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The Whitehorse, Brixton

been going here for years and it does the fri/sat night thing admirably. staff are always good, drink prices fair and mostly it was (last visit 6mths ago) free to get in. But why go to this place with it's faux trendy crowd, increasingly looking like clapham over flow not the cool boho ish Brixton of old.. Go to Mango Landin for the real Brixton beal.

28 Oct 2008 16:14

The Hootananny, Brixton

mostly full of scummers, drug dealing still rife here and not a friendly gaff BUT in its defense it's always been like this and they hold some amazing last minute secret gigs...

28 Oct 2008 16:09

Plan B Bar, Brixton

terrible gaff. when i was eventually served, the bar staff were too busy having fun there seemed to be a genuine piss take of me and the money i wanted to spend. I ordered a beer done straight away and a virgin mary. this took ages as the staff kept chatting and having fun, sorry for spending me money. anyhow eventually i get a plain tommy juice, i asked for ice, a slice, salt, pepper, tobasco, etc it took 2 minutes to get half of this coz i kid you not my charmless barmaid starting eating?!?! i i then said look are you too busy to serve me? she flew off the handle so i demanded to see the manager who proptly said if i caused trouble i woulb be barred. HELL HOLE

28 Oct 2008 16:00

The Effra Hall Tavern, Brixton

Just awesome. A Brixton landmark that is a bastion of multicultural ideals. Great music most nights. Additionally on my missus b'day a mate emntioned this to the jazz band who then played a jazz happy b'day. Tip top

24 Oct 2008 16:50

The Dogstar, Brixton

this place lates the f'ing p1ss. sorry for the bad lingo but i am a long term brixtonian and it is nothing but shoddy to have toilets this terrible for so long, i would talk about drinks normally when reviewing but they are over priced and undercared for, lastly they used to do good mexican, now, no.

24 Oct 2008 16:43

The Arbiter, Fulham

over hyped, over priced, overly recommended by a mate, we went, we had food, a drink and left. i know this part of town has a few henrys and their whinying chums but this place took the biscuit. i admit thou that food was sound but i had a dirty glass... grim when you only notice as you finish it

24 Oct 2008 16:36

The Rake, London Bridge

This place is great. Just tried a scouse ale that was delicious, tasted of haelnuts and coffee, don't know how it was so good. Staff were helpful, let me taste before buying at their suggestion, not something i've had before. Me and the crew had their sandwiches and were well satisfied by their offerings. Small yet full of character, this is a gaff i send outta towners to. BTW the car park it's next to is awesome for playing pissed cricket in until your are rightly told to 'behave'.

24 Oct 2008 16:20

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