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The Royal Oak, Tolworth

Having visited the Royal Oak more often in 2017, I felt I should offer another review as it''s clearly changed a lot since some of the other reviewers visited (some time ago).

This is now a very well run (if a little pricey) pub. Always at least 4 ales on - all of which are well kept - and plenty of cider and lager, craft beer choice. It''s got a nice smart interior, but is still obviously a pub and the garden area is a nice place to drink in the summer. Food is good too.

As mentioned above, it''s probably a little too expensive - although it almost seems normal now based on other places - but it''s certainly worth a visit if you''re local or in the area as it''s much better than many of the reviews suggest.

5 Sep 2017 15:49

The Maypole, Surbiton

A clean and tidy, traditional pub. Only a couple of ales on, but lots of lager choice. Not sure re wine. 3 screens for sport and generally a friendly unpretentious atmosphere.

5 Sep 2017 15:13

The Victoria, Surbiton

Quite similar to the Flyer and the Duke of York really. A good enough pub, with a consistent pint whenever I've been there. Nothing to complain about and certainly nothing to stop you going again, but also very little to make you desperately keen to get back for another visit. The recent refurb 'including burger shack' smacks of a place trying far too hard to be something it isn't.

9 Feb 2017 14:36

Duke of York, Surbiton

Quite similar to the Flyer and the Victoria really. A good enough pub, with a consistent pint whenever I've been there. Nothing to complain about and certainly nothing to stop you going again, but also very little to make you desperately keen to get back for another visit.

9 Feb 2017 14:35

The Surbiton Flyer, Surbiton

The Flyer is fine, but certainly not as good as it thinks it is. As others have said, it's expensive, but that seems to be the standard for Surbiton now. Certainly not a bad place, but hardly groundbreaking either.

9 Feb 2017 14:33

The Royal Oak, Tolworth

very nice place.

21 Oct 2016 00:18

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Expensive, but a nice pub. Clean, friendly and i've always found the beer to be decent.

26 Aug 2015 18:03

The Canbury Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Been coming here for food on an infrequent basis for a few years. Visited on Sunday and it seemed to have gone downhill. Didn't try any beer, but the service was second rate and the food wasn't worth the money. We were given a discount to cover the poor service (meals forgotten etc...) but can't say we're likely to go back on this showing.

26 Aug 2015 18:01

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

A top pub in a city of top pubs.

20 Oct 2014 14:46

Sportsman, Huddersfield

Interesting interior and a good range of ales and lagers to choose from. Well worth a visit, although on a busy pre-match Saturday lunchtime/afternoon, they did run out of session ales at times. Everything I tried was very good though. For someone from the north now living in the south, it's still a pleasure to get a proper ale that takes time to settle and then still has a thick head on it.

20 Oct 2014 14:45

The Harp, Covent Garden

Nice little place, with a big choice of well kept ales. Very snug (to say the least) and not for you if you like to be able to move around with ease. But the bar staff were on top of things.

20 May 2013 15:32

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

Nice place this. Good choice of ales. Only stayed for one - a Theakstons 4 and 2 (I think) - but it was very good. The decor of retro beer & cigar adverts was enjoyably quirky too.

Well worth a visit if you're in the area.

14 May 2013 15:14

The Evening Star, Brighton

Popped in for a quick pint last saturday. It's certainly one for the ale lovers rather than one for those looking for high end surroundings, but from an ale perspective it was impressive.

26 Apr 2013 16:58

The Captains Cabin, Piccadilly

Surprised to see that its got a relatively low rating. It's not the greatest pub in the world, but it certainly isn't a bad one. Decent selection of ales. Plenty of room. Food is adequate, but priced accordingly.

I'd be surprised if anyone left here feeling deeply pissed off by the service or general atmosphere. Considering where it is, it's a pretty decent pub I'd say.

19 Apr 2013 16:29

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

Didn't visit the mini festival, but in general I've always found the beer selection in the Kings Tun (another Spoons in nearby Kingston) to be superior to the Coronation Hall. Presume it's the 'landlord's' doing.

