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The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

One day a flying saucer took off from Brighton and landed in the middle of a West Sussex village called Lindfield. What is this the locals asked, what is this the bar staff wondered as the Flying saucer landed right in the middle of a plot that was called the stand up inn. Lets stick a load of tat all over the walls from the junk shop and photo copy a load of old pictures and stick them over the wall, that should please the village folk. We will have seven real ale pumps but just have three on the go. We will charge town prices to because we have never been here before.
It's early days, the Ale is very good (well the pipes are new) but expensive and I do like the place but i am wondering will I like it a few months down the road. The referb is allright but you would have thought that something could have been done about the Gents toilets because they are very small (and they still leak) and not very nice considering they will soon be serving Thai food (oh no). It is nice and lets see what it's like a few months down the line. The Ale is good quality but expensive and a nice atmosphere but I feel it could go in a couple of directions. The Jury is out and if this review is confused I'm sorry because I'm not too sure myself and feel it could settle to be really good or bad and I say that because it does feel like a square peg in a round hole. Time will tell.

12 Jul 2012 01:29

The White Horse, Maplehurst

When a pub is this good, it deserves a good review. A fine selection of session bitters, well kept and served with a friendly welcome. I will go back here because this is the best pub I have been to for a very long time. It's a real country pub and has a real homely feel. 10/10 without a doubt and a return visit very soon.

27 Jun 2012 12:06

The Black Lion, Plaistow

I always passed this pub when walking to Plaistow tube station after watching a match at Upton Park and decided that it might be worth a visit. I'm so pleased I popped in to this fantastic pub. Great well kept real Ale, all beers are advertised on a board or a series of boards that you can see from anywhere in the pub. The service is just first class, friendly, quick and just fantastic. The people in the pub were nice, polite and it had a lovely atmosphere. This is one of the best pubs I have been to and will return very soon. The beer was fantastic. I feel really happy when I find pubs that are as good as this. It's what a pub should be. 10 out of 10 from me.

8 Mar 2012 00:35

The Half Moon Inn, Balcombe

This is a really good small village pub. Very traditional and good for it. Beer (Harveys) is well kept and is well worth a visit. Great walks in the area as well makes it a bonus.

8 Jan 2011 01:28

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

I feel the need to defend this pub from the last review. I'm sorry that you did not enjoy the stand up professionalpubcritic. I see you posted your review Jan 1st. It has been a very tough time for the staff and customers of the stand up inn because we lost a very dear friend who worked behind the bar just before Christmas that did have a shockwave with the stafff and customers of the pub. I am a customer myself and felt very sad and I don't know how the staff managed to keep going, they were all in shock as we all were (are).

I go to this pub because it cares about beer, not the food or anything else having said that the pasties that they do look very tempting but I go there for the good high quality beer at a good price. Served by staff who care about what they do and will always let you sample a beer to see if you like it. I have done a review for this pub before and my views have not changed. The best compliment I can give to this pub is that I travel by train and walk two miles on a regular basis to get served a great pint of beer by staff who I have always found friendly and helpfull. I have also noticed in my time of going there that if there is something wrong, they will put it right fast. That is the kind of service that will make me return time and time again. This is a very popular pub which confirms I'm not alone with my veiws. I would say if all pubs were run like The Stand Up, less would go out of buisness. I wish there were more pubs like this one. An example to all.

8 Jan 2011 01:22

The Cricketers, Brighton

This is a really nice pub with a great atmosphere and the beer is great. Been here many times now and it's always good. Can't add to that really.

27 Feb 2010 19:58

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

This is one gem of a pub. It has choice and quality as well as a good atmosphere. This is a Dark star pub so you know that you will get a quality pint. I have been here often and I have never had a bad pint of Hophead which speaks volumes. They have Dark Star best and other seasonal Dark Star beers but they have guest beers too as well as a choice of three ciders, Largers and Murphys. It has a small bar which can sometimes be hard to get to if there many people. A very nice pub and well worth a visit.

8 Jan 2010 00:19

The Ardingly Inn, Ardingly

This is a really nice pub. Very nice bar staff and had a very nice pint of Badger best which is not my favorite beer that Hall and Woodhouse do, I prefere the Sussex (made in Dorset but to the old King and Barnes recipe but they did not have that) but the badger was really nice, well kept and full of flavour. It was not packed but it was mid week but still good atmosphere I have to say. Nice for a quite pint, country atmosphere and while going for the food market , I would say worth visiting for a good pint in a comfortable setting.

17 Jun 2009 00:27

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