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The Rake, London Bridge

Flying visit here for lasties en route to London Bridge station after a performance of 12th Night at the Globe. A superb pint of Hawkshead Windermere Pale and the various comments from brewers scrawled on the walls definitely an encouraging sign - in short I'll agree with zabadak on a tentative 7/10 pending a repeat visit with a little more time to perform a more "comprehensive quality control test" on their wares.

11 Oct 2012 12:11

The Maypole Inn, Long Preston

We booked and stayed at the Maypole arriving Thursday 21 and departing Saturday 23 June 2012 with our choice entirely based on the reviews below – this proved a very wise move indeed as this is an absolute gem of a pub - excellent ale, excellent food, extremely friendly locals and a very warm welcome from the staff who really couldn’t do enough for us. Sadly our attempt at the 3 Peaks was thwarted by extraordinarily inclement weather (I could’ve sworn I saw the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse galloping over the summit of Ingleborough but I digress), nevertheless this proved an ideal venue to dry out on the outside and get suitably damp on the inside – we look forward to returning for a rematch.

27 Jun 2012 14:56

O'Neills, Soho

My band play here every other Sunday night and I have to say it's very much one of our favourite regular gigs - fantastic atmosphere and really up for it crowd - great craic all round.

OK - the sheer size of the place, the West End location and the predominantly tourist clientele mean it's never going to feel like a cosy local (the Blue Posts is probably the closest you'll get around here) but we've always been well looked after - service quick and efficient, nice Guinness on the few occasions when I haven't had to drive (I find it a seriously "more-ish" beverage) and the door staff have always been perfectly courteous and very helpful when we're shifting equipment in and out (lugging guitars and amplifiers through a room packed to the gills with inebriated punters can be a stressful experience at the best of times).

Definitely the most fun you can have in central London on a Sunday night with your clothes on :-)

6 Feb 2011 02:14

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

We had a great gig in here last night - lovely Guinness, friendly and efficient staff, international and up-for-it sort of crowd as you'd expect in the West End. Thanks for having us - I hope we'll be back playing here again very soon.

1 Feb 2010 16:27

The Langstrath Country Inn, Stonethwaite

We stopped in for lunch back in June on a rather damp trek from Keswick to Grasmere and the Langstrath proved to be just what we were looking for. Staff friendly (and suitably tolerant of bedraggled hiker types like us), not the cheapest but good wholesome food and excellent ale that could've proved very more-ish indeed if we hadn't had the tramp over Greenup Edge to look forward to that afternoon. Would definitely go back if I was in the area.

25 Nov 2009 14:35

The Fox Goes Free, Charlton

As a good friend of mine used to work at the Fox Goes Free we thought it only fitting to pay a visit on Tuesday for a spot of lunch and a quick livener before his wedding at the nearby Weald And Downland museum. A superlative fish'n'chips washed down with an excellent pint of Ballards certainly hit the spot - in fact if we hadn't had a rather pressing appointment witnessing the aforementioned nuptials we could've got very comfortable sat in the garden soaking up the Indian Summer, the magnificent views over the downs and of course a few more jars. An absolute gem of a pub in a truly green and pleasant land(scape) - very highly recommended.

1 Oct 2009 16:48

The Phoenix, Alexandra Palace

The last few reviews are spot on - one of the worst pubs in London ironically in one of the best locations. 2 out of 10 (and that's being generous). It's not just the pub iself either - whilst the park is lovely and the views are stunning the whole Alexandra Palace complex could do with smartening up considerably, and I'm sure a canny developer will do just that before long and make a killing here. Extremely disappointing.

18 Aug 2009 18:00

Mollie Malone's, Crouch End

Yes this pub is now the Granuaille (or something like that) - smart enough boozer, predominantly your proper London-Irish crowd (i.e. friendly enough in a down to earth sort of way, no real ales but a nice pint of Guinness), yes can seem quite dead a lot of the time - that being said it tends to liven up a bit whenever they're showing any Irish sports and the band have had a fantastic reception whenever we've played our Irish set in there.

