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Pavilhão Chinês Bar, Lisbon

You have to ring a bell to be let in here, and on doing so you will be greeted by a man in a smart red coat. You will then be shown to a table of your choosing, presented with a drinks menu and served accordingly. You will then marvel at the wealth of memorabilia filling the glass cabinets that line the walls and observe that most of its contents is war related. When you are done you will receive a bill of higher value than you might be used to in Lisbon but you will understand why. A must for anyone visiting the Portuguese capital.
Good for: feeling like one is made of old money - 9/10.

8 Jan 2008 16:09

The Prince Albert, Brighton

It takes a town like Brighton to pull of a pub like this - not enough seating, an apparent disregard for interior design of any discription and the facade of a south coast B & B (that last observation is in no way perjorative). But it all works and does so in spades. I don't why or how but it just does.
Good for: I've drunk here in Winter and Spring but I imagine it is summer where the place really comes into its own - 7/10.

8 Jan 2008 16:03

The George And Dragon, Acton

There aren't many pubs around these days blessed with an infrastructure like this, and even fewer that haven't then gone and kitted such a brilliant space out in pale paint and Ikea furniture. Yet this isn't merely some old man's boozer; there's room enough for all. The space out back offers respite from the wooden panelling should one need, and offers top notch sound and vision by way of a quality duke box and a rather eccentric mural.
Good for: Right now - get yourself down there before the clocks go back and the weather warms up - 8/10.

8 Jan 2008 15:56

Jono's, Ealing Common

On paper one might assume this pub to suck; the space it occupies is rather limiting for one and then there's the Irish angle. I'd assumed the latter to be nothing more than O'Neills-esque pretence but rather refreshingly this boozer is the real Irish deal. Both the staff and the punters are courteous beyond the call of duty and I'd recommend this pub to anyone.
Good for: Pub quiz on a Thursdays are laugh - 7/10.

8 Jan 2008 15:48

The Prodigal, Brighton

A pub I persevered with in my early Brighton drinking but one I tend to strategically avoid nowadays. There's nothing hugely objectionable about the Prodigal but neither is there anything particularly commendable, other than it's easy to find (a reason why I may have ended up there in the past). It's just devoid of any significant character and only seems to serve as a place for groups of smartly dressed people to get tanked up before moving on elsewhere. Why bother?
Good for: late afternoon at a push - 4/10

7 Jan 2008 16:05

Alibi, Hove

There's something rather antipodean about the Alibi, I don't know why and nor do I necessarily mean it as a bad thing. Still, this isn't a pub I'd rush back to although I'd be happy to pop in were I to find myself in the area. The problem is that it finds itself set rather out of the way in a part of Brighton and Hove that on an overcast day can seem particularly bleak and in such circumstances it simply wouldn't do.
Good for: When the sun sun sun is out - 5/10

7 Jan 2008 15:52

The Black Horse, Brighton

After finding the Heart and Hand packed to the rafters and then the pubs across the way in a similar state of capacity it was to the Black Horse that myself and two friends ventured, desperate to take shelter from the bitter December cold. Our doing so immediately doubled the number of people in attendance, but that was okay - all I really wanted was to nurse a pint of two before heading back to Hove to dine with friends. Had I not had this previous engagement I could have quite easily made those 2 pints turn into 3, 4 or even 5. A semi-decent winter boozer then, if a bit quiet.
Good for: Saturday afternoon drinks and winter booze ups - 6/10

7 Jan 2008 15:27

The Aldrington, Hove

I never dared venture here when it was the Aldrington but a packed Ancient Mariner forced our hand just recently and it was here that we ended up - sat in the large room to the rear. On the face of it the Westbourne doesn't seem to offer much other than a spartan white space in which to nurse one's pint, but the mix and match approach towards tables and chairs, a healthy distribution of plant life and the global relief adorning the western wall create an almost colonial feel that sets the place apart from similarly minimal drinking confines. For this reason I would gladly come again. And the staff were friendly too.
Good for: Not a day time pub I wouldn't have thought. Maybe summer evenings could be it's most potent pull - 7/10.

7 Jan 2008 15:13

The Porcupine, Leicester Square

A pub taken in transit, or towards the end of the evening before one heads beneath the streets to catch the last tube home. And that is all it deserves really. It is designed with standing in mind, with hight round tables serviced with the occasssional stool. I seem to recall it being pricey too. But then, most places are around these parts.
Good for: One for the road.

7 Jan 2008 14:00

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Coming from Embankment I choose the bar that would soon appear to my left with the intent of trying its right sided cousin before the evening had expired. Unfortunately I never made the journey from one side to the other but I will do next time I am in the area, for the bar to the left was a wondrous thing. They serve HB too, a refreshing and oft reasonably priced lager.
Good for: Christmas drinking!

7 Jan 2008 13:56

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

Probably the best boozer in Twickenham at present. Neither as quiet as the Fox on a Sunday afternoon nor as busy as the same establishment on a Friday night, both a seat and a good atmosphere are pretty much guaranteed at the Eel Pie. The HB is a decent and affordable lager and the staff are friendly and efficient. Deceptively large, one can sit in a variety of positions suited to a variety of moods - I like to turn left to share in the dimmer light with the stuffed birds one finds adorning the fireplace.
Good for: Any drinking occasion unless there has been a rugby match on down the road, when one really wants to steer well clear of Twickenham as a whole.

7 Jan 2008 12:12

The Victoria, Battersea

Every time I've been there (which has been mostly on a Sunday) there's been far too many kids, too many people eating food and when the football's been on it's dominated horribley with volume often turned up to almost ugly levels. Yet the staff are polite and it has an atmosphere of sorts. A bit average over all.
Good for: passing through early evening.

14 Jun 2007 12:00

The Foundry, Shoreditch

A shambles, but all the better for it. I feared that it might be compromised by the area but there seemed quite a disparate crown in there when I went. The staff weren't at all up themselves either, being actually rather friendly. The bar - which looks like the aftermath of a bomb going off in an art gallery - is nicely supplemented by a genuine and rather minimal gallery in the basement.
Good for: Night time primarily, although maybe if one had a particularly nasty hangover it could be a good place to go for hair of the dog, I'm not sure.

14 Jun 2007 11:51

The Jenny Lind, Hampton Hill

Nice name, shame about the... place? Actually, it's not bad. The paint work - which looks rather fresh - is a colour conducive to drinking and although the clumpy wooden furniture isn't the most comfortable in the world it doesn't look bad at all. Two TV screens let the place down a bit, especially given that when I went there both were switched on showing nothing in particular, and the bar area strangely evoked the feeling of being a cocktail lounge?!
Good for: a few summer evenings jars

14 Jun 2007 11:26

The Ship, Lambeth

From the outside it offers promise but once in one is instantly disappointed. Ergonomically retarded - you'll find yourself slaloming between scattershot furniture on your way to the bogs - it's hard when looking around the place where it's best to take ones seat (never a good sign). A slight air of suspicion pervades throughout the local clientele but what really does it for me is the complete and utter lack of any discernible atmosphere. There's nothing heinous about this place but there are no redeeming features either. Something needs a rethink even if what that is I cannot quite say.
Good for: Passing families.

25 May 2006 14:16

The Lambeth Walk, Lambeth

A boozer that has certainly seen better days, a monumental freeze covering the furthermost wall as you enter this down trodden hostelry testifies as much. But don't let that put you off. An ambience of calm hangs over the place as small caches of locals talk amongst themselves and solitary drinkers sit staring at the television. The latter would normally be considered an irritant but in here it's preferable to whatever sensation silence might possibly impose upon proceedings - fear I'm guessing. Passing through for a few pints and maybe a game of pool and you can't go wrong. Whether this beguiling of establishments could hold ones interest over a whole evening I'm unsure, but if you ever go drinking in Lambeth I would highly recommend you stop by for at least one pint here.
Good for: Any time but Sunday. I don't think it could handle the torpor.

25 May 2006 14:14

The Pineapple, Lambeth

Decent infrastructure belies the fact that this pub lacks a certain amount of charm - but then, that could just be the effect the office workers who congregate on a Friday evening have on the place. No, this place is really alright with a slightly left of field layout, low ceilings and decent light levels your instantly taken with the job of deciding where you are going to take your seat(always a good thing). As to when is best to come I'm as yet unsure but as long as the suits are long gone you should be in for an decent time.
Good for: I'm going for daytime afternoon and late evening.

25 May 2006 14:12

The Steam Engine, Waterloo

Where as the The Ship down the road caters for families in the truest sense, this pub seems to be more suited to the black sheep of the family unit - dipsomaniac uncles who want to get hammered and belt out old favourites on the karaoke, or impatient teenagers keen to embrace the seedy underbelly of life before they have any right to do so. It's hard to put your finger on why a place like this has got it so right when a place like The Ship has got it so wrong because there's not a huge amount that separates the too. But with friendlier faces, subtler lighting and a generally a whole warmer feel the Ship could do a lot worse than at least try and take a leaf out of this curious book.
Good for: Hard to say but I wouldn't start an evenings drinking here although I might finish it?