It's an impressive building, but the prices aren't worth staying around for more than a couple of drinks.

27 Mar 2013 17:33

The Antelope, Surbiton

Certainly not the worst place I've been to and for the area it's one of the few 'proper' pubs. Nice choice of ales, comfortable, friendly and relaxed.

27 Mar 2013 17:28

The White Horse and Bower, Westminster

Found this place to be quite nice on a Tuesday evening. Seemed to be just busy enough without feeling packed and the service was attentive and decent. Been to better Shepherd Neame pubs, but I have to say i like the fact that they try and stay traditional.

I'd certainly pop in again if I was in the area. Nothing not to like and probably a better choice than the Barley Mow a few doors down.

13 Mar 2013 16:42

The Barley Mow, Westminster

Pretty good selection of ales were on last night - about 5 in total, everyone I tasted was in decent nick.

It's not the most exciting of pubs, probably suffers from being pretty big and roomy. Made it a bit souless for me. But the service was solid and there was certainly nothing bad about the place.

13 Mar 2013 16:39

Red Bar and Lounge, Dorking

Chanced upon this place yesterday while meeting a mate in Dorking.

Only ate as I was driving, but was impressed by them having 3 ales on, although I can't say how they tasted.

Ate there instead and it was pretty decent I'd say. Odd location, but worth coming off the high street for in my opinion.

31 Dec 2012 10:04

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

Only been in the Ram a few times, but must admit that the reviews surprise me a little. I've found a clean, reasonable place with a decent choice of ales to choose from. The prices are not much different to anywhere else in the area and the barstaff I encountered were polite and friendly.

Wouldn't say it was the greatest pub in the world, but it's certainly not awful.

15 Oct 2012 16:46

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

This is not the worst spoons in the world and usually has a good range of ales to choose from, generally well kept. It's probably your best bet for a decent pint around Kingston town centre I'd say.

5 Sep 2012 14:55

The Adelaide, Teddington

Had Sunday lunch here yesterday and it was certainly a very pleasant experience. Good beer, good service and good, well priced food all taking place in a traditional pub environment.

Exactly what a pub should be and well worth a visit.

23 Jul 2012 13:35

The Ferryboat Inn, Thorganby

Visited this place on Saturday evening for a couple of pints. What a treat it is. Very welcoming. Brilliantly old fashioned (in a positive way) and some very nice beers.
The locals are extremely lucky to live nearby and the garden view leading down to the river was spot on.
Excellent place and well worth making the effort to get to it.

16 Jul 2012 16:15

The Duke of York, Marylebone

Please note that at present this pub neither serves food or has Sky TV.

This doesn't stop it being a reasonable place, I should say, just don't go there thinking you'll have some grub & watch the football.

1 May 2012 15:15

The Brewery Tap, Wimbledon Village

Sad to hear that this is being changed. This was one of the few real pubs left in the Village that didn't involve a walk across the common.

Won't it be great when everything is all the same.

9 Nov 2011 18:06

The Constitution, Pimlico

Spent Tuesday evening in this place and was impressed.

I had 3 different beers -- all were well kept and prices were what I'd expect.

Service was friendly and quick and it was generally a nice place to drink.

8 Sep 2011 17:20

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

I think the Waggon has a nice balance. It's a traditional pub, but also manages to feel modern.

When I've been in there - I live locally - the atmoshere is friendly without being loud.

A good place for a chat and a couple of decent (if a little pricey) pints. And a good place for mixed ages too.

Its definitely improved by showing some football, despite not being a 'football pub'.

8 Nov 2010 16:28

The Nelson Arms, South Wimbledon/Colliers Wood

I've been a regular in the Nelson since it was re-fitted in 2006 and its a welcoming, comfortable pub, with a decent atmosphere. The food is good and there's plenty of drinks to choose from.

Its probably not an ale drinkers pub, although the hobgoblin is good, but if you like a friendly, fun place to eat and drink then you'll enjoy it.

27 Dec 2008 22:54

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