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Comments by the_thirsty_moth

The Commercial, Herne Hill

A handy location what with it being opp the station and all BUT the last few times I visited the pints I had were bordering on the undrinkable. So I tend to head round the corner to the Half Moon and drink well served Pride instead.

20 Aug 2009 11:17

The Bell, Cannon Street

Be warned; I was here on a Tuesday and it closed at 10pm.

6 Jun 2008 15:58

The Goldsmiths, Penge

One of the first times I was drinking here, I noticed it had suddenly turned very quiet. Looking around I saw that everyone in the pub, and I do mean EVERYONE, was standing up, fist on heart whilst the Irish national anthem boomed out on the big screen coverage of a Gaelic football match. If that's faux Irish I'm not sure what the real deal would look like.
They sell decent Youngs ordinary at 1.80 a pint (no other real ales) and the live music on a Saturday/Sunday is usually a great laugh as some of the punters get up to dance. If you like real pubs, cheap beer and people watching then I can highly recommend this pub. If you prefer gastropubs and get nervous in close proximity to the working class I'd steer clear...

14 Sep 2007 08:38

The Moon and Stars, Penge

The staff need a rocket, or similar, up their collective arses. The service is beyond slow. Apart from that it's your bog standard Wetherspoons.

25 Jul 2007 12:57

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

The only down-side is that it can get flooded with BRAYING city workers standing behind your shoulder and shouting the dull details of their worthless lives into your unprepared ear. The only escape is to dull your senses with the well kept Special in this traditional old boozer. It's also within stumbling distance of London Bridge station. So I can be home within 20 minutes of leaving and so could YOU if you lived next door to me.

30 Jan 2007 11:54

The Barley Mow, Westminster

I popped in here on Sunday and thought the pub had a certain charm. It was packed with British legion types, what with it being remembrance Sunday, and someone on the old Joanna bashing out the tunes. The pint of T.E.A. I had was well kept too...

13 Nov 2006 11:07

The Royal Albert, Crystal Palace

Even though this isn't my local I still regularly get a bus up the hill to sink a few pints of London Pride in the Albert. Bernie, the landlord, runs an old fashioned boozer with carpet on the floor and trinkets and vases on every available shelf. It may not appear to be anything special but even a miserable, sit in the corner with a paper, git like me feels part of a community everytime I drink here. The only pub I drink in in the CP environs, just don't mention THE CLOSURE OF MORRISONS!

17 May 2006 13:40

The Moon and Stars, Penge

It's a Wetherspoons, so the experience should be unrelentingly grim but they occasionally have some not bad ale, there are pleasant little cubby holes to hide in and the local history posters on the walls make you think of Penge as a bastion of gypsy queens and canal builders rather than a bum hole of a town stocked full of ghastly fat tracksuits shoving burgers down their pie hole. So not as bad as other Penge pubs but only really worth drinking in if you've just been shopping in the Sainsbury's next door.

6 Feb 2006 12:47

The Railway Tavern, Lower Sydenham

Posters have gone up in the window declaring the pub will re-opening soon under new management.

6 Feb 2006 12:28

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