12 Aug 2009 14:02

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

In the wild West End it's refereshing to come across a "proper pub" straight from the old school - excellent Deuchars and Youngs Best last Sunday evening and some great jazz in the very crowded upstairs bar. What's not to like?

17 May 2009 18:19

The Rising Sun, Smithfield

Originally spotted this pub from the balcony of my parents' place in the Barbican some years ago and what a find it was - hadn't been in there for ages until a wedding yesterday at the adjacent St Bartholomew's church (well worth a visit in it's own right) and wasn't at all surprised to find the groom and several of the other guests enjoying a livener before the ceremony. Would definitely recommend if you're in the area.

17 May 2009 18:13

Wards Freehouse, Harrow On The Hill

Had a great gig in here on Saturday - lovely staff, friendly punters, great craic all round - only sorry that it's miles from where I live in east London and that I had to drive home afterwards so couldn't sample the (apparently excellent) Guinness. Thanks for having us - hope we'll be back soon.

10 Nov 2008 15:58

The Hoop and Grapes, City Of London

A mate of mine has recently taken over the tenancy in here and he certainly knows a thing or two about keeping a cellar - after a "comprehensive quality control test" on my last visit I'd say that the Shepherd Neame ales are as good as you'll get anywhere in London - good work Mike, I'll be stopping by for a pint after work soon I hope.

10 Mar 2008 14:56

The Duke of Cornwall, Hammersmith

Popped in here for a few before a gig at the Apollo next door - pool table (on which I got trounced as usual - but that's more of a comment on my skills than the establishment, naturally), nice Guinness, friendly and efficient service, and a late-ish licence so there was plenty of time for a couple more after the show, will definitely visit again next time I'm passing

5 Dec 2007 15:11

The Faltering Fullback, Finsbury Park

Very friendly anything goes sort of a pub - I particularly enjoy the Irish music in the front bar on a Sunday night - if I lived closer then this place would be in grave danger of becoming my local.

13 Nov 2007 18:09

The John Hewitt, Belfast

Definitely the best pub we found on my one and only visit to Belfast last Friday - a very nice pint, efficient service, punters friendly and excellent live jazz. Hard to fault really - I will definitely go back there next time I am in town.

26 Sep 2007 15:16

The O'Conor Don, Bond Street

Had a few very decent pints of the black stuff here last night - although in my opinion it's not as good as the absolute nectar served up in Mulligans of Mayfair. Table service and (slightly) late opening a bonus.

12 Jul 2007 13:22

The Cambridge, Soho

Unremarkable pub but very handy for meeting people due to its extremely obvious location on the junction of Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue. Loitering outside gains a couple of points for people watching when the weather's nice though - if you stand in Cambridge Circus for long enough just about everyone in the world will walk past you sooner or later.

4 Jul 2007 13:46

Bradleys, Fitzrovia

Love it love it love it. Bloody fantastic little bar - definitely one of the best the Wild West End has to offer whether for a "swift one" after shopping or a proper session (and the former has a habit of becoming the latter in here), whether al fresco on the street or in the depths of the basement bar. You will enjoy yourself whether you like it or not. Just don't tell anyone about it OK? It gets quite crowded enough as it is...

2 Jul 2007 17:51

The Enterprise, Chalk Farm

Fast becoming my favourite haunt in the "greater Camden" area - only drawback as mentioned elsewhere seems to be the lack of decent ale - the Guinness is usually fine though so that'll do me. Gets very busy on a Friday or Saturday in a "pleasantly lively" rather than a "constantly jostled" sort of a way if you get my drift. I sincerely hope it doesn't suffer the same fate as the once excellent Lock Tavern.