25 May 2006 14:11

The Hole In The Wall, Chiswick

This pub is strangely gentrified given the locale and to be honest it's this that saves it from being just another modern atrocity. Unlike the Pilot near by there's a sense of visual interest at play here. Coming in from the cold you feel you've stumbled upon something secret, hidden away from the rest of the world. This is aided further by the fact that the pub's been split into three distinct areas that create a sense of being able to find ones own space here, rather than being lumped togther like at, again, The Pilot around the corner. Not bad then but not brilliant either given the forcibly middle aged and middle classed clientelle that dominate.
Good for: Quiet evenings

18 Jan 2006 14:03

The Northcote, Clapham Junction

Nothing to get in a lather about in either direction. It's pleasant enough but lacks any real atmosphere to set it apart form the crowd, other than the lingering memory of there being the completely irrelevant spectacle of Spanish football on the telly. The fear of a blank TV screen is this century's dysphoria.
Good for: Watching Valencia go second in La Liga?

18 Jan 2006 13:49

The Burrell Arms, Haywards Heath

A pub that trades off its location of being close to the train station - and it shows. Nothing to offend but nothing to amaze either. Did get the impression the rather young looking locals dressed in requiste sports wear could be a problem given the circumstances although I didn't encounter any grief myself.
Good for: Waiting for the next train?

18 Jan 2006 13:42

The Hawley Arms, Camden

The greatest duke box in London bar none - and that includes Soho's magnificent Endurance (whose Duke box seemed to be going down hill last time I was there). Such aural delights are not wasted on the decor either, which is busy with plants, interesting pictures and a towering ceiling which gives the place a grander feeling than it might ordinarily merit. Together these most important of things come togther to inform what has to be the best boozer in the whole of Camden. But wait - it just gets better, because the staff are diamonds too. What more could you ask for? Superb.
Good for: Whenever.

18 Jan 2006 13:38

The Camden Eye, Camden

The bar beholds a mess of booze that can normally be quite charming given the right location. Unfortunately a lack of decent seating, overly large windows and a general air of violence amount to any modicum of atmosphere going straight down the drain. Two huge video screen's peer down at you adding to the strangely alienating feel of this place. A traditional boozer that actually feels more like a bar - that's no mean feat.
Good for: Nothing - avoid.

18 Jan 2006 13:31

Crown and Goose, Camden

Strange one this - what does it want to be? It's certainly not your traditional boozer but it's a long way off being some poncey bar either (it's size would prevent it from being so even if it tried). It's small but that's not it's fault. I would recommend although I'm not sure if it's got enough character to demand repeated visitations. Can get busy too.
Good for: A few pints whenver you're in the area - ealry evening probably best.

18 Jan 2006 13:25

The Clubhouse, Twickenham

The Clubhouse - it's not a name you associate with pubs, but a pub this is. As at the 'Nelle Dean of Soho' in central London the proprietors of this unusual hostelry have a let the place 'go' a bit in an effort to create a relaxing atmosphere anathema to the starker bars you find travelling in either other direction along the Richmond Road (to hereby be known as 'The Twickenham Strip'). So we have plants (always a nice touch I think) photos of local sports teams, a variety of furniture, a room out back which an altogether different vibe and a sort of semi-colonial feel to proceedings that give the place a sense of it's own character different to the other pubs on the strip. Compounded by the affability of the staff and this makes for a very decent Twickenham boozer.
Good for: Night time at this time of year. Can't imagine it as much of a day time pub but the garden may prove me wrong, I have yet to sample it.

14 Nov 2005 16:08

St Christopher's Inn, Greenwich

The only purpose I can see this pub serving is to kill time if you've got some to spare before your train arrives. Not that there's anything incongruously evil about this place and the staff seem friendly enough. The decor's a bit tacky though and sport seems to feature rather too prominently for my liking.
Good for: Waiting for the train.

24 Oct 2005 14:10

The Mitre, Greenwich

Nothing special but certainly has the edge over many of the other pubs in the area. It's got an interesting shape and the lighting's good. Haven't eaten there but the food did look appetizing, especially the Sunday roasts they had on offer.
Good for; Lets do lunch.

24 Oct 2005 13:58

The Wheatsheaf, Fitzrovia

This is what all pubs should look like from outside and fortunately the interior rises to the standard set by it's facade. Room at the back to sit and chat although it can get a bit staid what with the lack of music. Towards the front there's more obvious character but less obvious seating arrangements. There's an upstairs too but I think that's for private functions
Good for: The first few of an evening.

24 Oct 2005 13:54

The Angel, Soho

Quality boozer for the those that like to hear themselves think - don't come here expecting a party. A mixed crowd stops things from getting too sedate mind and the layout of the place makes for an interesting atmosphere. I'm advised that in summer it's best but I can see it working as a cozy winter boozer too.
Good for: Anytime.

24 Oct 2005 13:47

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Wonderfully ornate ceiling, impressive monolith of a ancient urinal, decent decor, friendly staff and cheap prices. This place has plenty of character and if there is a downside it's that decent seating is a little bit scant. One shouldn't be put off by the beer as there is plenty to choose from and it's probably a damn site better for you than most mainstream beers. Strong mind.
Good for: Crawling aroung Holborn

24 Oct 2005 13:39

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

The quiz? Impossible? You're having a laugh aren't you? You want to try the Red Lion in Isleworth. Their quiz makes the St. Margarets effort look like the TV Quick cross-word in comparison.

24 Oct 2005 13:30

Point 101, Bloomsbury

Looking like a set from Scorsese's 'Casino' you hope for the best but instead find yourself drinking amongst the most miserably disparate crown you'll find in the whole of central London. It's obvious why people are here - for the late licence of course - but so what, I'd rather go home. Too loud to talk and certainly not set-up for a dance (not that you'd want to given the tunes) it doesn't seem to know who it wants to cater for or what it wants to be.
Good for: If you're really desperate for a final drink before heading home.

13 Oct 2005 17:29

The Sorting Room, Twickenham

Has about as much charatcer as a multiplex cinema and a perfect example of the disappointing road Twickenhams pubs seem to be heading down. Truly vile, it almost makes me yearn for a time when you couldn't move for Rugby fans. The funny thing is there's an old style Weatherspoons across the road which I actually find a preferable option.
Good for: People who can't be bothered with the journey to Kingston

9 May 2005 10:43

The Bear, Twickenham

An admirable attempt to steer a pub away from the nasty vibe of it's previous incumbent. The wall paper is fantastic and the variety of furnishings add a pleasingly baroque feel to proceedings. There is a good variety of continental beers on offer and whoever is in charge of the music has decent taste, especially on a Sunday afternoon. On the down-side it does get quite 'bloke heavy' of a Friday evening and during the day it can get rather cold for some reason. Best pub of it's kind in Twickenham.
Good for: Drinking in Twickenham

9 May 2005 10:32

The Three Stags, Lambeth

As a day time pub I can imagine coming here to be quite a depressing experience. At night though it's not half bad. Such ambiguity normally results in the pub failing in the evening and but passing as daytime fodder for the afternoon. Why is it different here? It's large windows let in far too much light, not helped by the pale colour scheme chosen to decorate the place. But the night takes the edge off of things. The bar staff are friendly and the food is okay too and I've been told it does decent music on Tuesdays and Wednesdays evenings.
Good for: Evening entertainment.

29 Apr 2005 14:10

The Mash Tun, Victoria Station

What is the point, really? The place is barely big enough to swing the proverbial cat and most of the seating's located outside as a result. It's eminently practical in some ways, especially if you have missed your train to, say, Brighton, but what else can you say about it? Better than Reef perhaps and not as expensive as some of these in-house train station pubs can be. But then, there does seem to be rather a lot in Victoria especially when you consider Paddington and Waterloo manage just the four between them.
Good for: Sitting outside and watching the world go by - but only if you are meeting somebody or find yourself waitng around for a train.

29 Apr 2005 14:03

The Royal George, Charing Cross Road

A strange one. It's got character for sure with cool furniture to boot. An odd mix of people frequent here and the downstairs bar begs the question; who is this intended for? If these sound like slurs then they're not. Anything that can disorientate in such surroundings is fine by me.
Good for: This has yet to be defined but I shall be back to found out.

29 Apr 2005 13:57

The Kings Arms, Mayfair

Friendly staff, nice vibe, good decor... the upstairs has lovely window seating. Over all you can't really think of anything negative to say about this pub. Shall look to tie in ye grapes and go for a crawl in the area some time
Good for: A pub crawl definately, or just a couple of beers before the journey home.

25 Feb 2005 14:09

The Lass O'Richmond Hill, Richmond

The miscellany of smells emanating from the 'posh nosh' they serve there made me want to gag. One member of staff allocated to bar duty. After ten minutes waiting alongside 5 or 6 other punters I'd had enough and so left. It was Sunday and it was busy, like I'm sure they knew it would be. I shall not be returning. A sham
Good for: Groups of teetotal, patient, hungry posh people.

25 Feb 2005 14:01

The Hole In The Wall, Richmond

Not what you would expect judging from it's environs and all the better for that. Like a working mans club but with a Rugby bent. The staff and locals are delightfully friendly and that goes one hell of a long way in a place as basic as this. Well worth the effort if you are in the area and it's cheap to boot.
Good for: Richmond Hill pub crawl or if you like Rugby then watching the game.

