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The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Ridiculously expensive.

Just been charged £4.25 for a Heineken! The very similar Carlsberg is £1.99 in the Spoons I have just left. Gobsmacked how much the Heineken is as I tried to choose the cheapest lager (Carling is off today)

Lovely building and great view of the park and cathedral, but far too expensive!!

1 Sep 2013 16:12

The Duke, Leamington Spa

Best place in Leam to watch the footy, as they have several large screens, including an enormous (80"?) one at the far end.

The £2 cider is pretty nice as well.

Young crowd/bar staff - one of my favourites in Leam.

26 Nov 2012 16:19

Ko Ko's bar-restaurant-club-roof terrace, Leamington Spa

Closed. It's been completely refurbished and is now an upmarket (over 25s) bar/restaurant called Altoria. Much nicer than the old Kokos, though the beer is very expensive (£4.50!)

26 Nov 2012 16:18

The Shakespeare, Manchester

Awful. I walked in and the horrible smell of 'gents urinal' is overpowering. I made a special trip based on reviews on the net.

It's terrible - empty, smelly, unfriendly woman served me a cider. Couple of Phil Mitchell lookalikes at the bar. Quite warm tho, but the blokes' was as bad as it smelled.

Can't rate this pub as the smell of piss permeates throughout the pub. Urgh..

19 Nov 2012 20:37

Coventry Arms, Leamington Spa

I drive past this loads and it always looked a bit of a local dive.

In here now as I needed a per when walking back from Warwick. My instincts are correct. I was welcomed by 2 fag-ash Lil types on either side of the small entrance door. One cackled "its not open haha". Classy.

Inside its quite well decorated and seems clean, though the gents is the typical white tile and single cubicle affair that smells.

21 Aug 2012 21:25

The White Horse, Leamington Spa

Sigh! Yet again I get into an argument with one of the bar staff about underfilling my pint by 10%. She just kept prattling on about how the law allows her to underfill it by 5% - it might do, but the code of practice says that if someone asks for it to be topped up then it should be done with good grace. Other staff are great - it's just *her*.

I was on a first date and it was slightly embarrassing to get into an argument with that enormously fat barmaid with the blank stare and zero personality. Please Mark, get rid of her..

22 Apr 2012 01:20

The Clarendon, Leamington Spa

Now renamed The Three Graces but same decor and clientele (avg age 44 hence the old name! I am close to that age anyway so suits me

7 May 2010 19:12

Bacchus, Birmingham

Watch out for the illegal Erdingers! I have just got back home from a big argument with the bar staff. Half of the Erdinger glasses are European and have 0.5l marked, instead of 1pint. Today, I insisted on a pint, but the barmaid quoted the old 'its on the line so its ok' which is fair enough, but the line in question is illegal as it's not a pint but a 0.5l.

The head barman said it was out of his hands, 'the brewery tells us' to use them - and it's the luck of the draw as to whether you get a pint or a 0.5l glass.

I'm 100% certain they can't charge 3.95 for a pint of Erdinger - when it's a 0.5l.

27 Dec 2009 20:38

The Loose Box, Leamington Spa

The food has gone downhill - it used to be pretty good for food. We got some burgers (7) the other day and they were the worst value I've seen in Leam. It seems like they used frozen ones, there was no relish or anything else in the burger apart from a few bayleaves, and about 8 chips. Rubbish.

6 Jul 2009 13:40

The Willoughby, Leamington Spa

It's had a complete makeover, similar to the White Horse (which is the best pub in Leam since its makeover imho). Now known as "Bohemia at the Willoughby" - all unusual chairs and expensive German weissbiers on tap. Miles better than it used to be, though I've only been once since the makeover on an afternoon so haven't had a chance to check it out on an evening.

17 May 2009 20:51

La Tasca, Leamington Spa

Closed. Used to be a Yates's until a year or so ago, revamped as a La Tasca but now boarded up.

16 Feb 2009 00:27

Yates's, Leamington Spa

CLOSED! Now La Tasca restaurant.

9 Feb 2008 18:46

The Voodoo Bar, Leamington Spa

Just been to the new Voodoo - never going again! went for a quiet drink on fri evening after work and yes its bigger and has better selection of beers. But we were sitting outside, the place was mostly empty and a bouncer came to us accusing us of smoking 'something' - didnt make us feel welcome at all (we werent by the way). Not nice as he was extremely aggressive. avoid

25 May 2007 20:51

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