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Old Thatched House, Shirley

Closed down for good

25 Sep 2010 13:35

Bright Water Inn, Southampton

The 3 reviews on the 7th June are nonsense, I can only assume these were posted by the management. This is one of the worst pubs in Southampton. If you have your benefit to spend then come here. This place is full of council estate chavs and unpleasant lowlife. Just don't bother, there are plenty of real pubs in Shirley.

17 Jan 2010 21:58

Linden Tree, Lowford, Bursledon

Ok, now i've moved into the area and use this pub 3 or 4 times a week. This is probably one of my favourite pubs, it has excellent Wadworth beers, great landlord and lady, friendly locals, open fire, occasional party/music nights. They do big portion food wed - sunday at lunchtimes followed by a meat draw. They now hold a gunniess world record for playing darts for 40 straight hours and as of today have raised 15000 for Naomi house. This pub is located in a lovely area and don't seem to suffer from having all day drinkers in, you know the ones, arrive at 1pm and become a pain in the arse by mid-evening. I can't recommed this pub enough. I now give it a big 9/10, if they did still cider I would have given it a 10/10, it,s a proper country local.

25 Oct 2009 18:38

The Park Inn, Southampton

Good locals pub with 6 real ales on tap. A Wadworths pub, 6X, IPA, Horizon, Bishops Tipple and 2 guest beers. Friendly with darts and a sunday evening quiz. Opens all day, check it out, I give it 8/10.

14 Jul 2009 23:05

The Rover, Southampton

Closed, at last.

21 Jun 2009 17:46

The Grapes, Southampton

This pub has now reopened

5 Jun 2009 11:39

The Bridge, Southampton

Not a bad pub, seems to be about the cheapest in the area, food cheap but you do get what you pay for. Shows sports and a good place to have a pint before going to the football.

5 Jun 2009 11:34

The Shield and Daggar, Southampton

Sheild and Dagger is what you need if drinking in this pub, enough said.

5 Jun 2009 11:29

The Winning Post, Southampton

This pub is now closed

28 May 2009 10:54

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

Now I love this pub, I have been going here for over 20 years and remember it as a 2 bar pub and have seen it change a lot over the years. The location is 2nd to none, however some might find the steps a bit much, You can sit at the front a look over the river Hamble and watch the boats go up and down the river. The food, a little expensive is good, the staff are mostly friendly and the furniture comfy. My only complaint would be its Badger beer and not always looked after that well and the Peroni costs 3.90 a pint. All that said it's worth a visit, just stay away from the lager. I give it a 7/10.

10 May 2009 18:26

The Forest Inn, Ashurst

Dropped in here the other evening, had a great pint of ringwood best, a lovely meal and all in front of an open fire. Staff all very freindly. I should think on the weekends this place could get very busy.

9 Mar 2009 18:17

Yates, Southampton

Had to meet a freind in here on a saturday night before moving on. Was met by the police having a fight with a couple of customers, I then had to step over the vomit in the doorway only to navigate my way through the singing chavs and charming drunken ladies. The staff I have to say were polite and served me quickly, probably out of fear that they might get beaten to death if they didnt keep serving the animals, no sign of any managers, they must have been hiding in the store cupboard. I took a seat at the back and watched a half hour clip of carry on chav scum in real time. Unless your brave and dont mind avoiding punches and glares, vomit, drunk girls with their skirts tucked into their knickers and sticky surfaces, go elsewhere.

28 Feb 2009 07:54

Watership Down, Freefolk Priors

When Mark was the landlord this was an excellent traditional pub with good real ale and some banter. The new people? Where do they get them from, dont you have to have a clue to run a pub anymore or do people think that turning everything into eating houses is the way to go? They should change it's name to Watershit Down Inn. On a good note they are leaving so maybe the brewery, or should I say Punch, might find someone who knows what their doing.

18 Feb 2009 16:49

The Station Hotel, Netley

This pub has been closed for a while now, doesnt look like its gonna open again,

11 Feb 2009 19:52

The King and Queen, Hamble

Popped in for a drink not so long ago, nice atmosphere with freindly staff. Top pint of ringwood best. Understand they do food here but didnt try it. They also have a laundry downstairs. Worth dropping in.

8 Feb 2009 12:00

The Rover, Southampton

Tried this pub again after giving it the benefit of the doubt. Real ale awful and pub full of chavs and people stood outside smoking and spitting. Avoid like the plague.

8 Feb 2009 11:56

Linden Tree, Lowford, Bursledon

First time visit here, nice clean pub, including the gents. Well priced beers with Wadworth handpulls, IPA, 6X & JCB in good condition. Blazing log fire at one end with freindly locals. Didnt seem to be any food on offer and no sign of the landlord and/or landlady, strange for a friday night (might be on holiday of corse). One odd thing was the 2 drug warning signs, didnt seem that sort of pub, maybe they have sorted the problem out. Well worth a visit. I give it 7/10

8 Feb 2009 11:52

The Five Bells, Nether Wallop

Wadworths have finally given up on this pub and the freehold is up for sale, but at 450000 it's a lot of cash unless you think you can talk the council into change of use. Another pub bites the dust.

5 Feb 2009 14:09

The Wellington Arms, Southampton

Dropped in here for a quick pint last night, the first time for about 6 months and glad I did. they had 10 real ales on, I had the Hobgoblin, excellent. Only wish I lived a little closer. This must now be THE real ale house in southampton, followed by the south western and the guide dog.

22 Dec 2008 08:23

The Rover, Southampton

Opened recently, has a good range of local ales and rotating guest ales, wish the landlord wouldnt swear so much as my wife wont go in now which restricts my visits. With a different landlord this could be a great pub.

12 Nov 2008 16:25

The Waterloo Arms, Freemantle

I agree with RJDM, this pub has lost its way, earlier on in the year a young couple had it who really did well, Hopback couldnt keep them and now we are on our second set of managers who are just out of their depth. Hopback, What have you done?

12 Nov 2008 16:18

The Waterloo Arms, Freemantle

Taken over by a new couple at the end of March this year and what a difference, fantastic beer, full hopback range with ringwood thumper and guest beers. Food is very good as well. Friendly staff, check it out.

27 May 2008 18:52

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