25 Feb 2005 13:56

The North Star, Ealing

The modernisation of the North Star was not nearly as severe as these things often are. Plenty of dark wood has been maintained and enough detail left in so as to retain a degree of character. You get the impression that whoever runs this place knows what they are doing. The music is congenial and the menu's got posh stuff in it. What's more the price reflects the effort but maybe to a greater degree than it should?
Good for: Only ever been here on afternoons and it wokds well for that. Certainly the best pub on the Broadway.

6 Dec 2004 13:43

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

The facade doesn't even begin to hint at the untold pleasures hidden inside. The seating area at the front is incidental. It's not until you get into the bowels of this thing that it really comes alive. Giving a new meaning to the term open plan this pub still manages to feel rather cosey, a result I'm sure of the arched ceiling painted a deeply satisfying terracotta colour. The furniture looks like it's been brought im from a well kept working mans club and yet the feel is almost continental. A true original, ignore all those a give it short shrift. Class.
Good for: First pint after you get off the trian and last before you get back on it.

29 Nov 2004 15:29

The Kings Arms, Waterloo

A pub of three parts. Out front it's pretty standard stuff with two sections joined by the bar in the middle. Decor is low key, verging on the traditional. Light are a bit bright maybe but the furnishings take the edge off it. To complete this triumvirate of drinking arenas we have what I suppose is a converted conservatory out back. Stone floor, open drains, some old fashioned hearth and a miscellany of old signs and antique furnishings make it seem more like a grotto.
The music was what one could lazily describe as 'post chill-out' and that worked well. Even a trip to the toliet beckoned ones attention as you struggle to establish your bearings in a pub full of visual vignettes.
Good for: It could serve a variety of purposes but I would hazard a guess that providing winter refuge could be it's strongest card.

29 Nov 2004 14:14

The Constitution, Pimlico

On odd mix of old duffers bedding in, young French chaps watching the Rugby, a couple of crusty's in loud baggy jumpers... and then me and my cohorts there for a friends birthday before going to a club around the corner. Most cosmopolitan then but you wouldn't guess from the decor. Traditional wood panneling with pictures of old sailing ships, just as a pub should be. The locals didn't seem to mind the eclectic ambience imbued upon them - maybe this was actually a typical night? Quality.
Good for: Whenever you like.

16 Nov 2004 10:39

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

I have officially given up on the Hogshead (or rather the Druids Head) around the corner. The Ram offers a far more genuine pub experience and if all you are looking for are a few pints of an afternoon then you can't go wrong here.

16 Nov 2004 10:33

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

It stank of sewage in there the other day. That coupled with fact that only one of the four bar-tenders seemed interested in serving punters (one girl was stock taking to be fair) forced me abandon my quest for a drink here pretty swiftly. See my comments below for a more balanced opinion but I am beginning to wonder why I ever went to this pub when you have the far superior Ram just around the corner.

16 Nov 2004 10:22

The Mash Tun, Victoria Station

Surely this can't really qualify as a genine pub? Serves an obvious purpose givan its location. Too small
Good for: You work it out

10 Nov 2004 13:40

The White Hart, Harby

If you fancy an afternoon pint then go here rather than the Nags Head across the road. More of an atmosphere at this hour but I have not been able to test it out of an evening so I am afraid I cannot council to the degree I would like. I have a feeling that the younger contingent may frequent here though.
Good for: A game of pool on a Saturday afternoon.

8 Oct 2004 13:54

The Nags Head, Harby

Ahhhh... what charm this pub beholds. If you are tall beware as the ceilings are very low. This contributes to the general air of cosiness that is always becoming when drinking in the country. I hear the beer can be a bit off sometimes and there is no stout on draught but I've never had any problems myself. The landlord is quite a character but this is the middle of the countryside.
Good for: Better in the evening than the day by far and probably in winter too.

8 Oct 2004 13:52

The Sun, Hounslow

This pub has changed a lot since I first moved to the area in the early nineties - and for the better too. Nice comfy leather sofas, dark wooden floors and paneling. The plasma screen is less intrusive than it could be although it would be nicer if it wasn't there at all. Decent garden, although it is set up for kids. Staff friendly... not bad at all.
Good for: Saturday afternoon Hounslow high street relief

23 Sep 2004 15:48

Yates's, Hounslow

On Saturday nights they used to arrange buses to take the punters straight to some chavvy Kingston night club. They may still do for all I know. Not one of Hounslows better efforts.
Good for: chaps in baseball caps.

23 Sep 2004 15:43

The Bell, Hounslow

You know that episode of Men Behaving Badly when the local boozer gets a refurb and it turns out that they have modelled it on a recent photo which was mistakenly thought to be a picture from a bygone era?
Oh, the eating bit is now a non-smoking area and the I think the drinks offer wheel may have gone but that aside it remains virtually unchanged.
Why all this anti-Hounslow sentiment on here anyhow?

23 Sep 2004 15:41

The Brook Green Hotel, Hammersmith

During the time it took to ingest the brief half I had time for on my recent visit here, I concluded that this was a pub to which I would like to return. The high celings are marvelous as is the the decor in general. Service was polite, music palyed at a decent volume. Wouldn't want to see anything gimmicky introduced mind. It's larger then life presence on Shepherds Bush Road resists informality and instead beckons the serious drinker.
Good for: Winter afternoon sessions.

3 Sep 2004 13:34

Rutland Arms, Hammersmith

Slightly harsh these comments. It's no great shakes but as a pub on the river it serves it's purpose with cold efficiency. I'll agree that it's under staffed mind, and if I wanted to sit inside I would choose the neighbouring (but more expensive) Blue Anchor without hesitation.
Good for: the summer - which is a bit of a bummer considering the weather we've had this year.

3 Sep 2004 13:27

Hog's Head, Plymouth

Sterile to say the least, people waiting for the north bound buses gather outside the large glass frontage that gives little of it's interior away. Too pricey for what it is but then Plymouth is getting like that. Preferable to Yates 20 metres down the road but you might as well hop over to The Treasury or Kitty's if you are in the area.
Good forL Food maybe? A sly one before the bus?

25 Aug 2004 17:05

Golden Hind, Plymouth

The revamp it received a few years ago could not hide the fact that this pub suffers a bad location (it's looks out onto Manadon fly-over) . Functional then, with little much else to offer except maybe a gang of locals who keep it from descending into total pub degradation.
good for: Winter evenings when you want to make soemthing of the bleak weather

25 Aug 2004 17:01

Tamar Hotel, Crownhill

Niether a hotel nor on the Tamar it's got very little to offer. Too spacious and bright it could well kick of if the locals were in that sort of mood. And yet I've had a few pleasant evenings here when my options have been rather limited.
Good for: Strictly business

25 Aug 2004 16:56

The Cross Keys, Covent Garden

A wonderful cove of a pub. Dark even when it's blazing sunshine outside. Plenty of interesting matter to please the eye it's best enjoyed sober, at first, but I could envisage having a bit of a session there.
Good for: Escaping the Covent Garden throng for a quite pint or two and maybe some bar snacks.

25 Aug 2004 16:50

The Marlborough, Richmond

Well, I returned for summer drinks recently but can't say my opinion has changed that much. Outside it's nice but does very much strike one as a 'work in progress'. Like this pub in fact which seems to exist in a strange limbo, teetering on the brink of oblivion on one side and genius on the other.

23 Jul 2004 13:37

The Boogaloo, Highgate

Never been here but will have to check it out. What do I expect? Nepotism - in a big way. It's either going to be great or an utter monstrosity. And the people bemoaning the fact that the ex-locals don't like what it has turned into are missing the point. Not everyone likes their local to be the locus of London 'cool' - some of us actually go there for a quiet drink. Still, I know Dickon Edwards is a regular and I credit him with more sense than most.

25 Jun 2004 13:59

The Weir Bar and Dining Room, Brentford

Well, it's not like Brentfords short on pubs now is it. I haven't been there since the refurb but intend to soon. Why is it 'pretentious' exactly?

2 Jun 2004 17:21

All Bar One, Richmond

Ignore him, he's insane. As awful as you would expect from the All Bar One creed. It's good though becuase it keeps a certain crowd away from some of the nicer pubs in the area.
Good for: Groups of lads who like the fact that they all dress the same, right down to their haircuts

14 May 2004 13:47

The Prince's Head, Richmond

Probably the best pub in Richmond. More of a dyatime/early evening affiar mind although if you are in a big group it's okay for a late night. It's got a really nice atmosphere - great in winter especially.

13 May 2004 13:42

The Shire Horse, Hounslow

A curiosity for sure. For a long while they had one of those plastic neo-classical oil lamps in one of the corners. This wasn't a bad thing and for all I know it could still be there. Good for: Very much a locals pub.

12 May 2004 14:02

The Bell, Hounslow

Not bad, if a little rough around the edges - but hey, it is right in the middle of Hounslow(Just had a refurb and I haven't been since so previous comment may now be incorrect). Certainly preferable to the Edwards and Yates's across the road.
Good for: Settling down to a bit of afternoon drinking

12 May 2004 13:59

The Union Rooms, Plymouth

An eerie sense of impending violence pervades throughout this souless shopping mall of a pub. It really is awful, even by Weatherspoons standards. The bouncers give you aggro, takes ages to get served, they're rushing to chuck you out as soon as last orders is called and the place is far too big and bright for it's own good. Moor fool ye who goes there mind becuase it's obvious the moment you walk through the door what this place is all about.
Good for: Well, it's a stones throw from the top of Union Street, what do you think.

