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The Bishop, East Dulwich

"a light supper with my wife and friends." COSOVEREIGN90's comments tell you everything you need to know about the people who go in here. you don't know a good babysitter do you?

4 Jul 2007 09:54

The Uplands Bar and Brasserie, East Dulwich

Paid my first visit here in almost a year and was amazed at how badly it has gone downhill. At 7pm yesterday, there was no ale (real or otherwise), no Guinness and no cider on. (Kroney was the only draught available!!!)The reason all the ales were off is that none of the staff knew how to change the barrel!!

10 Apr 2007 15:08

The Morgan Arms, Mile End

Paid my first visit here in almost a year and was amazed at how badly it has gone downhill.

19 Mar 2007 11:08

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

All the bar maids are chubby but sexy.

16 Mar 2007 13:14

Lowlander, Covent Garden

Nice boozer. Been using this one loads recently.... partially due to the vision of Brazilian beauty that works behind the bar. Fit as the proverbial butchers dog.

16 Mar 2007 12:52

The Gentleman Jim, Alton

a flat roofer

16 Mar 2007 12:46

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Yep, good one. The cat is called Tom Paine, by the way.
NB - Boss_Hogg, don't try nicking this one for your local Rat and Parrot. It won't work unless they have a cat called Tom Paine. And they don't.

25 Oct 2006 14:15

The Harp, Covent Garden

The thinking man's Coal Hole.

3 Oct 2006 07:53

Gordon's Wine Bar, Charing Cross

Apparently David Blaine's next stunt is going to be an attempt to get a seat here. Decent wine though in fairness.

18 Jul 2006 05:39

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

the hand is still there

17 Jul 2006 09:10

The Black Boy, Winchester

hahaha! marvellous ineptitude from boss hogg there. this is a decent boozer with all your favourite local brews. probably my favourite in town. recommended.

17 Jul 2006 08:56

Bitz and Pizza Sportz, Bluewater

``shall we go out tonight, dear''
``yes, that would be nice.
``where do you fancy?''
``shall we go boozing in a shopping mall?''
no one has a right to complain about this place; it's a pub in a fvcking shopping mall for fvcks sake. if you're stupid enough go here in the first place you're only getting what you deserve.

17 Jul 2006 08:47

The Worlds End, Camden

yeah its alright here. i'm straight, but didn't feel at all intimidated by the gay scene here. good selection of well kept ales.

13 Jul 2006 11:01

The Griffin, Carlisle

cavernous, workaday sorta boozer this. i rather rated it for its lack of pretention.

11 Jul 2006 08:53

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

I like this place. It has a nice vibe. Granted, its not one for the die-hard beer drinker (limited selection to put it mildly).

7 Jul 2006 11:56

The Griffin, Shoreditch

Shoreditch is the new Notting Hill. sad but true, folks.

Oh, this place is complete pony by the way.

7 Jul 2006 11:42

The Trafalgar Arms, Tooting

Full of grubby little men in Mr Buyrite suits and Next shirt an tie combos drinking wife-beater.

3 Jul 2006 11:28

Deacons, City Of London

Worst pub in the City, bar none. I would rather drink in the P&P on Bishopgate than in here. And believe me, that is saying something.

3 Jul 2006 10:59

The Ladbroke Arms, Notting Hill

Love this place. Never had a bad night in here. Always full of feisty fillies too.

3 Jul 2006 10:52

The Market Porter, Borough

yeah i rate this one. prefer being outside than inside, though. is it me or does anyone else find stonch's stream of consciousness critique entirely irrelevant?

30 Jun 2006 09:30

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

i'm from london and i'd like to say i think this a charming little pub. proof that you don't have to be in the capital to get a good pint.

30 Jun 2006 09:16

The Kings Head, Islington

yeah this place is wicked. Give me real beer and real people any day....... vive la kings head!

30 Jun 2006 08:10

The Britannia, Monument

this is an elaborate joke played on innocent tourists, isn't it boss hog?

28 Jun 2006 10:29

The Duke of York, Clerkenwell

yeah decent in here. widescreen - why, why, why?

23 Jun 2006 05:39

Waxy's Little Sister, Piccadilly Circus

yep, it's got a lift for the drinks. not a bad gimmick, though not as good as the bogs at the london stone on cannon street. named after a terence trent d'arby tune.

19 Jun 2006 10:56

The Printers Devil, Holborn

Still a tip. Keeping it real...

