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Comments by the_surrey_beer_nomad

The Shakespeare, Richmond

Shame !

6 May 2011 15:57

The Ship Inn, Rye

Sutton 1 has this place spot on. We stopped for lunch and were not impressed. Bar woman a bit sharp for my liking and when my Girlfriend sat on a reserved table you would have thought the Pope was due in for a bite, going by here reaction. Eventually we found a seat that was not reserved for Gandhi or Mother Teresa. Ordered the mussels and crab from the very limited menu and then proceeded to wait half the day. On a culinary level I wish we were still waiting. Mussels were gritty and cold and as Sutton 1 has said crab was small and accompanying toast cold. We left when finished and were waiting for Bar Woman to ask if meals were OK (She didn't, They know don't they ! ) She still looked like she wanted a tip. In summary...We won't be back and god luck if you do

9 May 2010 11:00

The Railway, Kew Gardens

Do like this pub but:
Believe refit is the best thing. They have a truly remarkable ability to produce smells from the basement/toilet/kitchen that would have a slaughter house cleaner more stunned than the animals they butcher. Have informed the Guinness book of records but apparently they were narrowly piped to the post of "Most nauseous gas in a public area" award by the Bhopal disaster.
Look forward to grand opening.

19 Apr 2007 17:25

Shaftesbury Arms, Richmond

Great venue for watching rugby with the lads or having a quiet one with the missus.Good beers.We've only been in a few times and young girl behind the bar remembers what we drink. Please don't change ever.

13 Mar 2007 09:47

The Rose and Crown, Kew

Must agree with previous comments. Took my mother and father in law for late sunday lunch (6.30). Food is reasonable if over priced but service is a problem. Waited almost an hour for meals. Nice in summer when garden is open.

13 Mar 2007 09:40

The Duke of York, Richmond

Wonderful just what richmond needs an other bloody restaurant. Can't these people leave us drinkers to enjoy these old quirky pubs!!!!

2 Mar 2007 07:19

The Lot, Richmond

Popped in here for a quick pint while girlfriend shopping. If you remember the banana splits, champion the wonder horse or Tiswas you are about 30 years too old for this place. Beer average but cheaper than most in richmond.

2 Mar 2007 07:15

The Brewery Tap, Brentford

A real pub with no frills,good beer and great pub grub. Well done to landlord and staff. More pubs like this needed.

2 Mar 2007 07:07

The Gunnersbury, Chiswick

Not sure what previous reviewers want !.I visited with friends for live music on a saturday night. yes decor is a bit rough round the edged but informed by staff that fit out is due.Larger was comming up well and the staff were friendly enough.will return for music in near future.

2 Mar 2007 07:03

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

Informed of pub by a friend.Did not disapoint, very good beer and pleasant helpfull staff who knew enough about there beer to advise us what to drink.Tried several ales all pulled well and drank well.(Normaly a dyed in the wool larger lout I can't wait for next visit.)

2 Mar 2007 06:56

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