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Finley's, Enfield Wash

An Irish bar with actual genuine Irish customers and a great, I believe the word is 'craic'. So at 11pm on St Patrick's ight, what's the worst thing that can happen that doesn't involve death or injury?
The Guinness runs out!
It was all going so well til that pint, I mean point.......

18 Mar 2010 17:56

The Moon and Cross, Waltham Cross

Really like this pub, have been there about a dozen times. Slight issue with the fact that they do a Sunday roast menu but if you visit after 3 that day, one option or other will prob be sold out. But it's a 'spoons, not one that does live sport either, and does exactly what it says on the tin. Gets the odd a-hole but mostly older folk like me.

14 Mar 2010 20:05

The Endurance, Soho

Visited on a Saturday afternoon recently. Very dark for some reason, but the bar staff were decent. Odd old selection on the jukebox which was played at The-Who-Live-At Leeds volume - not for the faint hearted. No major complaints though, other than I wished they had a telly.

14 Mar 2010 19:59

The Bricklayers Arms, Tottenham

I visited the pub at the end of a matchday, about six hours after the final whistle. It was dingy, dark, damp and cold, and on top of this the floor was sticky. The guvnor was cheery but the other staff were either surly or scary or a combination of the two (scurly, maybe?). The walls are festooned with old football programmes and other clubs' scarves, but this didn't make up for thefact that plastic glasses were still being used well after the game had ended and most fans had left. Even this, on top of all the above, would be forgivable if a pint didn't cost 3. THREE QUID FOR A PINT IN ONE OF THE ROUGHEST PARTS OF LONDON. I'd just about understand it in the West End! The place stinks, in every respect. Avoid

14 Mar 2010 19:55

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