14 Jun 2006 11:58

The White Swan, Holborn

Preferred it when it was still a dump. Whatever happened to Mike the landlord?

14 Jun 2006 11:56

The Melton Mowbray, Holborn

Roomy but rammo. Always.

14 Jun 2006 11:55

The Arbitrager, Bank

Excellent service downstairs. Mostly because it's usually because its deserted. Also provides a furniture storage service.

14 Jun 2006 11:48

The Hoop and Grapes, City Of London

this is the kind of boozer you'd travel for. suffice to say on a bright sunny lunchtime it was dark and deserted. this is talking my kinda language.

14 Jun 2006 11:26

The Crown and Greyhound, Dulwich

perfectly legit criticism, tomario old pal. i'm saying i rate this boozer but the staff have a bit of an attitude problem and the food ain't all that you might expect it to be. and for the record i don't live in dulwich.

12 Jun 2006 11:18

The Phoenix, Denmark Hill

not bad this one. perfect location. the non-smoking section takes up far too much room though. tomario -how many times are you gonna review this one, pal?

12 Jun 2006 11:16

The White Horse, Alton

the 'orse has finally been given that much needed makeover. the style is probably best described as being from the ``if its broken don't fix it'' school of thought. madeover and yet exactly the same as before. this pub is a tip.

8 Jun 2006 12:06

The Tottenham, Soho guys kill me. This boozer is wrong in every way: 1. it's always rammo. 2. its at the most congested part of a famously congested (and hideous) street. 3. its filled with the worst type of tourist who comes into ``zee tradeetional eeengleesh pob'' for a pint of ``zee reel english beer''. two pints of carling premier, please landlord. for fvcks sake.

8 Jun 2006 11:47

The Rising Sun, Tottenham Court Road

sucks the soul of you this boozer.....ii dunno why i keep doing it to myself

8 Jun 2006 11:42

The Crown and Greyhound, Dulwich

a sizeable and mainly decent boozer this, but answer me this: why do the staff, who are doing us all a favour by just being there apparently, insist on giving service only along a 30-inch stretch of the bar? cocks. barbecues in the summer, though my mate rumbles said they didn't compare favourably with the barbies he's used to in germany. salads were disappointing too.

5 Jun 2006 12:11

The Green Dragon, Liphook

I'd like to apologise for that last tasteless comment. George, if you're reading this, i'm sorry you're dead.

18 May 2006 12:16

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

oh yes, marvellous thai food, jose...lets get down the churchill...
actually the food is alright, but i've absolutely no idea why this gaff is supposed to be famous for it.
the boozer part of this place is ok, though it does smell of food. ew!

18 May 2006 12:11

Churchill Arms, Alderholt

you what?!? have you ever actually been in this tip?

18 May 2006 12:08

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

mike reid goes in here in that guy ritchie film about pikeys. not seen him in here in real life, though. decent.

22 Mar 2006 09:39

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

whatever greases your pole, baby! not for me, though. bit like boozing in a medieval dungeon.

21 Mar 2006 14:02

Ye Grapes, Mayfair

oi, rude swedish geezer from last january -- don't queue barge me at the bar, pal.

21 Mar 2006 13:59

Sketch, Mayfair

I saw victoria silvstedt in here. news flash: she's very fit in the flesh

17 Jan 2006 14:11

The Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

Magic!......this place goes straight to the top of the class

17 Jan 2006 13:51

The Cedars, Binsted

The local for Rick Parfitt from Status Quo

11 Jan 2006 13:10

The Bridge Bar, London Bridge Station

I've pulled in this gaff.

16 Dec 2005 16:26

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

Good location; sh1t pub. Anodyne.

7 Dec 2005 14:40

The Dog and Fox, Wimbledon Village

Won the pub quiz in here once. the locals were seething.

15 Nov 2005 16:27

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Whack on a fat face fleece/rugby, turn up the collars and get down here to join the party. remember to bray loudly.

15 Nov 2005 16:23

The Sun Inn, Barnes

Back in the days when i used to still enjoy going to the pub with other people i had many a good evening here. saw sally from home and away in here once.

15 Nov 2005 16:19

The Falcon, Queens Park

tertrible dive. you'll be kissing the tarmac when you come out of this place.

14 Nov 2005 08:31

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

this is the a-bomb in the wetherspoons arsenal.....cavernous, soulless tip......if this boozer was a supermarket it would be aldi or lidl. a disgrace.

