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The Union Inn, Wakefield

now closed and boarded up

21 Feb 2012 20:04

The Raven, Wakefield

now shut, see Wakefield Express of today......

3 Feb 2012 18:50

The Clothiers Arms, Wakefield

yet another pub which is no a level building site now.....

15 Oct 2011 21:34

The Golden Ball, Appleby-in-Westmorland

comfortable, dog friendly, nice beer and relaxing.....

17 May 2011 23:31

The Spread Eagle, Wragby

went past tonight 02/09/2010 and it looked like it was being converted into houses.....

2 Sep 2010 23:12

The Strafford Arms, Wakefield

now shut......

18 Sep 2009 22:44

The Sun Inn, Retford

is Mrs Warren the landlady??

8 Jul 2009 00:06

The Cock Inn, Alverthorpe

now shut

24 Jun 2009 20:16

The Commercial, Ossett

boarded up now.....another smoking ban casualty?

13 Dec 2008 23:27

The Shore Hotel, Gansey

went yesterday was impressed

18 Oct 2008 22:43

The Colby Glen Hotel, Colby


19 Jul 2008 20:09

The Blue Light, Alverthorpe

sadly Paul will not call in again ...poor chap.........

30 Sep 2007 22:42

The Crown Hotel, Ossett

all shut up now, will be pulled down I feel to develop something or other.......sad innit...

12 Jun 2007 23:31

The Seacote Hotel, St Bees

we must have gone to the wrong bit, it was grubby and expensive.

20 Mar 2007 18:12

The Colby Glen Hotel, Colby

would seem I was wrong, it is going from strengh upwards,...DC still loves it.....

7 Aug 2006 21:47

Sir Douglas Haig, Effingham

First class, food OK (wife complained about the cheese in the baked spud, but she complains about everything) beer good but dear, being from Yorkshire and used to paying a pound a pint less, if I was in the area again would book them, enjoyed the stay....and the passing out parade at Pirbright..

15 Jul 2006 22:47

The Bird in Hand, Mayford

saw it yesterday, prior to that saw it in 1951, been to the air show at Farnbourough, the day before the DH 110 broke up, has altered for the worse...(area not pub) was bustling..change I suppose..
the lady at the garden centre who gave us directions to Mayford Green was lovely..

15 Jul 2006 22:30

The Colby Glen Hotel, Colby

could b wrong....

8 Apr 2006 22:06

The Feathers, Helmsley

called in today and had a meal, was very disappointed, my wife only eats turkey/chicken, the turkey she had was 'processed' I had lamb chop? never seen meat like it... which was all fat and gristle....and it cost 16. We wrapped most of it and took it home for our resident fox.
wish I had registered my disappointment to the friendly staff.
A place to avoid for us, and we made a special day out to the place my father was born.

9 Feb 2006 20:54

The Colby Glen Hotel, Colby

First class establishment........second to none at the moment....will be turned into a fun pub and then shut down within 3 years.....sad this space.....

6 Sep 2005 21:39

Wisemans Bridge Inn, Saundersfoot

Great pub, good beers and first class food.
Nice walks on the beach, tide permitting.

14 May 2005 15:38

The Shoulder of Mutton Inn, Kirby Hill

We found this on their website and it sounded ok especially with the current offer available so we tried it.
The three days we spent there exceeded our expectations, the food is second to none, if you wish to go anywhere and dine through the day do NOT have a full breakfast or you will have no room to put any more food, be warned.
The welcome and hospitality from Toni and Mike, the warm clean rooms, have to be experienced to be believed.
Attractions locally are all interesting, check on a map.
We went to Beamish and that was superb too.
No we are not related!!

4 Feb 2005 17:43

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