12 May 2004 13:54

B@1 (Be At One), Richmond

... but only if you've got a trendy hair cut or you're a fit bird. Don't serve draught, not interested. Good light levels though.
Good for: Poseurs

22 Apr 2004 13:58

Jesters, Plymouth

Dante's inferno. Beware yee who goes here! If there is such a thing as hell then all that drink at Jesters will be top of the guest list when they're queuing up in Purgatory. To get a measure of how truly vile and depraved this place is, well, they have a punch bag there which allows you to gauge how 'hard' you are. Talk about encouaging the swine. And what's more the clientelle who read this will probably be thinking 'Yeah, so what? It's fookin class."
Good for: The missing link

22 Apr 2004 13:52

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Went back here at Easter and realised how truly great this place is. Possibley the best pub in Plymouth. The concrete floor is a touch of genius.

15 Apr 2004 16:18

Harry Tates, Plymouth

What is a matelot? I'm not a student and I no longer reside in Plymouth but next time I am down I'll pop in and give it a look. And I can assure you the Walkabout is not my scene either. I like Ride and Cuba and James Street Vaults is cool too. They may be deemed student hangouts - so be it. I like old man pubs but they are few and far between in Plymouth. Ones of any quality anyway.

24 Mar 2004 16:23

Harry Tates, Plymouth

I used to go here when it was the Conservatory and would have suggested it for a few quiet afternoon drinks. Judging from what has benn said here the place has changed tact. I felt therefore, unqualified to comment, that is until I noticed that someone had recommended it as a precursor to a night at Jesters. This alone is warning to avoid at all costs:
Good for: falling over before going to Jesters it seems.

24 Mar 2004 13:46

Garlic and Shots, Soho

Straannnggge. Resembles what I imagine 'metaler' hangouts in the Med to look like. Upstairs latin fuses with goth whilst downstares things take a darker turn. Here the barman does not know what a white wine spritzer comprises of, which is rather disturbing, as is his extremely stoned demeanor. Absence of draft lager/bitter a problem but what saves this pub from total oblivion is it's wonderful beer garden. Hemmed in by the adjacent buildings it's like a private party in some baroque back alley.
Good for: summer evenings of course

26 Feb 2004 14:17

O'Neills, Soho

Whoever sold the Wag deserves to be shot. Blow Up struggles to this day to hit the same highs it did when taking up residence at the Wag. But we shouldn't let that colour our judgement. At least, not if this abomination hadn't taking its place. It has effectively ended my clubbing days.
Good for: nowt

26 Feb 2004 13:50

The Hand and Flower, Ham

Certainly a different proposition to the immaculately kept New Inn up the road, the Hand and Flower trades off contradistinct charms. Men smoke whilst reading the paper at the bar and football tickets adorn the walls. There is a very dark mid-section and then an eatery at the back which backs onto a large but unspectacular beer garden. The mid-section is the best and that is where I would recemmend sitting for a few mid afternoon pints.
Godd for: the aforementioned

24 Feb 2004 15:02

The New Inn, Ham

Decked out like the living room an old person who really cares! Not a bad thing for a rural pub, its bucolic air no doubt pleasing to the retired locals who come here to drink. Worth a visit in passing.
Good for: Daytime drinking on rainy days

24 Feb 2004 14:39

The Fox and Duck, Petersham

Better than the Dysart. At least it's not uncommon to see a group of labourers drinking outside in the summer:
Good for: daytime refreshment

24 Feb 2004 14:29

The Dysart, Petersham

Like a lot of pubs along this strip, they are full of promise but dissapoint up close. It as if the proprietor is considering a shift into the restaurant business but hasn't quite got the nerve. That coupled with the suspicion a young group of people might be eyed with in these parts spells stay away.
Good for: Families

24 Feb 2004 14:28

The Marlborough, Richmond

Essentially this place has narrowly saved itself from P&P/All Bar One purgatory by adhering to two of the most fundamental rules of pub - keep the lighting low and the colours warm. You can't argue with that and as it is it's a nice place to go. In summer it could suffer from it's big windows, although much of the seating does remains to the rear which might help. I haven't seen the garden and I can't recall the prices being overly expensive - it is Richmond after all - so I'll give it 7/10 for now but it will be up for review come early summer.
Good for: Winter weekend nights

24 Feb 2004 14:01

The Fortescue, Mutley Plain

The original student hangout where locals and Polytechnic goes used to freely mix to the sounds of the quality tunes provided by the duke box. And it's still probably the best pub in Mutley to this day.
Good for: the first of many

24 Feb 2004 10:19

The Hart, Hammersmith

A cattle market. Go if you like your drinking by numbers. Moonface from Eastenders used to drink there if you're still not convinced.
Good for: Don't care to find out

23 Feb 2004 13:59

The Black Horse, Hounslow

.... eh, did I or did I not add the disclaimer that it was over a year ago since my last visit and my observations therefore were potentially redundant? Maybe it was in the process of being revamped. I'll swing by some time and give it another go.

23 Feb 2004 11:58

The Ailsa Tavern, Twickenham

Once this was a decent pub. Then someone decided it would be a good idea to imagine that Twickenham was actually a village in rural Somerset. So now we have faux rustic paraphernalia hanging from the ceilings. Why?
Good for: Pretending you are in a Harvester

20 Feb 2004 10:32

The London Apprentice, Old Isleworth

Cosy in winter and a good beer garden for the summer, The Apprentice is well worth a visit. It retains a good character, although on afternoons there might be a few kids around - no doubt a by-product of Sion Park revellers hitting the pub for a post family day drink. Bit pricey too and the atmosphere can occasionally feel a bit flat.
Good for: week day afternoons in summer and Sunday evenings in winter.

20 Feb 2004 10:25

The Famous Cock Tavern, Islington

Abominabley slack service. Bloke collecting dirty glasses had to be coaxed into serving the back log of customers that were piling up fast. He then proceeded to go about serving the by now very irritable customers in what can only be described as slow motion. The Buffalo Bar downstairs though was fine, apart from the fact it was freezing cold.
Good for: Bands downstairs

20 Feb 2004 10:05

The Duke, Richmond

'Cultures collide with smooth abandon'??! TS Eliot you are not. Jesu, Richmond's about as cosmopolitan as Henley celebrating the Queens jubilee. The Racing Page is a serioulsy average pub, I don't know what everyone is going on about. If you like eating Thai food whilst watching the football you'll love it, but for me that's not what makes a pub special.

11 Feb 2004 13:52

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

Too big, too bright, too noisy and judging by the comments on here, too popular. Huge windows add to the goldfish bowl effect and the seperate eating area resembles a Harvester. It's good but its not that good. One for the middle classes.
Good for: groups of people who elect one of their brethren as the 'designated (BMW/Mercedes) driver'.

29 Jan 2004 13:38

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

If you have only been there once how do you know it wasn't a coincidence?
I knew people who lived near by about 3 years ago and when I went there the average age was safely in the mid thirties. It may have changed though.

28 Jan 2004 14:52

The Hoop and Toy, South Kensington

Went there the other night and asked for 3 double JD and cokes. Now if you ask for double then surely it's an unspoked thing that you mean double whiskey but not double coke. What did I get? Three glasses filled to the hilt with the sickly brown stuff. Tall glasses they were too. If that wasn't bad enough I was then charged over 19 English pounds for the privelage. By my reckoning that means I was charged over a fiver for what should have been three 'dash's' of coke. And the barmaid took ages to pour them and I was in a hurry. Top 40 my arse.
Good for: Might have been allright in the day if I wanted a pint

28 Jan 2004 14:36

Hyde Park, Plymouth

Decent pub, if a little rough. Along with the Fortesque the only traditional pub left on Mutley Plain. Not that there were ever a lot of them but with the recent influx of Weatherspoons', Hogshead's and the various student bars that pop up every 10 metres you could be forgiven for thinking that Mutley Plain has always been the Mecca of Plymouth drinking. It hasn't, blame the university, but it's certainly brightened this area up.
Good for: pool, proper drinking, being able to hear each other speak, avoiding the drunken Janners in the Mutley Tavern and the students in Goodbody's. But not as good as the Fortesque

28 Jan 2004 14:04

The Three Crowns, Plymouth

Falkland memorabilia adorns the walls. The floors are tiled. Seating is at a premium. Squaddies drink here when on leave. Avoid at night but during the day it's a decent palce to play a bit of pool or sit outside by the harbour, and don't let anyone tell you any differant.
Good for: Summer afternoons but avoid if Argyle are at home. Away fans seem to congregate there and you can't blame them because the Barbican is the natural place to go if you are visiting the city for the first time.

28 Jan 2004 13:51

The Waterfront, Nottingham

How can this pub have such a high rating with so little comment? I presume a mandatory number of votes are required before a boozer is eligable for the top 40? Anyway, I say this becuase I've been to this pub and I can't say it's all that. It's okay but that certainly doesn't merit it being in the hit parade.
Good for: Afernoon coffees - and that's not a good thing for a pub.

