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Comments by tubbygit

The Kings Oak, High Beech

Summer is here and this place is still the best there can be, what more could you want totty, a swimming pool and a beer garden. there is one small problem the wait to get a beer. But that is more than made up for by the people, this is the weekends for me till it get cold again. happy days

25 May 2006 19:51

Bull, Broxbourne

Nice pub good parking and beer garden thats the plus, it is a a cost the beer is very expensive and the food is a lot of money for small meals, the people in my party needed to cook when we got home. the food is well prepared just not enough

24 May 2006 22:32

The Hop Poles, Enfield

Well first time I have been here for 5 years and they have made the place nice opened up the back so good size you can see the football from anywere inside I was happy till...... I paid almost 18 for a round that in the Izzak I would pay about 12 for nice decore but not that nice will not be back here again

26 Nov 2005 15:33

Hart & Spool, Borehamwood

Not bad for a JD pub could do with getting the red Squirrel beer back.

All beer kept well but do like to give out warm glasses when they are busy.

Food is out quickley and cleared quiockley very good set of staff,

26 Nov 2005 15:29

The Wellington, Borehamwood

stuck up customers beer not kept well the car park is the best bit about this place

26 Nov 2005 15:25

The Shooting Stars, Borehamwood

new managment higher prices still very run down,

Frendley people made to feel wecome, but the pool table could do with a putter next to it not cue's LOL

26 Nov 2005 15:23

The Crown, Borehamwood

what a total s**t hole, would not go back here if I got paid to drink in this place, and I think the lines need to be cleaned more than once a year, as there beer is the only thing that could make there customers seem nice.

I would like to know what the clean the bar and tables with as i needed a hand to get un-stuck from them.

26 Nov 2005 15:21

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