29 May 2007 17:40

The Intrepid Fox, St Giles

Virtually guaranteed you’ll form an opinion even before you set foot on the premises. If you liked the old Fox (and personally I loved it) then I’m sure Version 2.0 will appeal – if you didn’t, well I appreciate that this place is never going to be to everybody’s taste but please respect the fact that a pub like this NEEDS to exist in the West End (us rockers are a thirsty bunch after all). The clientele have always been “distinctive” looking of course and indeed it’s encouraging to see several characters that I recognised from the old Fox, Garlics and even the Royal George back in its more Rock’n’Roll heyday. Very handy after Denmark Street guitar shopping, before or after gigs at the Astoria / Mean Fiddler / 12 Bar and Tottenham Court Road station too.

The Fox is dead. Long live the Fox.

29 May 2007 11:59

The Railway, Finsbury Park

We had a great little acoustic gig in here on Saturday night over several lovely pints of Guinness. Extremely friendly staff and the locals are a good craic. Thanks for having us Gina - we'll definitely be back in the new year.

18 Dec 2006 17:01

The Royal George, Charing Cross Road

Very handy for meeting up before gigs at the Astoria or Mean Fiddler or Borderline - preferred it when it used to be a proper rock pub though, it was definitely a place to specifically travel to rather than just somewhere convenient to have a beer due to its location if you see what I mean.

20 Nov 2006 00:47

Crobar, Soho

Certainly a fine place to go for a late drink, albeit as several have already commented it is not a satisfactory replacement for the sorely missed Intrepid Fox (which is rumoured to be re-opening nearby). Preferred it when it used to be the Acoustic Cafe though - we had some GREAT gigs in there with my old band.

20 Nov 2006 00:40

The Railway, West Hampstead

Better than average boozer - fairly lively, efficient and friendly staff, plus points for table service with the drinks, minus points for the Karaoke but obviously a musical snob like me is going to say that :-)

21 Oct 2006 19:02

The Kings Head, Woodton

Real gem of a pub tucked away in the Norfolk countryside - we had a great little gig in the garden here last Sunday afternoon and were looked after very well by the extremely friendly folk running the place. If I lived in the area I'd be very happy to make this my local.

31 Aug 2006 00:08

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

We had a brilliant gig in here on Sunday afternoon - the staff were extremely friendly, we had a great sound, the overall standard of all the acts was very high and there was a fantastic atmosphere. I hope we get to play here again soon.

21 Aug 2006 14:18

The Greenwich Union, Greenwich

An unusual and indeed excellent range of beers on offer, very friendly staff, the only criticism I can offer is that they called time quite early on Saturday night. I'll definitely be back for more - and yes this is a lovely street for a mini crawl taking in the Prince Albert and Richard I as well.

21 Aug 2006 14:16

The Hill, Greenwich

£6.60 for two pints? No thanks - we're off to the Prince Albert...

13 Aug 2006 23:46

The Bishop's Finger, Barbican

Very decent Shepherds Neame ales - always a good thing. Ate here quite some time ago and it was just possibly the best bangers and mash I've ever had.

12 Aug 2006 16:58

The Viaduct Tavern, St Pauls

Agreed this place is fairly hectic after work - but friendly efficient service, lovely ornate interior and a very decent pint of Pride more than make up for it. Vive la Viaduct indeed Mr Boss_Hog.

12 Aug 2006 16:56

The Palm Tree, Mile End

I'd heard great things about this place so called in for a pint whilst walking home along the Regents Canal. I was subsequently baffled to be refused service because I was carrying a small rucsac (we're talking a small day pack here - large enough to contain a jacket and a bottle of water and that's about it)(and I certainly wasn't drunk or disorderly or especially badly dressed). What next? "Sorry darling - we can't serve you, you've got a handbag?" A shame because what little I heard of the jazz starting up sounded great. Unimpressed - and quite frankly confused!

22 Jul 2006 13:25

The Hog in the Pound, Bond Street

Very average sort of a pub trading purely on its location - it's handy after shopping or for meeting people off the Tube. That being said it's pleasant enough to be outside on a sunny day.

4 Jul 2006 00:04

The Windsor Castle, Kensington

Works equally well for either a sunny Sunday afternoon in the garden or a warm and cosy drink on a winter's evening. Top notch ale (a lovely Timothy Taylor yesterday) and the food's always been excellent whenever I've eaten here.

