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Comments by siobhan2005

Yates's, Burnley

An ok pub,drinks are relatively cheap,good place to start the nite.However avoid sitting near the door as the tables r under the speakers.On a weekend the music is played very loud!Not a place if you want to have a chat!

17 Nov 2005 17:10

Swan Hotel, Burnley

Not as good as before now its been refurbished,quite expensive.My friends also distraught as they got rid of the table football!

17 Nov 2005 17:08

Paradise Island, Burnley

Avoid after 9:30ish on a saturday night as jam packed and extremely hot! Usually full of under 18s.Do good vodka shots for 1,music can be a bit dodgy too!

17 Nov 2005 17:07

Old Red Lion Hotel, Burnley

Nice pub now its been refurbished.Really nice food during the day.Good placeto begin a night out.

17 Nov 2005 17:05

Brun Lea, Burnley

Try to avoid on saturday nights around 8ish onwards as queueing is ridiculous - i was once stood there for nearly 1/2 hr. Only ever seems to be 2 staff on at busy times. However,drinks r very cheap!

17 Nov 2005 17:02

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