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Leaping Salmon, Berwick upon Tweed

A number of previous reviewers have commented on slow service, tables not being cleared etc. I find this quite common in 'Spoons pubs because they are often understaffed - anyone who has drunk or tried to get a meal in the Ship of Fools in Croydon at lunchtime will know what I mean. It seems to be Company policy. On the other hand it keeps costs down so the drinks can be cheap.
THe lack of atmosphere is also endemic to 'Spoons pubs, but I suppose no atmosphere is better than a bad atmosphere. You pays yer money ......

21 Oct 2010 18:50

The Brewers Arms, Berwick Upon Tweed

The only pub in Berwick High Street (aka Marygate) Like the street, the Pub also has an alias- locals know it as the Battery, dating from the days when the squaddies from the Barracks round the corner used it as their local. Sky TV, several screens. Good menu. All the food is fresh ie not microwave and reasonably priced. Lunchtimes are busy in summer when there are a lot of tourists down from Scotland. Weekends busy esp. when Newcastle Utd / Celtic /Rangers /Man U etc matches are on. This is a long bar with pool table tucked away at the back. Past this is a small beer garden which is a sun-trap in summer as it's shielded from the wind.Bombardier usually on hand pump, sometimes other real ales.

21 Oct 2010 18:38

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

Lovely pub. Only problem - it's too popular! Gets very crowded esp. early evenings, including Saturdays.Partly due to proximity to Waverley Station, buses & Princes Street, but also because it is a fine traditional pub with a good selection of beers, decent food and professional staff.
If you are visiting Edinburgh don't miss this one.

21 Oct 2010 18:13

The Harrow Inn, Tweedmouth

New management,former long term tenants have retired.New management are also locals.

31 Jan 2008 20:22

The Gulls Nest, Burnmouth

Now the first/last pub in Scotland since the demise of the original (adjacent) Flemington.

31 Jan 2008 20:18

Leaping Salmon, Berwick upon Tweed

As a small country town, Berwick is not over-endowed with good pubs and prices are generally higher than you would expect.Therefore the cheap prices at this JDW are welcome.There are two clubs in the street and area is best avoided late evenings at weekends as local youth get tanked up on cheap booze before going forth to do battle in the clubs & the street outside .

31 Jan 2008 20:11

Robin Hood, Colchester

Pity this one's gone.I hope it's not permanent.I stay in Colchester for a couple of days each summer on business and found this pub friendly.I don't know where the local punters will have gone, although the Brewers on the opposite side of the street will probably suit the younger ones who used the pool room.

31 Jan 2008 19:58

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