19 Jun 2006 20:47

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Lovely pub. A cracking pint of ESB and excellent firey Thai food. I'd be in here all the time if I lived closer. The fake plastic pint of Guinness doesn't seem to have made an appearance for a while though...

19 Jun 2006 20:15

Williamson's Tavern, Mansion House

Unassumingly civilised proper City boozer just off Bow Lane. Very decent ales - London Pride, Bombardier and Timothy Taylor on my last visit yesterday lunchtime. I've not tried the food but it looks good. Definitely worth a visit if you work in the area or are just passing through.

27 May 2006 11:20

The Kings Head, Islington

I'm in two minds about the Kings Head. It's a bit scruffy, it never feels quite hygenic and half the tables and chairs seem to be falling to bits. Having said that it's the people who make it - and there's certainly an eclectic bunch in here. I like the whole pub theatre thing and the live music I've seen here has mostly been excellent - usually pretty lively but never deafening. Ale very variable - after a few minging pints I've tended to go for the bottled stuff, the Guinness is usually OK though.

14 May 2006 18:30

O'Neills, Shepherds Bush

In here last night before catching a cracking show from The Zutons at the Empire. Probably the best branch of O'Neills I've been in - but that's not saying a great deal. Pretty efficient staff though and a perfectly reasonable pint of Guinness. Can't particularly fault it - but not somewhere you'd go out of your way to visit.

28 Apr 2006 00:50

The North Pole, Greenwich

Had a few beers here the other night as a friend's band were playing (OK - more than "a few" but who's counting? I certainly wasn't...) On the plus side the music was great, the place felt pretty lively for a Sunday and the staff were attentive and very friendly. On the down side I'd like to see some proper ale. I had a damned good evening though and would certainly head back if I was in the area.

28 Apr 2006 00:40

Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

"Very AVERAGE ale" that should've been. D'oh!

22 Apr 2006 21:41

Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

You've GOT to come here for a pint after a walk on the Heath - quite frankly it's in the rules whether you like it or not. Very verage ale. Great beer garden on a sunny day. I've usually found the food to be pretty good. Had an excellent Bloody Mary here once too. Crossing the road outside is an entertaining though somewhat hazardous experience once you've had a few mind.

22 Apr 2006 21:40

The George, Belsize Park

Was dragged in here (kicking and screaming you understand) for a pint with my father after a shopping trip. Packed with a lively but amiable footie-watching crowd and the terrace out the back was very early spring evening pleasant. Could've got very comfortable in here.

22 Apr 2006 21:35

The Flask, Hampstead

I'm fairly easygoing about where I'll have a drink - i.e. if they've got a bar and they sell me alcohol over it then it's usually good by me. However the highest marks usually go to a proper old boozer which sells a decent pint of ale and accordingly I have to commend the Flask. Went in here for the first time in ages this afternoon and drank a lovely couple of pints of Youngs in the tiny "beer garden" that hides at the back of this fine establishment - quite a sun trap it was today too. In fact if I hadn't had to be sober enough to cycle home afterwards I'd probably still be in there now.

22 Apr 2006 21:33

The Horn, St Albans

We played a great gig at the Horn last night - it seems they have upgraded both the PA and the engineer since I was last here (albeit some time ago) and the place is all the better for it. I like the layout too - you can either watch the band or hide from them to suit your mood. Pool table and table football always a bonus too, particularly before a gig. Hope we get to play here again soon.

10 Apr 2006 02:01

LHT Urban Bar, Whitechapel

Great fun boozer - although not as regular a haunt as its sibling the 5B in Limehouse I still tend to pop in for a pint when I'm passing (unfortunately that recently included on the way home from A&E at the Royal London - but I digress). Wouldn't have said it was massively expensive for the area. Very late licence and certainly a friendly atmosphere. Some good DJs and live bands - in fact I'll be putting on a night here shortly myself so very much looking forward to that (anyone who knows me will get an invite to that anyway, this site isn't for plugging bands, if you want to do that get onto

30 Mar 2006 01:19

The Archway Tavern, Archway

We played here last night, a great little venue, look forward to coming back sometime soon. Service at the bar could've been more efficient mind. Bonus points for the toy train above the bar.

