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Comments by thor5355

Fahrenheit 55, Guildford

Was in on Friday night. Not many people but good atmosphere. Incompitant barman served me a dodgy drink and was violently ill all of next day. I wass try and avoid in future but not many options late night Guildford. If I do im sticking to bottles

4 Aug 2014 18:07

Rogues Wine Bar, Guildford

great venue i good hb TEA here seemed very small as you enter at the bar then headed round and it has a huge garden with flaming heaters it looks nice not just a bunch of patio furniture thrown in its the sort of place you can go on a date price was a little bit more than normal Guildford but did not mind due to the venue itself

26 Sep 2010 00:44

The Legion, Guildford

visited this venue on a friday night, qued for 40mins paid 5 fow what i am not sure, good music chill out area down stairs orderd two spirit and mixers cost 8.20 i know i am in guildford but ouch. upstairs was very crampt people pushing past every second dance area was good lots of people dancing about seemed to either be full of students or young suited people music was very chavtastic not my thing, i liked the venue itself just to prices i felt were robery especialy after queing foe such a long time for what seemed no reason

26 Sep 2010 00:38

The Forresters Arms, Guildford

about a 10 min walk out from the top of town seems like a residential type place decorated with what is left over from a jumble sale, having said that it was good value good lager selection and the land lady was very friendly and nice and chatted with us for a while it also has a pool table and dart board and overall a good local pub for a quite chat with friends

26 Sep 2010 00:28

The Royal Oak, Guildford

A lovely little pub just off the main high st so no chavs or loud youths in here great atmosphere i had an ale dont remember which i had but there were 2 available went down nicely played some darts with my friend and had a pleasent time nice little patio chatted two the owner for a bit and i will be coming back

26 Sep 2010 00:23

The Kings Head, Guildford

A pub in the town centre with a great garden loads of seating out side not so much inside great it its sunny due to noise kick you all inside around 11pm so you are all crammed inbetween the bar and toilets being barged every 5 seconds. good Ales I had a good Pride in there customers seem abit dodgey feels very clicky and un relaxing but loads of staff all seem to be busy i will be avoiding this pub in the evening but a good sunny pub lunch venue i feel

25 Sep 2010 22:05

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