11 Nov 2005 07:07

The Bricklayers Arms, Shoreditch

uh oh......known locally as the nathan barley. twinned with the sun and 13 cantons in soho. filled with mullet-haired pricks.

10 Nov 2005 16:00

The Green Dragon, Liphook

george best goes in here. at least, when he's not in hospital.

9 Nov 2005 14:00

The Bag O' Nails, Victoria

the pub bernie taupin and elton john got drunk in? i beg to differ. this, in fact, is only the pub where george michael and andrew ridgely decided to Wham! the rest is history...

9 Nov 2005 13:54

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

in terms of positioning you couldn't ask for more from this boozer. picture the scene: the GF wants to ``do something'' at the weekend. yep, you've been stitched up with a visit to the Tate. But here lies this little oasis you can duck out to whenever you need to. also good when you've ``earned yourself a pint'' after an office-based weekend morning and speed-marching round the gallery.

9 Nov 2005 13:07

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

fair play to red_oktbr. mind you in my defense i did say ``not many people know this.'' i didn't say that's because it's not true.

8 Nov 2005 16:18

The Counting House, Bank

yeah fair enough it looks alright but its a bit like drinking in a draughty barn......oh what an atmosphere, i love a.....

31 Oct 2005 11:30

Deacon Brodies, Edinburgh

Rammed with hen parties.

31 Oct 2005 08:53

The Canny Man's, Morningside

excellent boozer. mind you its the kinda place you get stared at by the middle-aged clientele if you light up a burn.

31 Oct 2005 08:49

The Prophet, Moorgate

rammed with braying suits on a friday

25 Oct 2005 14:25

The Manchester and County, Manchester

everyone's down here.....and eveything else.

25 Oct 2005 14:11

The Blind Beggar, Whitechapel

Not many people know this but this is the pub where the Kray twins knocked off Jack ``the hat'' McVitie. Good boozer.

21 Oct 2005 09:38

Bread and Roses, Clapham

a workers pub, eh? oh, well viva la revolucion!....utter nonsense....people in here are as middle class as they come....``yes, of course we have a highchair for little tarquin'' ferociously mediocre food. bad beer. toilets done by lawrence llewelyn-bowen.

21 Oct 2005 09:33

The Doric Arch, Euston

do you sport a beard? are you a member of CAMRA? yes, this is the place for you. a marvellous selection of real ales. a roaring fire too. this is the place for those cold winter afternoons. situated in a tower block next to euston station.

11 Oct 2005 08:09

Mr Thomas' Chop House, Manchester

yeah nige knows his onions... this boozer was brilliant about 10 years ago. almost always virtually empty. most of the space is now taken up by the restaurant nonsense. preferred it as it was.

11 Oct 2005 07:57

The Cove, Covent Garden

good idea this, a cornish themed pub. must admit i've toyed with the idea myself a bit....ditched it eventually and went for the herefordshire theme. if you're in covent garden anytime soon maybe come and check out my rutland-style boozer.

16 Sep 2005 13:34

Red Lion, Darlington

Nice looking bird in here with fantastic legs.

13 Sep 2005 07:43

The Hogshead, Leicester Square

a practical joke played on unwitting tourists

5 Sep 2005 10:38

The Old Ale Emporium, Harringay

come all you unicyclists and jugglers! put it like this -- they have a sign in there, saying ``beware, mad bar staff!'` crazy.

31 Aug 2005 16:38

The Shakespeare, Victoria

if there were a national trust committee for london sh1tholes, not only would this place be grade I listed, it'd be a must see on any tour of the capital.

31 Aug 2005 16:36

The Toucan, Soho

``oh, look at us, we're a really tiny pub and we sell guinness.'' get over yourselves.

31 Aug 2005 16:33

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

oh yeah, now you're talking....take the little lady'll feel like rocco forte

26 Aug 2005 12:17

The Slug and Lettuce, Borough

smug and lettuce

26 Aug 2005 11:12

The Cow, Westbourne Green

do you like boozing with pretentious c0cks? well, this is your lucky day...

23 Aug 2005 10:29

The East Dulwich Tavern (EDT), Dulwich

i was going to write a constructive review of this boozer but even thinking about the gaff has left me with an overwhelming feeling of lethargy...

23 Aug 2005 10:25

The Brewers Inn, Wandsworth

now, i know this will come as a surprise given the character and personality of the wandsworth area as a whole, but guess what? yep, it's soulless. at least though all the Bobsters prefer to congregate in the alma or that travesty known as Boom on st. johns hill.