27 Jan 2004 14:04

The Grand Union, Westbourne Park

Got a bit of character. Young crowd but not too poncey. Not the nicest area to drink in but it will do. A bit loud but that's what you get when you ditch the carpets. The terrace was rammed when I went there and this pub is definitely a summer affair.
Good for: Sunny Summer Saturday afternoons.

27 Jan 2004 14:00

The Elgin, Ladbroke Grove

Too too much. Too Big, too loud and probably too expensive. Decor is okay but this rendered an irrelevance by the huge amount of light the mammoth windows let in.
Good for:
Late at night when it's quietr and the windows can't let in all that nasty light

27 Jan 2004 13:53

The Duke Of Wellington, Portobello Road

Last traditional pub on the strip?! You forget the Portobello Star my friend, which is far superior incidentally. This still a decent pub though and worth a visit if you are passing.
Good for: If the Portobello Star is rammed, which does happen given it's small size.

27 Jan 2004 13:50

The Walkabout, Newquay

Absolute arse and typical of a town that has become fudamentally redefined by the tourists that descend upon the place every summer. Forget the pubs and bars and head straight to the beach and sit around a camp fire.
Good for: Australian stag nights

27 Jan 2004 13:41

Pitcher & Piano, Nottingham

Not even it's location can distract from the irrefutable truth of this being another Pitcher & Piano effort.
Good for: Examing the resulting dichotomy.

27 Jan 2004 13:35

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

It's exactly because 'nothing in this world is perfect'(Phil 2/06/03) that one should award full marks to the things that come close. You would be hard pushed to find a place with such character as this anywhere in the British Isles. Still, I have only been there once so can't quite give the 10/10 treatment as it's capability was never been fully realised.
Good for: Like I said, I am not in a position to say.

27 Jan 2004 13:27

Via Bar and Restaurant, Nottingham

I've been here! It is indeed a very groovey pub, full of interesting nooks and irreverent decor. Class.
Good for: Never got the chance to find it's strength - I was just passing through.

27 Jan 2004 13:18

The Hook, Line and Sinker, Twickenham

Mighty Matt is spot on vis-a-vis the whole Twickenham drinking experience. And this is one to be avoided in particular.
Good for: Sunday maybe baby

27 Jan 2004 10:17

The Hogshead, Leicester Square

Very average really, in keeping with the general Hogshead theme.
Good for: No surprises

27 Jan 2004 10:13

The Kings Head and Dive Bar, Chinatown

Does that mean the Dive Bar is going too? This can't be!

27 Jan 2004 10:10

93 Feet East, Shoreditch

Yeah, great seating arrangments, like really comfortable. Windows too big, colours a bit garish but good music. A waste of possibility.
Good for: Not me.

23 Jan 2004 14:34

The Vibe Bar, Shoreditch

I don't know, I just don't know. Can't get my head around it but I think this place makes me sick. The whole Shoreditch thing is a bit dubious but there are some good bars. I'm just not sure this is one of them.
Good for: If you can't do Soho?

23 Jan 2004 14:07

The Bricklayers Arms, Shoreditch

Too darn popular for it's own good. The Hoxton set have moved themselves in and you can see why. Downstairs they've kept it looking pretty much like a real pub whilst upstairs it's all clean and minimal. Fair enough, top floor probably didn't exist before the Bricklayers developed into the ulta-trendy hangout it is today. Despite these gripes it's still a good pub. Just don't expect quick service in the evening, especially if you aren't dressed right. Good for: Hanging out

23 Jan 2004 13:58

The Globe, Brentford

If you are going to bother commenting on a pub at least rate it as well - then we might be able to get it in the top 40. Good pub, nice atmosphere pleasant staff. Have yet to get pissed up in here so I can only give it 7/10 for the time being. Still a good mark though.
Good for: I enjoyed watching watching the footbal results coming in on a Saturday afternoon.

20 Jan 2004 13:25

Bar R / Ride, Plymouth

That's 'sycophants' Rik, and if you think it's bad in there I presume you've never ventured further east than Bristol. What do you mean exactly? Pycophantic towards whom? Pretending to be what? And what do you mean by 'clicky'? Just becuase they play decent music and it's not full of townies doesn't make it up it's own arse.

16 Jan 2004 15:55

Boomerangs, Mutley Plain

Better than it was on initial opening when it looked half finished such was the profusion of pine paneling in there. They seemd to have darkened matters, which is good, but it is still nothing more than a superficial watering hole.
Good for: An alternative to the Mutley tavern?

16 Jan 2004 14:55

The Cider Press, Plymouth

Beware on a Saturday night. To say the place is on edge is an under-statement. In fact the Barbican as a whole should be avoided at such times. However, go there midweek or during the day and it's great. A real old rustic charmer and brilliant in the summer.
Good for: Summer

16 Jan 2004 14:02

O'Neills, Heathrow

You would actually count this as a pub?!!
Good for: getting a few down your neck before you fly

16 Jan 2004 13:59

The Hop Poles, Hammersmith

Did used to okay if a little draughty. Now gone the way of the Bull and Bush in Richmond. Could almost be an Edwards. Avoid.
Good for: Possibly during the day, I don't know.

16 Jan 2004 13:55

The Blue Anchor, Hammersmith

Very decent little boozer by the river. Great for meeting on a Summers day although prepare to be disrupted by the local rowing club going about their business
Good for: a few jars before moving on to watch Argyle lose at QPR

16 Jan 2004 13:50

The Lamb Brewery, Chiswick

Nasty place. Very strange ambience. Can't work out if it's a gay pub or not but if it is there are some alarmingly tolerant townies who drink in there. Best avoided.
Good for: playing pool during a weekday.

16 Jan 2004 13:39

The Swan Inn, Old Isleworth

Caught between the delightful view from the Wharf and the red bricked mundanity of the Castle, the Swan has decided the best way to make it's mark in Old Isleworth is to hang clowns from the ceiling. 'Models of' you understand, not real living clowns, that would be cruel. Star spangled wall paper and a miscellany of old countryside paraphernalia are thrown into the mix for good measure. But this is very much a traditional boozer you understand. Pool table, darts, football on the television and a pretty decent duke box to boot. Certainly worth a visit if you are in the area.
Good for: Sunday drinking for sure.

14 Jan 2004 13:58

The Chequers, Isleworth

Ahhh, watch that rating plummet. This place is Pikey central. Be sure to wear your finest sportswear if you go. You know the drill; Reeboks, hooded tops, Burberry scarf. They have painted the circular tables outside with St. George's crosses. Nuff said.
Good for: Actually the food isn't bad.

14 Jan 2004 13:46

The Pitcher and Piano, Soho

The best thing about it that it has a function room (quite literally a room, with sofas and a fireplace) that me and my friend once slipped into and infultrated as many photos as we could. So if you had a party here some time in the first half of 1997 and all your photos had the same two goons lurking in the background, well, that was me and my mate Mike.
Good for: Nothing much else really. It's a P&P, what do you want, blood?

14 Jan 2004 10:21

The Spread Eagle, Wandsworth

Very decent boozer. Can't go wrong with a place like this. Not exceptional in any way but perfect for some good low key boozing.
Good for: You and mate.

14 Jan 2004 10:14

The Front Room, Wandsworth

Not bad although they seem pretty keen to get you out of the door at the end ot the night. Obviously that's their perogative but it does seem to set itself up as a lively sort of place where you don't expect that sort of thing to happen. Light levels are extremely good although the decor is a bit full on.
Good for: A few final few jars before getting the train home - but drink them quick!

14 Jan 2004 10:12

The Black Horse, Hounslow

This place is weird. Weird, weird, weird. I used to like it when it was full of old men and dodgey geezers playing pool and it was dark and grimey. It's not much differant now except the decor has gone seriously down hill and it seems brighter. I do not know who decided on the paint job but they are actually insane. Again, I must add that it was about a year ago when I last visited but the place seemed to be well and truly heading for the pits.
Good for: Scoring probably (And I'm not talking ladies)

13 Jan 2004 13:57

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

Physically its got good character. The bar presides upon the clientelle like some huge alcoholic rotary. Decor is nice and traditional. Possibly a little too big for it's own good. Never been there when football's been on and I sure as hell don't intend to. Not bad overall. Toilets did flood once mind but that was a year or so ago now, so we won't hold it against them. Was pretty rank though.
Good for: meeting up with a group before moving on to Clapham Common.

13 Jan 2004 13:51

The Central Bar, Shepherds Bush

Is this the one built into a shopping mall? If it is it's possibly the worst 'pub' ever created. It's like an Odeaon Cineam vestibule with it's nasty primary coloured carpet, bright lights and faux pine furnishing. Or worse still the bar area on a P & O ferry. It is truly obscene.
Good for: Pretending your a pikey

13 Jan 2004 13:34

Ben Crouch's Tavern, Fitzrovia

You got to repsect this pub for the sheer balls of its decor. You would imagine it to be some Gothic epicentre but I guess they're all hanging out down the Fox. A pub best savoured, it's novelty could well wear off if frequented too reguarly.
Good for: Baffling a friend who has come to visit.

12 Jan 2004 13:55

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

A class act the Wheatsheaf. The low ceiling, the clumsy design and the crampt furnishings give this pub real character. I would highly recommend a visit.
Good for:Post Borough market pints - lots of.