24 Mar 2006 18:04

The Beluga Cafe, Canary Wharf

Went for a swift hair of the dog Bloody Mary after shopping at Canary Wharf. Pricey - and you won't often see me drinking something with a stick of celery in it - but just what the doctor ordered. Service was fine - but then again the place was very quiet at 4pm.

24 Mar 2006 18:00

The Sun Inn, Marlborough

My folks have a place in Marlborough so I always stop by this pub when I'm in the area. It sums up everything a great pub should be - atmospheric old boozer, landlord and landlady are some of the friendliest you'll ever meet and the ale is extraordinarily more-ish. The canine inhabitants are usually pretty sociable too. If I lived in Marlborough this would definitely be my local.

19 Mar 2006 20:53

Waggon & Horses, Beckhampton

Yes - superlatives can readily be applied to the Waggon & Horses. A proper pint of 6X is one of the greatest favours you can ever do your taste buds, the food is great and the service is friendly. Lovely beer garden out the back too. Recommended.

19 Mar 2006 20:45

The Kings Arms, Mayfair

Love drinking outside this place on a summer's evening when it's great for people watching. Ale usually passable - had a slightly dodgy pint once but it was replaced straight away without argument. Also you used to be able to take your drinks over to the pizza joint opposite but think that's changed hands now. Always enjoy the "sleaziest part of the poshest area in town" vibe. Not tried the food - it's never looked particularly inspiring, but there's plenty of other places to eat within a stone's throw. A regular haunt when I worked in Mayfair and I still venture back in there from time to time - particularly when I want a beer somewhere central without the hassle of a West End crowd (Green Park station seems to be easy to get to from pretty much anywhere in town).

13 Mar 2006 20:19

The George, London Bridge

Pleasant enough pub which certainly wasn't overcrowded or full of tourists when I visited and the 6X perfectly drinkable (compared favourably with several Wiltshire pubs that are much closer to the Wadworths brewery). I should imagine the courtyard is a great spot to be on a sunny summer's afternoon - on a damp evening in March however best to stay indoors...

10 Mar 2006 19:45

The Market Porter, Borough

Having seen the glowing reviews on this site I arranged to meet a friend in the Market Porter last night for the ubiquitous "swift one after work" (but it's never ever just one is it?)

My first impression was that at 6:30 on a Thursday night this place is CROWDED - whilst drinking standing up doesn't bother me, being constantly jostled while I'm doing it does. However there was no problem getting served (always a good sign in a busy boozer) and an extensive independent quality control test of said establishment's ale proved more than satisfactory, particularly as I don't seem to be feeling any ill effects today.

I wouldn't have voted it pub of the year myself - however I can completely understand why so many would and will definitely head back next time I'm in the area. Let's hope such extravagent praise does not lead to them resting on their laurels in future.

10 Mar 2006 19:40

The Mustard Bar and Lounge, St Pauls

Far far far too poncey for its own good

17 Feb 2006 02:44

The Heeltap and Bumper, Cannon Street

Nothing particularly special but quite often come in here on a lunchtime as the food's OK, you can pretty much always get a table and out the back is quite a suntrap on a hot summer afternoon when nobody can be arsed to head back to the office.

16 Feb 2006 21:09

Clockwork, Islington

Downstairs is a pleasant enough bar, very comfy sofas, table football always a bonus before a show. Upstairs is the venue bit which is of course appropriately dirtier and grimier (you don't want anywhere too clean or shiny for rock'n'roll). Nice size room, nice stage, from what I've seen so far the standard of bands has been "variable" but both times we've played here we've had a good sound ourselves and it's been a fun gig.

