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The Hung, Drawn and Quartered, Tower Hill

Seems to be open......

16 Oct 2006 12:59

Toko, Bournemouth

Surely the lager was meant to be cold......

17 Aug 2006 11:12

The Lion, Teddington

The clues are all there...'Beer in the Evening' not Food in the Evening . Lets try and keep the reviews aimed at the correct websites . God pub , good beer , enough said .

10 Aug 2006 10:59

The Lion, Teddington

At the end of the day its a pub - drinking and smoking are the priority , to eat go to a bloody restaurant !! Good pub though with good beer......

9 Aug 2006 14:21

The Watermans Arms, Richmond

Too right !!!!

8 Aug 2006 16:09

The Hole In The Wall, Richmond

Another of Richmonds real pubs bites the dust - whats the point in another gastro pub with the dreadful Marlborough just around the corner ????

7 Aug 2006 11:19

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

Re Australian Monkeynuts (crazy name fella-so cool) - said it was a great boozer in its time - probably 25 years ago !! Lets try and stick to the subject - St Margarets Tavern - wishing the new landlord all the best !!

3 Aug 2006 07:15

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

It is Hell - a blight on Richmond riverbank , only upside is you can get locked in with a high tide .

1 Aug 2006 10:29

The Australian, Sloane Square

Closed ?? What a shame - a legendary boozer in its time........

31 Jul 2006 15:11

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

Why do people , who obviously don't use the place , always stay as Mr Anon ???? A very good boozer and we all hope the new landlord can return it to its former glories .

31 Jul 2006 08:40

The Inn At Kew, Kew

So Mr Anon , tell me a pub in Kew where I can get a real cider......thought not. Try actually reviewing the pub/venue rather than sniping at what people drink .

20 Jul 2006 11:25

The Fest - Octoberfest Pub, Fulham

Very confused - in there over the weekend - not a bad place , but a German theme bar full of Aussies...was the Slag and Matress closed ????

20 Jul 2006 09:41

The Shakespeare, Richmond

Trouble is mate , this pub is truly shite and always has been - Youngs really should pull it down . I should know , its the nearest pub to where I live ,unfortunately !!!! No sane person should still be there at 8.00pm on a Sunday...........

20 Jul 2006 09:23

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

Pub review or chatline noticeboard ????? Its a good pub with good beer - enough said !

20 Jul 2006 09:11

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Yes but you like the Pitcher and Piano therefore any opinion you have is to be ignored.......not a bad pub though , Magners on draught in the summer is always a result !!!

18 Jul 2006 11:28

The Coach and Horses, Kew

Wandering around on your own again Algis ?? This is a fine Youngs pub serving very decent beer with some very loyal locals . Not sure your did go on a Saturday afternoon either........with the present weather it would seem a very strange place to wander into - get some freinds .

18 Jul 2006 11:06

The Railway, Kew Gardens

This is a man who rated the cesspit that is Edwards as 'average' ! His comments on beer soaked depresionados ( Spanish word for holes in the ground ! ) and chav garden party seem a wee bit hypocritical for someone rating Edwards that highly . Algis , looking at your reviews I suggest prowling this site seems to be your speciallity which brings me to the conclusion you don't have a 'favourite local '(no one puts up with you long enough ? )

As said before , this pub is by no means perfect , but for some of us it is local and we like it , so go and find yourself a local and see if you can make some friends .

18 Jul 2006 10:51

The Britannia, Monument

An absolute dump , City chavs only !! The only thing interesting about this place is the variation of puke stains outside on a Monday morning - filth !!!

18 Jul 2006 08:10

The Dog and Pheasant, Brook

Totally agree , one of the most picturesque settings you could wish for . No better place to sup a pint while watching the cricket .

12 Jul 2006 14:29

The Railway, Kew Gardens

Slacker - thought you'd back me up !!! This pubs always been a bit rough round the edges , but is so much better than most of these reviews suggest . Unless its changed hugely during my month of exile !!!

11 Jul 2006 12:15

The Railway, Kew Gardens

Slacker mate , think we ought to start defending the place !!! Allowed back in now - see you soon !!

11 Jul 2006 08:19

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Watched game here on Saturday - excellent atmosphere and service . One point - when did women become so interested in football ?? Trying to get you to switch over to Match of the Day from Miss Marple in mid November is a virtual impossibility !! Stop taking up our space !!!

3 Jul 2006 08:37

The London Regalia, London Bridge

Great bbq lunches , gets packed but cracking place to spend an afternoon when it empties out . Venue makes up for the beer quality , actually the Guiness is not bad at all...

30 Jun 2006 11:11

Orange Tree, Richmond

Went in very early on Saturday to watch the rugby and ended up staying for most of the day . Great atmosphere , excellent banter and above all fantastic service - top marks all round !!!!

19 Jun 2006 07:32

Raintree, Thames Ditton

Is Mr Anonymous the landlord....I wonder ??? Chavtastic !