12 Jan 2004 13:38

The Cat's Back, Wandsworth

Victorian pornography, ethnic clutter and very chilled vibes make this a cool place to drink by any account. Candle light keeps the mood sincere, so no posers please. A varied crowd adds to the feeling of exclusivity, that you are drinking in some hidden treasure that the Hoxton set have yet to invade and ruin. Fortunately its, quite literal, back water location should save it from such a plight. Fabulous.
Good for: Hatching plans

12 Jan 2004 11:26

The East Hill, Wandsworth

Not bad. A bit bright but a big open pub like this is never going to serve the purpose of your cosy winter boozer. Nice place to go in the summer when the doors are open. The TV'S are gladfully unintrusive.
Good for: Summer evenings

12 Jan 2004 11:12

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

I had always presumed this was going to be one of those old man pubs where you are made to feel unwelcome the moment you walk througn the door. Not so, in fact the opposite is true. The Scottish lady who served me was very friendly and the predominantly middle aged clientelle thought nothing of a 28 year old oik invading their ranks. The pub itself is immaculate, to an almost disconcerting degree. There was no music playing when I went there and the lights were maybe a tad too bright , but then it was a Wednesday evening. A quality find I hope to return soon.
Good for: starting off a Strand on the Green pub crawl

19 Dec 2003 13:22

The Red Cow, Richmond

Despite the suggestion of communist leanings reflected in their name and exterior motif, this pub has a diverse range of beers and a warm cosy atmosphere. When football is showing the sound tends to be overly loud and the lights could do with a dimming. That aside it's not bad.
Good for: a week night.

17 Dec 2003 16:18

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

... but do avoid on Rugby days. Depsite what Rugby aficionados might like to think, once drunk civility becomes a thing of the past.

17 Dec 2003 16:07

The Fox, Twickenham

That's the Intrepid Fox to you Sir! Great the way you have to step down into this pub. Nice traditional boozer which, like 'Chats' says, is unfortunately becoming a rarity in Twickenham these days.
Good for: taking shelter from the elements and consuming more alchohol tha you intended.

17 Dec 2003 16:03

The Famous 3 Kings (F3K), West Kensington

Great entrance, you can't dispute that, and the interior decor used to be ok until they ran riot with bright colours. Far too busy for it's own good though.
Good for: the first in a long crawl.

11 Dec 2003 15:34

O'Neills, Soho

Bloody awful just like pretty much every other O'Neills pub in existant. Carnaby street is not the best place to drink - draws an odd crowd. Should head over to Berwick Street if in the area.
Good for: Pretending to be Irish. Yeah right.

11 Dec 2003 15:22

The Shakespeare's Head, Soho

I would have said this was more Carnaby Street actually. Find it a pretty characterless affair. Tourists a problem and can't recall it being cheap. My friend got refused service though which was a laugh. He was 24 at the time.
Good for: early afternoon

11 Dec 2003 14:57

Bradleys, Fitzrovia

Why this has only managed a rating of 6.1 is beyond me. A true gem, depsite it crampt size. Great duke box with genuine 45's a la Heart in Hand in Brighton. The strong European lagers pack a punch and the decor exudes a rampant licentiousness that isn't dirty in the least.
Good far: Anytime, just get their early if you want a seat.

11 Dec 2003 14:51

The Leamington, Acton

Ignore these Philistines. Apart from the fact that there are far rougher parts of Acton (let alone London) than this, it's a pub that just oozes character. Physically it resembles a huge Dairylea slice partitioned off in the middle to form two parts. Yes there are men drinking guiness and watching the horse racing but so what. It's better than having football on constant rotation surely.
Good for: A few cheeky jars.

11 Dec 2003 14:23

The Northumberland Arms, Brentford

A bit scary and the ceiling is very low. Long time since I went there to be honest, and even then it was just the once.
Good for: Hard midgets.

11 Dec 2003 13:52

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Looks so tempting from outside but when you get in things aren't so hot. What could pass as character comes across as a little cold here. Could be the Brentford crowd who can come across as a little 'hostile' shall we say. Still, better than most pubs in the area. If they could just make it cosier, get rid of the white paint and dim the lights. The building itself has certainly got good character.
Good for: Daytime drinking, most definately.

11 Dec 2003 13:50

The White Horse, Richmond

Si is spot on. Can be okay on a Friday evening although you get the impression they are more interested in the people buying food rather than just sat there drinking.
Good for: food

11 Dec 2003 13:45

The Black Horse, Sheen

As frightening as it looks in the picture. I was intimidated into getting a Whiskey and Coke here after I got lost looking for amother pub and had to ask directions. Felt like I was in David Lynch movie. Of course this is not altogether a bad thing.
Good for: I wouldn't like to say

11 Dec 2003 13:42

The Tide End Cottage, Teddington

Far superior to the Anglers around the corner. Bit bright but aside from that quite cosy.
Good for: Sunday afternoon

11 Dec 2003 13:36

The Anglers, Teddington

Beer garden suffers in the summer from the large injection of sreaming kids that descend en masse. Serves them right for installing climbing apparatus... but I guess that's what they are after. Apparently some poncey types from some Sunday morning yoof TV programme drink there sometimes.
Good for: Teddington Studio employees and 2.4 children.

11 Dec 2003 13:35

The Moon Under Water, Hounslow

Always the same old men drinking in here. Food is cheap and not bad, if they haven't run out of what you want that is. Better than most Weatherspoons pubs though, due in no small part to the absence of the huge windows that plague many a Weatherspoons pub. I like to drink discreetly and you can here.
Good for: When you are skint

11 Dec 2003 13:25

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Jagger's manor. Great pub that I have yet to try on a winters day - potentially it's strongest hand. The view from across the road is unbeatable.
Good for: Yet to be defined but good on hot summer evenings

10 Dec 2003 14:05

The Bell and Crown, Chiswick

Average interior enhanced by good layout, comfy seeting and river proximity. Bit pricey but then it is Strand on the Green. Great sitting outside on summer evenings. Beware of men in wooly jumpers.
Good for: Good allrounder

10 Dec 2003 13:54

The Hammersmith Ram, Hammersmith

Pricey! With no just cause. But I like it becuase it's got those Hogarthian style cartoons on the wall which on reading them seem to make no sence at all.
Good for: Getting pissed with a friend, again a Sunday night be best.

5 Dec 2003 14:23

The George, Hammersmith

Not bad, alright... nice decor but sport always seems to be on when I have gone there.
Good for: Meeting fellow Argyle supporteRs after playing QPR

5 Dec 2003 14:11

The Trout, Hammersmith

Jesus Christ, what horror is this?! A pub in a shopping centre. Lives up to it's name I can tell you.
Good for: Meeting fellow Argyle fans prior to watching them play QPR. Actually Julia is right, it's not as bad as it sounds.

5 Dec 2003 14:03

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

Edwards, yuk!
Good for: watching 16 year old girls on their way to School Disco around the corner. And if that is reason enough for going then you are a very sad man indeed. Or a teenager.

5 Dec 2003 13:59

The Tabard, Turnham Green

Not tot bad although there were kids in there when I went there once on a Sunday. And I get a feeling there was little or no music but I could be wrong. Nice decor though and an interesting layout.
Good for: Sunday drinking unless there are kids there

5 Dec 2003 13:56

The Six Bells, Acton

Lovely pub with loads of character. A proper place to get really lashed. No half measure here.
Good for: weekend evening piss up.

5 Dec 2003 13:52

The Windmill, Acton

Pool area with TV and wooden floors - good. Other bit - "What you lookin at mate!" I wouldn't bother although I did have a rather pleasant time there myself.
Good for: Friday evening playing pool.

5 Dec 2003 13:51

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

Goddam awful cityboy trap. Just terrible, really bad. The sort of place a load of Essex lads might go if they had popped up to London for a mates birthday and they wanted to get him utterly comatose.
Good for: Stag nights probably.

5 Dec 2003 13:44

The Nags Head, Covent Garden

Lacks adequate seeting but other than that fine. Can't say Covent Garden is my favourite place to drink in London, especially in the evening - which was when I went there. Can't imagine it being any good in the day though.
Good for: Big groups/evening

5 Dec 2003 13:41

The Kemble's Head, Covent Garden

Not a bad little pub although can seem a little bit dead at times. Good for passing the time with a paper if you have to meet someone later maybe. Nice interior decor although the bar is rather bereft of delights if, like me, you prefer a bar to be almost over flowing with exotic concoctions.
Good for: Midweek/daytime

5 Dec 2003 13:39

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Another Samuel Smith triumph but don't hang around too long as it has a tendancy to fill up with suits. Not the politest sort of folk so expect a brief case or a trench coat in the face if you are unfortunate enough to be sat near the toilets. Also it always seems to be under staffed, and so getting served can often develop into a long drawn out affair. Hmmm... maybe not such a triumph after all.
Good for: late afternoons/early evening.

5 Dec 2003 13:34

The Glasshouse Stores, Piccadilly Circus

"Free the Bavarian Six!". So we used to say about the "men in the box" that sit on the bar at the Town Wharf in Isleworth. And so this pub continues the tradition of high quality Samuel Smith boozers. Some don't take to the lager but I like it (Prinz is lethal and the Pils packs a punch too). The pub itself is well worth a visit and I have been intending to pay another visit for a while now.
Good for: An all-rounder.

