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Comments by smardale

The Sportsman, Elm

I hadn't frequented this pub for many years until recently having had a reputation as a poseurs pub, so Ok for those with big cars and little d*cks but not much else. Thankful to say it has improved 100% and the ales, though nothing to get excited about, range wise were very good on the couple of occasions I have visited. Keith the current landlord is well known in the Wisbech area so don't expect a full pint !

28 May 2009 00:34

The Woolpack, Wisbech

After several successful years, Lucille, Barry and Ben have moved on and as the current landlady bemoaned 'are a hard act to follow'. Nevertheless, please don't be discouraged from trying the new regime. Food seems excellent as ever, albeit with a slightly reduced menu and the beer range is good for the area.

28 May 2009 00:28

The King of Hearts, West Walton

The 'King' is one of two pubs at opposite ends of the village of West Walton. Of the two, this attracts the better clientele and is particularly recommended for its excellent Sunday 'carvery'. The current incumbents have been there about 18 months and do their best in the present economic climate. Elgoods Cambridge is usually on and occasionally a 'guest'.

28 May 2009 00:22

The Bull Hotel, Ludlow

Very impressive - from the outside ! We had a nice pint of Ludlow Gold here and sat on the comfy chairs but totally lacking in atmosphere and obviously frequented by a younger clientele judging by the loud music. G

6 Jun 2008 02:24

Market Inn, Wisbech

Now called the 'Muppet Inn', yes honestly !! At one time a Watneys establishment called 'The Globe' it then became the 'Market Inn' best known for altercations and now renamed 'the Muppet Inn'. Beware !! G

6 Jun 2008 02:20

The Woolpack, Wisbech

Time for an update on the Woolly. As ever, excellent for food and a friendly welcome. Lucille & Barry still in evidence on occasion but their son Ben has now taken over the running of the pub. Beer choice and quality has improved greatly over the last couple of years, usually a Tom Woods brew available plus guests rare for the area - a couple of weeks back they had Archers Best. Knocks spots off the local competition. G

6 Jun 2008 02:18

The Lattice House, Kings Lynn

Harsh comments of late, but this is really one of the best real ale pubs in Lynn. Like all 'spoons avoid on Fri/Sat nights if pos and for a nicer atmosphere go upstairs to avoid any derelicts. Food is Wetherspoons (what did you expect ? The Savoy ?), but quite palatable. Usually has a good pint of Wherry or Wolf Jackal. G

6 Jun 2008 02:11

The Fat Cat, Norwich

After years of managing to visit Norwich without finding this pub, finally succeeded last weekend. Excellent all round and well worthy of its good name. Friendly clientele and staff, wish I could have stayed longer. The Batemans Victory was outstanding on my visit, but countless other beers to choose from.

14 Jun 2007 01:10

The Stuart House Hotel, Kings Lynn

A real unspoilt gem which offers three varying popular ales on handpump. The Wherry and Oakham JHB seem particularly good. A midweek visit guarantees an ideal venue for quiet chats and unhurried meals. Live bands and wedding bookings make it busier at weekends. Excellent

14 Jun 2007 01:05

The Red Lion, Wisbech

Goes from strength to strength. Bar meals excellent and beer good too. Take your Mum.

22 May 2005 00:45

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