23 Aug 2005 07:44

Gordon Bennett, Tooting Broadway

gotta hand it to samor. this really is one vile cesspit. never mind being threatened in there for wearing a suit -- i've been threatened for wearing a shirt. a no-go if you're wearing slip-on shoes.

23 Aug 2005 07:40

The Spotted Dog, Willesden Green

jesus, who's idea was this?!?! in a former life this boozer had a flat roof and lived on a council estate.

23 Aug 2005 07:34

The Railway Hotel, Alton

the last refuge of the banned.

23 Aug 2005 07:29

The Corrib Rest, Queens Park

you know that barmaid.....she went to oxford brookes university

17 Aug 2005 05:17

The Hatchet, Mansion House

no one from work will ever find you in here. ideal

15 Aug 2005 12:31

The Wey Bridge, Alton

woah! woah! woah! what is this?!?!? i grew up in alton....thought it had reached the pits already but this baby is lower than low....think alton terries and then square it....`ello mush....loadsa toughies and horrendous slags....christ, i'd forgotten how ugly everyone in alton is.

1 Jun 2005 15:31

The Eight Bells, Alton

yeah mostly decent this....did a yard of ale here on my 18th birthday; chucked it all back up of course....but that was in the days when john and pat ran the its run by the wimpey looking bloke who tried to throw me out for swearing too much when i was actually leaving anyway! big man.

1 Jun 2005 15:29

The Swan, Bank

open 24 hours a day, baby, count 'em.....proof that there is a god

1 Jun 2005 15:23

The Market Inn, Salisbury

agree with j...shabby looking. decent

12 Apr 2005 08:42

Ox Row, Salisbury

yeah, not bad...wach ou for the comedian who props up the bar though

12 Apr 2005 08:40

The Kings Head, Salisbury

doesn't look bad from the outside does it? don't be fooled....a cavernous hovel

12 Apr 2005 08:39

The Mash Bar, Oxford Circus

crap, and the decor is looking increasingly tatty...still you got to rate 'em for selling that filthy homebrew to soho arseholes

12 Apr 2005 08:32

The Marquis of Granby, Fitzrovia

a good one in an area that's effectively a desert if you're looking for somewhere that isn't a jumped-up soho w@nkparlour

7 Apr 2005 16:35

The Prince George, Hackney

brilliant. wicked juke box too

7 Apr 2005 16:13

The Slug and Lettuce, Farnham

look at the roof on that! soulless.

7 Apr 2005 16:06

The William Cobbett, Farnham

yeah, not bad....lot of heavy metal on the juke box, but, hey, what's wrong with that. pool room upstairs is an ideal place to have a violent confrontation with some aldershot pikeys.

7 Apr 2005 16:05

The Market Hotel, Alton

i've spent a fortune in here over the years. terrible place. despicable clientele. seen a few good punch-ups though.

7 Apr 2005 15:59

The Barley Mow, Alton


7 Apr 2005 15:58

The Haunch of Venison, Salisbury

ostensibly safe in here, however there's little room and i once got ambushed by a local pikey.

7 Apr 2005 15:57

The Kings Head, Barbican

saw phill tuffnell in here once

7 Apr 2005 15:53

The Alma Tavern, Wandsworth Town

good pub spoiled by the local rugby-shirted bobsters and their pony-tailed girlfriends. sorry, but oakley sunglasses are just lame.

6 Apr 2005 16:18

The Sun, Clapham

rammed with bobsters

6 Apr 2005 16:16

The Alexandra, Clapham

one of the best boozers on the southern branch of the northern line...not too many c0cks....usually a seat at the bar and the juke box has got ``some justice'' by urban shakedown and mickey finn

6 Apr 2005 15:50

SW4, Clapham

a wolf in sheep's clothing....don't be a mug and get sucked in by the makeover....this is still the goose and granite, just in disguise. actually, talking about disguises, i was so disguised in here once i was just about incognito. well moody bar staff.

6 Apr 2005 15:46

Bonapartes, Waterloo

great place...perfect location for a first date.

6 Apr 2005 10:04

The Golden Fleece, Bank

too packed. always. sh1t lager.

6 Apr 2005 10:02

The Green Man, Bank

an absolute atrocity. offensive to every notion of civilisation...that said it's dark and the vino is cheap. and its got loadsa fruities for kieran.

6 Apr 2005 10:00

Millers, Caledonian Road

absolutely horrendous

5 Apr 2005 16:54

The Stage Door, Victoria

hands up who likes sh1tholes? yep, me too. appalling stuff this -- felt right at home.