30 Jan 2006 01:27

The Shaston Arms, Soho

On the plus side - usually a very decent pint of Tanglefoot in here, on the minus - you could die of thirst waiting for it on a busy night. Basically one of Soho's better boozers though and a regular(-ish) haunt for yours truly.

30 Jan 2006 01:16

12 Bar Club, Soho

True gem of a music venue. Highly recommended.

29 Jan 2006 22:20

The Green Man, Bank

The one saving grace of this place? It's quite cheap for the area. I've never had a decent pint in there though - stick to the bottled stuff if at all possible.

29 Jan 2006 21:38

O'Neills, Cannon Street

It's an O'Neills. Exactly like all the others. Enough said.

29 Jan 2006 21:30

The Grenadier, Belgravia

A well hidden pub - come equipped with map, compass and preferably a GPS receiver. Probably a good thing it's elusive though as it's a bit too popular with organised tours already - on the plus side the ale is usually very well kept and the Bloody Marys are truly excellent.

29 Jan 2006 20:23

The Sea Horse, Mansion House

A very basic but extremely friendly pub. Perfectly decent pint of Pride and a free juke box. Extra points for the free chips and sausage rolls last Friday (thanks Kay). I can quite see why some others have slated this place and to be fair it's not an establishment you're likely to go out of your way to visit - but certainly not the worst in the area if you do happen to be passing. Also very close indeed to my office so a regular haunt for the "swift one after work".

12 Dec 2005 01:25

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

Used to be very much my local when I lived in Hammersmith - Sunday nights in here and the "Gorilla Round" (tm) were legendary - and I still like to pop in for a pint or two if I'm in the area. Would've rated a 10/10 when Martyn and Dianne were running it a few years back. A fantastic historic pub, riverside location to die for and gorgeous Fullers ales.

6 Nov 2005 20:43

Mulligans of Mayfair, Mayfair

A posh Irish pub? An absolutely superlative pint of Guinness and a good range of Irish whiskies as a bonus. An unassumingly classy establishment and well worth venturing into Mayfair for.

6 Nov 2005 19:41

Garlic and Shots, Soho

Goths. Biker jackets. Metal. Garlic. Always packed out between about 11 and 12 due to the late licence but a great atmosphere. My advice is to grab the big table in the crypt if you can. The Bloodshots are simply awesome - they'll cure any illness known to man. Many a legendary drinking session in here - it's always an adventure. Good food too, and given that many of the punters look like vampires ingesting that much garlic is probably a wise move.

6 Nov 2005 19:31

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

Quality of the ales can only be described as "variable" but it's a nice enough pub and very handy before or after a gig at the Borderline / Astoria / Mean Fiddler. As previous comments suggest it does get very crowded due to diminuitive size.

6 Nov 2005 19:16

The Morgan Arms, Mile End

Lovely pint of Timothy Taylor. I've always found the staff friendly enough, maybe I've just been lucky. Only eaten here once - a Sunday roast a couple of months back, relatively expensive but a huge portion and it was absolutely delicious.

6 Nov 2005 19:07

The Crown, Victoria Park

Lovely organic pub on the south side of Victoria Park. Food excellent and the St Peters Ale is the best pint I've yet found in the east end. A little on the pricey side but I guess that's an "organic tax". I find it very hard indeed to pass this pub without stopping in for a swift jar or three.

6 Nov 2005 18:52

The Narrow Street Pub & Dining Room, Limehouse

Pleasant if rather ultra modern and a definite improvement on the old Barley Mow. Good selection of lagers etc but no ale to speak of. I've eaten here a few times and not been disappointed. Outside seating area is a winner on a sunny afternoon. A good pub but doesn't even come close to giving the Grapes anything to worry about.

6 Nov 2005 18:38

Bootys, Limehouse

It's not a bad pub but the frustrating thing about Bootys is that it could be so much better. Beer, food and service are incredibly average. Great riverside location but outshone in every respect by the Grapes next door. Should try harder.