5 Dec 2003 13:26

The Old Anchor, Twickenham

Not a great pub ordinarily but my friend Jack Matts (aka DJ Naked) has put on a few bank holiday do's there that have been good.
Good for: A night time pub. Avoid in the day.

4 Dec 2003 13:55

The White Swan, Twickenham

Can't believe this pub hasn't got a higher rating. Great location right by the river, nice and out of the way too. Pulled up on my friends inflatable many a time. Great stuff.
Good for: Pure summer!

4 Dec 2003 13:52

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

The river end of Twickenham is definitely the place to go to find Twickenhams best pubs. A real treat this one with it's traditional feel and friendly atmosphere.
Good for: Daytime drinking

4 Dec 2003 13:50

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

Nothing wrong with this pub - although I would steer clear on a Rugby day. Great in the summer with it outdoor drinking area right on the river. A delight
Good for: Versatile one this. Summer nights outside or winter days inside.

4 Dec 2003 13:47

The Bear, Twickenham

Not too nauseating as All Bar Ones go - in that I didn't feel a compulsion to re-enact Jesus's tantrum in the temple. Why do they bother?
Good for: A few quiet ones at the start of the evening - at a push.

4 Dec 2003 13:45

The Three Kings, Twickenham

Definitely one of Twickenhams better efforts. Nice and dark and a nice amount genuine Rugby paraphernalia.
Good for: An impromptu midweek session

4 Dec 2003 13:41

Filthy McNasty's II, Twickenham

By day you could stumble upon this pub and be forgiven for thinking it had charm. Indeed the interior has been designed with an unorthodoxy which is rather refreshing. At night however it shows itself up for the dive it really is. There are bouncers on the door. Speaks a thousand words.
Good for: People from Hounslow who fancy a fight.

4 Dec 2003 13:36

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

Fabulous for Rugby days? The last time I was there after a Rugby game the place had been closed by the Police and the staff were mopping up broken glass. Alright otherwise - pool tables, good dukebox, seperate area for those who want a quieter drink. However, the club upstairs is like going to some family wedding reception.
Good for: Probably Friday night rather than a Saturday.

4 Dec 2003 13:27

Hogshead, Ealing

Better than most Hogsheads but still not great.
Good for: folk who like bright colours

3 Dec 2003 14:26

Jackson's Wine Bar, Northfields

... and the food is very good actually!

3 Dec 2003 14:14

Jackson's Wine Bar, Northfields

I don't like 'bars' normally but I don't mind Jacksons. In fact it gets away with murder. The landlords got a moustache but it doesn't look stupid. The floor is covered in a sort of flagstone effect but it doean't leave the place cold and echoey. The ceilings are high and the walls are lightly painted yet the place doesn't seem overtly bright. Clientelle a little.. mature shall we say, but that doesn't stop the place being a good place for a few drinks.
Good for: Quiz night is blast and the prizes are generous too.

3 Dec 2003 14:13

The Britannia, Richmond

Great little beer garden tcuked away amongst Richmonds Victorian flats. The oub itself is a bit plain but it's location down brewers lane helps to compensate.
Good for: after work drinking.

3 Dec 2003 10:19

The Barfly Club, Chalk Farm

Really good dukebox I seem to recall. Not bad if you fancy something a bit differant.
Good for: Post gig drinks

3 Dec 2003 10:15

The Pilot, Chiswick

This place is up it's own arse. Poncey art on the walls selling for highly inflated prices. The wooden floors means you can barely hear yourself speak. Good beer garden though.
Good for: Summer drinking

2 Dec 2003 13:55

The Old Pack Horse, Chiswick

Decent traditional boozer. How can people slag this off and then call the Packhorse and Talbot up the road a quality boozer? Unless, of course, they're confusing the two?
Good for: pints 5 > 6 of a piss up.

2 Dec 2003 13:52

The Packhorse and Talbot, Chiswick

Absolutely rank. Set out like a motorway service station cafe it attracts a motley crew. Just awful really.
Good for: maybe an afternoon? I haven't done much daytime drinking in the Chiswick area.

2 Dec 2003 13:48

George IV, Chiswick

I like it here. Don't ask me why, becasue it does get very busy at weekends, but it's big enough to cope. As traditional as a large and popular Fullers pub can be, and with the fairly recent additions of a comedey club and a late lisence it has established itself as one of the better Chiswick boozers.
Good for: all sorts really.

2 Dec 2003 13:46

The Crown and Anchor, Chiswick

Ant and Dec used to be seen here reguarly on a friday night, must have been around 1999/2000. Christ knows why becuase it's a a pretty dull pub. But then I went through a phase of drinking here too so it must have some sort of pull.
Good for: Hypnotism?

2 Dec 2003 13:42

The Gunnersbury, Chiswick

This fella below has done it an injustice. It's not the most welcoming of places but it does enough. In fact, the side where they have bands has a lot of potential but it seems to have been taken over by the rock nights they put on at the weekend.
Good for: Seeing the Dylan Rabbit play on a Tuesdays. Alas no more it seems.

2 Dec 2003 13:39

The City Barge, Chiswick

The pubs along the river can't go wrong really.
Good for: Hot summer nights

2 Dec 2003 13:36

Waggon and Horses, Brentford

Throroughly depressing place to drink. Big and open, it belies its traditonal pub decor. If Harvester made night clubs they would look like this.
Good for: the first pint of many at best

2 Dec 2003 13:31

O'Riordans, Brentford

A pub that seems to have escaped the Brentford malaise. An Irish pub that actiually radiates a genuine sense of Irishness. Not bad at all.
Good for: Pint's 3 to 4

2 Dec 2003 13:28

The New Inn, Brentford

Brentford's a bit too 'white' for my liking. I think that is why there are so many pubs like this. Nice enough but let down by a somewhat sinister air.
Good for: definitely not weekends

2 Dec 2003 13:21

The Griffin, Brentford

Goes against the grain as being a pub which actually seems to benefit from being brightly lit. My local for 2 pleasant years.
Good for: pre/post football match drinks.

2 Dec 2003 13:18

The Beehive, Brentford

Looks so promising form the outside, but then you enter and see it for the dive it really is:
Good for: A study in deceptive appearances

2 Dec 2003 13:10

The Weir Bar and Dining Room, Brentford

West Brentfords saving grace. Great beer garden which really should be more fully appreciated. A decent pub although it lacks atmosphere somewhat.
Good for: Going with a large group of people

2 Dec 2003 12:57

The George and Dragon, Brentford

Summer evenings and you will find the place surrounded by kids in baseball caps. I presume they think they are, what the kids call, 'being cool'.
Good for: Meeting up Monique coz her bruvva knows Darren and I he's got one of them scooters that goes 30 miles per hour but his cousins a mechanic and done sumfin to the engin what makes it go real fast. Innit.

2 Dec 2003 12:23

The Hare and Hounds, Isleworth

Nice of an afternoon but in the evening it is taken over by people who do not seem to fully understand the true nature of pub.
Good for: People on the wagon

2 Dec 2003 12:15

The Cross Lances, Hounslow

Didn't it once win an award for it's flowers and hanging baskets?
Good for: Gardeners

2 Dec 2003 11:39

The Duke Of Cambridge, Hounslow

The sort of place where two men stand on a 'stage' and play their guitars to the accompaniment of a drum machine, and what's more those gathered think nothing of it. Me and my friend used to pop in on our way to the student union for a sly JD and coke if the H37 showed signs of running late. These are the only circumstances under which this pub functions.
Good for: smash and grab style drinking.

2 Dec 2003 11:22

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

It's great entering through it's tiny door and discovering the split level effect. You can imagine that behind the scenes a building like this ofers up even more clandestine surprises. Only the stafff will know. I want to go here on a cold winters day and get pissed by the fire.
Good for: getting pissed by the aforementioned fire on a cold winters day.

1 Dec 2003 13:58

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

They don't make 'em like this anymore. Truly outstanding decor. You can't fault a place like this unless you take a disliking to the clientelle or some other unquantifiable factor. A must see.
Good for: True pub aficionados

1 Dec 2003 13:54

The Fire Station, Waterloo

Well it's novel, I'll give it that. I have always struggled to find a seat in this place but we can't punish it for it own popularity can we? Resembling a prison canteen it could do with dimming the lights a bit. That aside it is a very decent place, although I imagine the food's a bit ricey. That's pure conjecture though.
Good for: Having a drink before the last train.

1 Dec 2003 13:49

The Good Mixer, Camden

Why the hell this ever became the epicentre of indie is beyond me. But there you go. Now the Blurs, Pulps and Menswears have all moved on there's not much left to go for. If indeed there ever was.
Good for: I'll go with the girls who said 'fringes'.

28 Nov 2003 16:33

The Worlds End, Camden

Good place to meet purely becuase of it's size ( In that it's big and you can find a place to sit if you show up early?!?). I like it but can see why some people might not, if that makes any sense.
Good for: Goth spotting

28 Nov 2003 16:26

The Moon Under Water, Leicester Square

What I normally like about the Moon Under Water's in the provinces is that they are full of pissed up old men talking absolute cobblers. Unfortunately here it does not apply. Always packed and once I nearly had a funny turn here. Why anyone would want to drink this close to Leicester Square anyway is beyond me.
Good for: ?