5 Apr 2005 15:30

The Master Gunner, Moorgate

yeah, decent, this one. shane's mate off richard and judy runs this place...had very good liver here once. i'll give it a 10.

5 Apr 2005 13:45

The York, Islington

rated this boozer for some time, but yesterday nearly brought the fvcker down to a 1..... sh1t service. i'm giving you a three, york. buck your ideas up.

3 Apr 2005 16:08

The Raynes Park Tavern, Raynes Park

gimme a D! gimme a U! gimme an M! gimme a P! what's that spell?!? yep, we got ourselves a 24 carat sh1thole here. terrible place. no kronenbourg last night, murderous punters. absolutely appaling clientele: mostly tramps and hobos. love it.

1 Apr 2005 10:03

All Bar One, Leicester Square

one word: crap

1 Apr 2005 08:36

The Springbok, Covent Garden

just say no, no! just say no!

1 Apr 2005 08:31

The Coal Hole, Strand

nice little mid-town dump this. spent many a happy hour here. good for when you forgot the balaclava and you need one to steady you before you get on the tube back home.

31 Mar 2005 15:43

De Hems, Soho

i rate this baby. sadly i always seem to go there when there is a dutch royal wedding on. still, that means you get loads of fit dutch birds. a solid pub for solid boozing.

31 Mar 2005 15:40

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

yeah, come on we've all done it haven't we? and is there anyone who didn't regret agreeing to meet someone in this iniquitously popular sh1tpit? it's hideous. the balcony in the summer is like a form of french foreign legion torture; the downstairs is best described as a dungeon.

31 Mar 2005 15:23

The Old Coffee House, Soho

good, solid boozer. also an excellent sniping point when you feel like slotting a few tw@ts at the sun and 13.

31 Mar 2005 15:07

The Sun and 13 Cantons, Soho

jesus...where to start on this sh1tsack? nothing wrong with the gaff per se, but my god the people... it's rammed with the most vile, self-regarding soho c0cks. you know the sort -- the kind of people that would be much improved with death.

31 Mar 2005 15:05

The Litten Tree, Old Street

like all litten tree pubs, this is a poor man's weatherspoons.

31 Mar 2005 13:47

The Regent, Balham

yeah this one's bad...a sort cross between a weatherspoons and all bar one. utterly soulless. and for the record, i reckon this one is more ``massive'' than the city pub. i'd rather drink in an aircraft hangar.

31 Mar 2005 12:15

The Moon Under Water, Balham

absolutely despicable place...went there once to escape the GF....never again. seen police meatwagons turn up there in the middle of a weekday afternoon to arrest punters for fighting

31 Mar 2005 12:12

Corney and Barrow, Broadgate

doesn't serve pints. rubbish.

31 Mar 2005 12:09

The Sea Horse, Mansion House

terrible sh1thole, this one...only good thing i can say about it is that it breaks up the journey when i have to walk to waterloo cos those tw@ts on the tube are striking again. otherwise, avoid.

31 Mar 2005 12:04

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

a good one, this...great place to go solo - a professional's boozer...lovely set of optics

31 Mar 2005 10:25

O'Neills, Moorgate

bad news, this one. just about bearable downstairs, but its always rammed with lower management types. absolutely hideous upstairs on a friday lunchtime.

31 Mar 2005 09:28

The Windmill, Moorgate

solid boozer, this one. great for when you just wanna go solo. plus no one from my work would be seen dead in here, which makes it a safehouse. also does food if that's what w anks your crank.

30 Mar 2005 16:24

The Grove Tavern, South Wimbledon

now i'm actually a fan of this boozer, but it's not without its risks. picture the scene: bad day at work, i wanna go out for a cheeky couple.....i rock in and what do you know....they got bungee jumping in the car park. this is bringing me down, but not only that, as soon as i get a pint this geezer asks me to check out his conker. that's not a euphemism.....add to that the time there was a geezer sat in there on a sunny summer's day singing ``satisfaction'' at the top of his voice. Golf Papa Tango, we salute you.

30 Mar 2005 14:42

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

this place is an oasis. slap-bang in the middle of town, it's ideal for that pint you need after a gruelling tube journey into town. plenty of fruities. nice dark corridor to hang around in and quietly shake.

30 Mar 2005 09:52

The Iron Duke, Victoria station

This baby rocks. Just what you need to drag you up from a 1 to as much as a 3.5.

30 Mar 2005 09:35

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