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The Question, Forest Hill

Recently changed its name to the The Hill. Still exactly the same people inside from what I can make out by the spelling mistakes on the hand-written promotional posters sellotaped to the windows.
A very strange place indeed.

30 Aug 2013 16:53

The Dartmouth Arms, Forest Hill

NIce cozy boozer at the front. Rather stale looking restaurant out back.

Its main faults lack of bar staff serving - expect a line of weary punters standing at the bar wondering where any staff are.
Food on a Sunday has now twice been very poor. Food being sent back from more than one table. Not what you expect for a traditional roast.

Realised it is best for a couple of evening drinks then moving on to somewhere else.

30 Aug 2013 16:40

The Dulwich Woodhouse, Sydenham

Very nice staff, Very nice garden. Very nice food, Very overpriced. drinks.
3 out of 4 aint bad.

30 Aug 2013 16:34

The Honor Oak, Honor Oak

No pleasantries from the young lady who served me.
Very sorry to have bothered them and want be returning.

After this experience, hopefully the location of this pub, on the Sth. Circ and an unwelcoming neighbourhood will be its undoing.

15 Mar 2013 14:15

The Camden Eye, Camden

Generally considered the worst boozer in Camden.

25 Feb 2013 22:13

Question Bar, Forest Hill

A bizarre venue, nearly always completely empty.

Cheap, tacky photocopied posters cover the entire frontage offering various deals on food and drinks.
How it stays open lord only knows especially in this improving 'soon to be cool' area.

25 Feb 2013 22:11

The Bird in Hand, Forest Hill

Dis one roughouse biznizz.

3 different lagers ordered seemingly all tasted remarkably the same.

25 Feb 2013 16:55

The Earl of March, Lavant

...... 5.00 for a pint of San Miguel.

23 Jul 2012 14:29

The Dolphin, Sydenham

Potentially very nice
Lacklustre service makes it worth not returning too.

23 Jul 2012 14:27

The Swimmer at The Grafton Arms, Holloway

Ghastly locals, Ghastly prices & ghastly staff.

26 Apr 2012 16:43

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

Nice pub, good thai food.
Tough to get served over the locals sitting around the bar in the early evening though (guess they have been there all day) and when you are sometimes the female staff have been a bit snooty.

22 Jan 2010 13:31

Winchester Pub Hotel, Highgate

Great pub. Nice staff.
Food isn't as good as it used to be but can happily sit here with friends all day.

21 Jan 2010 16:38

The London Fields, Hackney

Awful bar stuff. How can you have attitude, you are working in a crappy pub..!?
How its still going lord only knows, lots of people in Hackney must like crappy beer and rude service.

21 Jan 2010 16:34

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