28 Nov 2003 16:23

French House, Soho

I was going to give this place a bit of a slating becuase of their refusal to serve pints. But I have just noticed here that somebody has observed a no mobile policy and for this alone I reviewed my opinion. Not bad, if a little tight.
Good for: A swift half

28 Nov 2003 16:16

The Coach and Horses, Soho

This pub charges through the nose but it's worth it purely because you know Mr Bernard used to drink there. All sorts of people go inhabit this alcoholic nether world and I reguarly use it as a place to start a crawl around Soho.
Good for: the first pint of many

28 Nov 2003 16:11

The Pier Tavern, Isle of Dogs

Used to go here for quiz nights 4 or 5 years back when I knew people who lived around there. Watched a few England games during the 1998 world cup and the atmosphere was electric. You got the feeling the clientelle were capable of turning a bit ugly but that aside it a pretty decent pub.
Good for: midweek piss ups

28 Nov 2003 16:08

The Gipsy Moth, Greenwich

Went through a phase of really liking this pub but in retrospect it's nothing too special. Still good though. Greenwich seems to have a positive effect on all the pubs it plays host to. Nice buzz about the place.
Good for. A few Sunday jars

28 Nov 2003 16:02

The Coach, Greenwich

Situated on one of the corners in the heart of Greenwich's under cover market this boozer benefits from it's charming location. Anywhere else the this pub would be nothing but average.
Good for: Watching the world go by.

28 Nov 2003 16:00

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

When I have been here I have felt like Jack Torrence in that bit in The Shining where he is talking to the barman and all them 1930's folk are there. Bizarre...
Good for: feeling weird

28 Nov 2003 14:08

The Medicine Bar, Islington

Trendy and modern without being too poncey and up it's own arse. Retaining those rough edges was a wise choice.
Good for: just hanging out.

28 Nov 2003 13:52

The Boaters Inn, Kingston Upon Thames

Very well located and drinking outside is nice enough, but the pub itself is a joke. About as attractive as a Debenhams cafe.
Good for: being close to where I work.

28 Nov 2003 13:43

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

One of Kingstons stronger efforts. Nice and traditional, what more can you say?
Good for: Bog standard drinking with a mate

28 Nov 2003 13:39

O'Neills, Kingston Upon Thames

It's an O'Neills. Great...
Good for: Faux Irish tinkery

28 Nov 2003 13:37

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

The Hogsdead I am totally indifferant to. The Druids Head I like, simply because it's such a pointless waste of space. With a capacity of about about 3 men and a dog, it's hard to see why it was ever thought worthy of incorporating into the design. But who cares? It offers an alternative to the tedium next door.
Good for: gloating over a pint at the records you just bought at Beggars Banquet.

28 Nov 2003 13:35

Bishop Out Of Residence, Kingston Upon Thames

Good name, but that's about it. Totally devoid of any character.
Good for: Sunny days at best coz you sure as hell don't want to be sitting inside.

28 Nov 2003 13:31

Ye White Hart, Barnes

Yeah, it's allright, but there is something lacking. And I won't be eating here after reading the posts below.
Good for: Outdoor summer drinking

28 Nov 2003 10:26

The Charlie Butler, Mortlake

Done out like my Grandparents living room. Genius!
Good for: The pure surrealism of it.

28 Nov 2003 10:18

The Heart and Hand, Brighton

Any pub with original 45's from the MC5, Love, The Byrds and many many more, has got to be worth it's wait. Suberb.
Good for: Getting pissed to the sounds of the 60's

28 Nov 2003 10:16

The Milford Arms, Isleworth

I guess my original comments were too scathing to remain eh? Needless to say the degeneration of this once great pub is all down to the South African woman who took it over and proceeded to add things like her living room sofa and , I can barely bring myself to say it..., office chairs. This was one if Isleworths greatest. Now it's a shell of it's former glory.
Good for: Might just get something from the beer garden in summer. And the duke box may have a few good tunes left on it.

27 Nov 2003 16:47

The Lot, Richmond

Used to be a Firkin pub and it was losing it big time. After the much needed transformation things were looking up, that is until 'the kids' found out about it. But hey, it's one of those student yellow card places so what are you all moaning about. Just let them get on with it and go someplace else like me.
Good for: students of course.

27 Nov 2003 16:41

The Cricketers, Richmond

A weird looking girl works there who is kind of cute in an odd sort of way. I saw her with a fella though so I've knocked that one on the head. Could do with lowering the lights a bit. Not bad though.
Good for: general drunkeness

27 Nov 2003 16:37

The Duke, Richmond

Pulls what must be the most expensive pint in the whole of Richmond (The pitcher and Piano aside, but we won't go there). One of the few pubs in Richmond, outside the Edwards/O'Neills axis of evil, where I have seen it kick off. Amongst 'grown up' Rugby players too, rather than the kids that look for trouble around said 'axis of evil'. But, having said all this, it has got Love's 'Andmoreagain' on the Duke box.
Good for: watching the football whilst straining to hear the dulcit tones of Arthur Lee.

27 Nov 2003 16:34

O'Neills, Richmond

Allright if you like waiting an eternity to get served, bouncers who think they're in the mafia (but hey, don't they all) 16 year olds, hitting your head on beams, getting stared at 'funny'.. . give me a break. It's worse than Edwards across the way.
Good for: ?

27 Nov 2003 16:26

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

A friend of mine loves this pub and I can't work out why. It's all very nice but where's the character. Mind you, he reckons I go for pubs that smell of piss and old men so maybe you should listen to him instead.
Good for: People who like to go for a bit of nice food and a small drink. Lovely.

27 Nov 2003 16:23

The Bridge Inn, Isleworth

It's alright.
Good for: watching football?

27 Nov 2003 15:24

Jack Stamp's Beer House, Chiswick

Pubs like this are weird. Who decided that this was a good location for a pub? Was it a concept? Did it figure in the original brief or was it added on later? For those of you confused study the picture closely. This is no mere 1980's folly. This pub is actually part of a block of flats. This happens more than you would think. It's not always flats, it can be a shopping precinct too. The result is always the same. A lifeless physical manifestation of pure depression.
Good for: Alcoholics

27 Nov 2003 14:42

Heroes, Plymouth

The fact that this monstrosity is even being refered to as a 'pub' is a tragedy of biblical proportion. They have TV screens installed into the urinals. That's actually IN the urinals, so you could piss against them. What was showing? A view of the girls toilet.
Good for: Retards

27 Nov 2003 14:04

The Cornerhouse, Plymouth

We have really got to come up with a name for pubs of this style. The pub that probably popped up in the ealry 80's, with a total disregard for aesthetic sensibility. They're mostly shit (Jack Stamps, The Unity) but occasionally succeed despite their ugly facade (The Endurance). This falls in with the former. Balls.
Good for: Janners, Janners and more Janners.

27 Nov 2003 13:57

The Unity, Plymouth

Used to be okay for a brief period in the early 90's when it still had a duke box. See Jack Stamps and the Endurance for ethos guide.
Good for: Aspiring hard nuts

27 Nov 2003 13:53

The Roundabout, Plymouth

I'm getting too old for shit like this. It's a glorified youth club - ie: it's a student bar. I can say this because I was once a student but I never felt the need to go drinking in some student only hangout. We made our own entertainament we did. Off to the Cricketers on Richmond Green on a Tuesday night for pound a pint with the locals. Fought in the war for you lot we did....
Good for: The modern (read: upper middle-class) student.

27 Nov 2003 13:51

Goodbody's, Mutley Plain

See below. Great idea, if a little gimmicky. Students love it not surprisingly. I have found the beer to be of a consistently poor standard mind. The ultr-violet lighting is somewhat off putting too. Maybe I've just grown out of this place. Architecturely though, it's a diamond.
Good for: Students

27 Nov 2003 13:45

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Beryl Cooks favourite battle cruiser - that's gotta count for something. A truly old school boozer.
Good for: Bearded fisherman

27 Nov 2003 13:40

The Kings Head and Dive Bar, Chinatown

Forget upstairs - it's the Dive Bar where it's at. Saturday night and there's this middle aged guy who plays his jazz/funk/ska collection. In the alcoves the ceiling drips with sweat. Save for an over enthusiastic doorman this place is as near as goddam perfect.
Good for: The tunes man!

27 Nov 2003 10:31

The Bath House, Soho

Nelle Dean of Soho 'Light'. More of the same, only not as good, if you know what I mean.
Good for: If the Nelle Dean is rammed

27 Nov 2003 10:15

The Pitcher and Piano, Richmond

Poor lager ( ie: Stellar), poor decor, hardly anywhere to sit. A place for the Richmond 'elan' who think the place could fit in with the environs of Hoxton.
Good for: Men who change the hair in keeping with David Beckhams latest effort.

26 Nov 2003 16:04

Henry's Cafe Bar, Richmond

Not a pub really is it? More a cafe by day and a bar by night. Subtle but significant differances. And as the latter it's shite - unless you are over 40 and still consider Goerge Micheal to be cool.
Good for: Men who wear their 'pullovers' over their shoulders.

26 Nov 2003 16:02

The Old Ship, Richmond

This pub should be great but it lacks something. Can't put my finger on it. I like the lay-out, the design, the low ceiling... It's okay really.
Good for: mid-week pints of an evening

26 Nov 2003 16:00

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