday evening. Will definitely go back.

8 May 2007 17:19

Revolution Bar, Soho

This bar is known as Vodka Revolution. Its main drink is vodka. It doesn't serve beer. Why is this on BITE?

That having been said, it's not a chav bar at all - not particularly cheap and, while busy, not an unpleasant place by any means. Seems to cater to office workers in the area and people going out in Soho at the weekend.

8 May 2007 17:17

The Old Bank of England, Fleet Street

I was in the Old Bank of England during the week... it was a bit quiet and I was chatting to one of the people behind the bar... seemed perfectly pleasant to me and was to the other customers. Don't really know what you're going on about... it's not a bad pub at all.

14 Jul 2006 17:09

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