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Comments by tricky_dicky

The Compasses, Egham

A great little pub, some way from Egham town centre, worth seeking out though. 4 ales on and very well kept, 3 Vale beers and Rebellion Mild on this visit.

9 Jan 2011 18:58

The Railway Arms, West Drayton

Is now open again - not had a chance to pop in yet though!

18 Dec 2010 19:34

The Albion, Hampton Court

Good little local close by Hampton Court Station. They have a good rotating range of ales, usually with something a bit different to the norm. Lot's of locals use it - a better pub than the Prince of Wales over the road!

24 Nov 2010 10:29

The Oatland Chaser, Walton on Thames

Dreadful service - booked a table only to be told three days later they were full and had to re-arrange for somewhere else.

Probably a blessing in disguise if that's how the treat prospective customers.

Wont be returning anytime soon

8 Mar 2010 16:18

The Barley Mow, Hersham

Not bad at all really, quite pleasently surprised. Decent pint of Pride and footie on the TV :-)

4 Nov 2009 16:23

The Old Manor Inn, Walton on Thames

Come here if you want a proper old school pub that does a decent pint of Youngs or Courage Best. If not then go to the Swan over the road

4 Nov 2009 16:12

The Swan, Walton on Thames

Although the pub has been "Youngs'd" and is now more of a restaurant, the beer here is actually kept pretty well, and it it's quite decent place for Sunday Lunch by the River. Could do worse than this, bit pricey though

4 Nov 2009 16:08

Ashley Park Hotel, Walton on Thames

Have to agree with previous posting - this pub lacks "something". Beer range is usually excellent though and the staff are friendly enough.

Eaten here a few times and the food is fine if not spectacular

Not a bad place all in all

16 Jun 2008 00:04

The Victoria, Bayswater

Best pub for miles around, friendly staff, good beer, great food & excellent atmosphere - why go anywhere else!!

15 Jun 2008 23:58

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

Gone downhill lately - Beer has started to get a bit ropey - also does not have many Guest Beers on. Usually full of chavs drinking Carling (or WKD)so not surprising really. Better off in The Victoria

15 Jun 2008 23:56

The Victoria, Surbiton

Probably the best pub in Surbiton - doesn't have much competition though really. Beer is always well kept - shame that it looks like all other Youngs pubs though!!

15 Jun 2008 23:53

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