16 Jun 2006 08:50

Callaghan's Irish Bar, Piccadilly

The only difference is that it doesn't travel very well......

9 Jun 2006 08:42

The Coach and Horses, Kew

New Landlord started last weekend - anyone been in yet ???

8 Jun 2006 09:01

Shaftesbury Arms, Richmond

Totally agree with chazzles - great little pub just off the Richmond Chav drag - please keep it quiet !!!!

1 Jun 2006 07:35

The Gunnersbury, Chiswick

One side of this place is a music venue , the other side is a rather good pub - wonder which one you were in........doh !!!

31 May 2006 16:16

The Coach and Horses, Kew

Another good Youngs pub - very pleased the individual below doesn't like it.......

26 May 2006 12:13

The White Cross, Richmond

A really excellent Youngs pub . Very pleased the individual below doesn't like it !

26 May 2006 11:01

The Guinea, Mayfair

He's not South African......

17 May 2006 10:39

The Blue Anchor, Richmond

Have to agree , not one of my favourites in Richmond , but a hell of a shame to lose another one of Richmonds REAL pubs . Used to pop in here pre rugby , when Mollys got too hectic , and always got a fine pint of Guiness . Another one bites the dust.......

9 May 2006 14:15

The Railway, Kew Gardens

Sleeper barred again !!!

13 Feb 2006 12:11

The Gunnersbury, Chiswick

Watched the rugby here on Saturday - superb screen and excellent atmosphere - thoroughly recommended !

7 Feb 2006 11:45

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Had the bad luck to eat here the other night - totally overpriced mediocre food served with an arrogance that would suggest a Michelin star !!There seems to be an attitude from some of the staff that this place is something special - seeing as it is neither now a pub or a decent restaurant this is quite surprising .Give us back our pub...even if it was a tip !!!

6 Feb 2006 09:35

The Railway, Kew Gardens

The drunk sleeper is back !!!!!

23 Jan 2006 12:06

The Ship, Mortlake

Had Sunday roast there yesterday and it was excellent . Had the beef which was nice and rare as it should be with plenty of roasties and veg .Place was very busy all afternoon so quite a few people must agree with me . Oh and the Guiness was coming up pretty fine too !!!

16 Jan 2006 12:09

The Railway, Kew Gardens

Shame about the sleeper being barred - added some much needed character !! Totally agree about the children , place would be better off without them.....

12 Jan 2006 08:32

The Cross Keys, Hammersmith

Excellent little pub off the beaten track . Has a nice local feel to it without being unfriendly....

12 Dec 2005 15:37

The Black Lion, Hammersmith

An excellent boozer - has so far avoided the usual crappy refurb . Well worth a visit in order to avoid The Old Ship .

12 Dec 2005 15:35

The Old Ship, Hammersmith

Another nice boozer ruined by a very shoddy makeover - now looks like an airport canteen .Walk up to the Dove and avoid this place if you can.....

12 Dec 2005 15:33

The Dove Inn, Hammersmith

Just an excellent little pub - gets rammed because of this !!!

12 Dec 2005 15:30

The Marlborough, Richmond

Great location , but another pub ruined by a characterless refurb . Foods not bad , but can't have your after dinner smoke !!!!!

15 Nov 2005 10:32

No.1 Kew Road, Richmond

Better than what for Gods sake ??? A blight on the town......where do the people come from ?

15 Nov 2005 10:30

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Had a great lunch here yesterday . If you can get a window seat its one of the great views in the UK . Ended up staying all day - really lovely pub !!!

14 Nov 2005 10:18

Orange Tree, Richmond

Oh my God ! They have made it even worse than the last refurb ! May as well merge the place with Edwards.......

14 Nov 2005 10:13

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

Had an excellent Sunday roast here - gravy tasted fine.Maybe the chef just gobbed in yours due to your attitude......

24 Oct 2005 11:23

The Angel and Crown, Richmond

Excellent little pub off the beaten track , bit pricey but has to be the best place to watch sport in Richmond .

24 Oct 2005 11:06

The Ship, Mortlake

Excellent pub - great location,good food,good service and good beer . Need I say more.........

3 Aug 2005 08:25

The Inn At Kew, Kew

Very strange place now its settled down from its re-opening . Really wants to be a restaurant,but unfortunately the food isn't as good as they think it is.The emphasis on food tends to make the service at the bar very slow.Strangely they seem determined to bar anyone who lives within 2 miles of the place so it should be pretty deserted come the winter.......

5 Jul 2005 14:25

The Rose and Crown, Kew

Its happened before at pubs in the area......

31 Jan 2005 11:20

The Railway, Kew Gardens

Been going there for 9 years mate..........

12 Jan 2005 11:39

The Railway, Kew Gardens

Dreadfull beer in a dreadfull pub.Take your wellies if visiting the loo ,which happens to be next to the kitchen-nice !

10 Jan 2005 10:37

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