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The Catherine Wheel, Henley-On-Thames

Stayed at this establishment during the rewind festival, apart from being an average spoons, there is not that much else to add. Nice beer garden during the summer, but not the best I have seen. This is made up by it being so close to the river, which I enjoy making regular trips down. Shall return during the next festival and may even venture out during the boats, but again, not much else to say rather than average spoons. Same customers, same drinks, just slightly more expensive.

23 Jan 2012 23:57

The Cross Keys, Henley

Lovely place to enjoy a fine pint of ale. Will visit much sooner than many places around my home of Berkshire. Keep up the good work, look forward to seeing in summer, after my visit in late winter. Ta for now.

23 Jan 2012 23:55

The Abbey, Liverpool

Like stated below, wetherspoon feel to it but with a much younger clientele. However, good pint of ale here, and long list of wines, all a fella really wants on a voyage to the north. Will revisit on my travels. Ta

23 Jan 2012 23:53

The Bacchus, Newcastle

Much agreement to the fact of not many recognised ale in this pub, however, enjoyable atmosphere and folk a-like. Shall revisit on my next visit up to something more north than Watford.

23 Jan 2012 23:52

The Newcastle Arms, Newcastle

Welcoming pub, even to a souther-softie like myself. Keith was a loveable chap and so was the brunette who worked behind the bar. Shall return on my next adventure for better booze up-north. Ta for now.

23 Jan 2012 23:50

The College Arms, Reading

Was once an enjoyable pint, now turned into a circus full of un-wanted and under-aged drinkers, better luck next time.

23 Jan 2012 23:49

The Bugle, Reading

Like mentioned in the comment below, The Bugle shall never replace my once favourited Jolly Porter, but the selection of ale and rugby day atmosphere is easing the blow slightly.

23 Jan 2012 23:48

The Butler, Reading

The Butler, another one of my frequently visited pubs on my outings in Reading, almost a haven from many of the other scoundrels in this town. Looking forward to more of the band nights on.

23 Jan 2012 23:47

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

What to say about the Blagrave? Nothing, apart from outstanding to have it back on my ale-trail around Reading and Berkshire alike. Shame about the dodgy 20 note I was handed back in my change the other week, though. Friendly management and top pint of ale from varied selection.

23 Jan 2012 23:46

The Bel and the Dragon, Reading

Superb establishment, with some of the friendliest staff in Reading, although, such as shame to see one of the graceful blonde ladies leave over the past month, will be sorely missed.

23 Jan 2012 23:44

Bar Copa, Reading

Once a fine establishment, like its near-by competitor, but has now gone downhill since the employment of rude, un-educated staff and management. Shall not be returning here until some work is done on the lack of customer service skills.

23 Jan 2012 23:43

The Allied Arms, Reading

The best ale drinking establishment in Reading, nothing to fault or bad to say. Perfect service and selection. Bravo.

23 Jan 2012 23:42

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