6 Nov 2005 18:29

The Marathon Restaurant, Chalk Farm

A kebab shop with live music and alcohol 'til the early hours? Only in Camden. The quality of all the above commodities is suspect at best but I wouldn't change a thing - God bless the Marathon and all who sail in her.

4 Nov 2005 18:15

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

Great for both playing in a band and seeing other bands, albeit the comments about overpriced and mediocre beverages in plastic glasses are spot on. Don't venture in here after 11pm unless you are a sardine.

4 Nov 2005 18:10

The Dublin Castle, Camden

Yep - real love hate relationship with this place. I've played some great shows here with too many bands to mention (anybody who's anybody has gigged here at some point), usually an interesting mixture of people, late opening always a plus particularly on a school night when it's not too rammed. Stick to bottled beer though, and keep an eye on your belongings - very nearly had several instruments and a camera go "missing" from the tiny dressing rom/storage area.

4 Nov 2005 18:00

The Worlds End, Camden

The one and only redeeming feature of this place is that it's easy to find - arrange to meet your friends, drink up quick then get the hell out of there as there are PLENTY of much worthier establishments in the area. Don't even THINK about approaching the toilets without wellies and a gas mask. You have been warned.

4 Nov 2005 17:43

The Good Mixer, Camden

Basic and unpretentious and something of a local legend. Usually a lively and cosmopolitan mixture (but ultimately friendly) mixture of punters. No matter how busy it is you always seem to get served immediately. Great juke box. Just possibly the best pub in Camden.

4 Nov 2005 17:39

The Lock Tavern, Camden

Used to be one of my favourites - unfortunately seems to have got rather too hip (and popular) for its own good. Still pleasant enough if you catch it when it's quieter though.

4 Nov 2005 17:33

The Caernarvon Castle, Camden

Used to prefer it as the Fusilier and Firkin (I miss the all day sessions on Dogbolter when I was a student) however still a worthwhile watering hole for the area. I've seen some great bands and some truly terrible ones in here over the years - although shan't plug my own band here as that would be in poor taste...

4 Nov 2005 17:30

The Pavilion End, Mansion House

Thoroughly agree with Duncan. Sample the ale at your own risk. Everyone from our office drinks here though and staff are usually friendly enough.

4 Nov 2005 17:26

5b Urban Bar, Limehouse

The Grapes is my number one local but this place comes a close second, not least for being the "anti-Grapes" :-) a very useful late licence and you never know quite what to expect in here. NEVER a place for a "quiet pint" - in the best possible sense of course. The Leffe is evil mind...

4 Nov 2005 17:21

The Grapes, Limehouse

Update to my previous comment - they now serve an excellent pint of Timothy Taylor alongside the Guinness. Very well done indeed.

4 Nov 2005 17:18

The Coach, Greenwich

Pleasant enough boozer, perfectly passable ales, and always manages the trick of feeling lively without being too crowded. On the rare occasions I venture south of the river for a beer I nearly always pass through this place.

4 Nov 2005 17:16

The Intrepid Fox, Soho

You'll either love this pub or hate it. I love it - been drinking in here on and off for years and it's probably my favourite pub in Soho, fantastic for loud rock music and people watching. Yeah it's a dive but the best kind of dive if you know what I mean. A real institution.

6 Feb 2005 20:16

The Grapes, Limehouse

A very regular haunt of mine as I only live across the road and I consider it one of the finest pubs in London - it's a lovely atmospheric old boozer, the food is fantastic (only if you like fish though - and when it's this good I most certainly do) and both the staff and the locals are extremely friendly. See you at the bar - mine's a Guinness.

1 Feb 2005 00:12

The Kings Arms, Hampton Court

OK I'll admit a degree of bias here as Brian and Jen are good friends but I used to drink here from time to time before they took over and things have only looked up since - this is a LOVELY pub with plenty of character, a nice "locals vs tourists" balance, friendly staff and the best pint of Tanglefoot I have EVER tasted (ale snobs please take note - a 100% rating after the last Cask Marque inspection). If I didn't live on the other side of London I'd be in here a lot more often.

18 Dec 2004 13:24

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