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Sir Timothy Shelley, Worthing

Sorry for not responding earlier PubbCrawlerOne.
I've no problem with any Irish community anywhere. I thought my post was self explanatory in that if a pub has a lot of Irish customers, it doesn't have to bother with a good choice of real ales. You'll find this in every pub with a large Irish clientele. Most Irish drinkers tend to drink lager or Guinness, in that order.

12 Nov 2010 17:47

The Egremont Hotel, Worthing

Please just have a look inside sometime. You'll then know why I just kept walking.

15 Jul 2010 21:32

The Selden Arms, Worthing

I had a well below par pint of Hophead in here on Monday evening. Just goes to show that my 2010 Good Beer Guide is already out of date! No evidence that this pub has been decorated within the last 40 years. It's very much a local pub for local people. They don't get many strangers round these parts!
I won't be rushing back.

15 Jul 2010 21:14

The Royal Oak, Worthing

I had a badly kept pint of Harveys in here a couple of nights ago. Full marks to them though, for still retaining the public bar. No marks though, for not having refurbished the place since 1968.
I won't be rushing back.

15 Jul 2010 21:07

The Vintners Parrot, Worthing

The large windows make it easy to see that this pub has nothing worth drinking so just walk on by. I've done it several times this week.

15 Jul 2010 20:59

Sir Timothy Shelley, Worthing

A rubbish selection of real ales and, as usual (like every other Spoons in the country), plenty of Irish customers drinking lager. I opted for Villa Maria sauvignon blanc which is always a good fall back in a Spoons that doesn't do beer.
I won't be rushing back.

15 Jul 2010 20:57

The Hare and Hounds, Worthing

Went to this pub at 18.30 tonight. I'd read previous review so assumed I could have a pint in a chav free environment.
I struggled with a warm pint of Harveys and had to leave half in the end.
Chavs can be any age Bisley and this pub had plenty of them aged 50+.
I won't be rushing back.

15 Jul 2010 20:53

Klasterni Pivovar Strahov, Prague

Oh dear! Lee. You're really confusing me now. I don't know where I'm drinking any more.
Admin please delete Lee's post before a second person reads it. Their whole stay in Prague could depend on it!

15 Jul 2010 17:29

The Evening Star, Brighton

I had a few pints in here this evening. A good range of beers as usual. A convivial atmosphere made even more so by the playing of New Order's greatest hits followed by the whole of Indiscreet by Sparks. It was great to hear both again. Top pub.

14 Jul 2010 21:51

The Duke Of Wellington, Shoreham by Sea

I was in there last night. Had 3 pints of Dark Star APA which was in excellent form. An appreciative crowd were gathered around the bar sampling the beers.
Only problem I had was that the music was too loud and it was on a 4 track loop of Robin Trower songs. Clearly only appealing to a very limited audience. He was singing along to them though. I doubt if they play requests.

14 Jul 2010 16:51

The Drum and Monkey, Glasgow

That's ok Lee. We forgive you.

17 Jun 2010 07:26

Jolly Butchers, Stoke Newington

I paid my first visit to this pub yesterday and it has changed completely from the days when it was known as 'The Flying Bottle'.
An amazing array of beers were available on handpump including 3 from Thornbridge, 2 from Dark Star and 5am Saint from Brewdog. I had a pint of the Brewdog and also a pint of both Dark Star beers, Hophead and APA. All 3 beers were in excellent condition and were all filled right up to the brim of jug type glass.
Clientele seemed appreciative of having somewhere like this to drink instead of the old scum infested hovel it used to be. The old regulars seem to have decamped to the nearby Spoon which consequently has to have bouncers on the dooor at all times.
The food menu looked good and I'll probably try the food next time. The only niggle I had was the smell of cooking oil throughout the pub but I'm sure this could be rectified by a good extraction system.
I will certainly be back though.

16 Jun 2010 07:36

The Wellington, Birmingham

Good pub with really superb bar staff. You never have to wait long to be served.
The only problem is that it's full of tickers (permanently single men aged between 40 and 70). There was a beer festival on tonight and the unwritten rule was that each ticker had to have 2 halves in front of them at all times( these were the beers they "needed"). So, apart from the social misfits, I would thoroughly recommend this pub.

22 Apr 2010 20:49

The Briar Rose, Birmingham

I had a festival pint this evening but this was rather spoilt by a smelly beggar going round the tables selling the BIG ISSUE and asking for 20p even if you didn't want to buy the mag. He was eventually asked to leave by a member of staff but it had already put me off drinking there.
They only had about 4 festival beers on anyway and had 10 handpumps!

22 Apr 2010 20:34

The Bree Louise, Euston

Very diplomatic review Lee. I see you've made no mention of the quality of the ales so you were probably only in there for the stew with the puff pastry lid.

21 Jun 2009 09:23

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Thanks a lot Lee. If you'd have left that any longer than 2 minutes without correcting it I'd have been losing sleep again.

2 May 2009 11:26

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

''Readers should read "JB" as "JHB" on my last review.''

Thanks for that Lee. I'll sleep easier in my bed tonight now that you've corrected that.

15 Mar 2009 14:35

The Bree Louise, Euston

I gave it another chance and went along on 22/01/2009 during their beer festival. Alas, no Tally Ho as advertised so I had to make to with about my 4th choice as a couple of the other beers were also 'off'.
The beer I had was a stout but was flat, warm and tired. I keep getting excited about this place only to be kicked in the teeth when I get there.
Every cloud has a silver lining though. I left after struggling through half the pint and went to the Doric Arch where I had 5 pints of excellent Dark Star Hophead.
I see no reason to return to the Bree Louise. It's had enough chances.

11 Feb 2009 18:27

The Nook, Holmfirth

Wonderful unspoilt pub. Always has a good selection of ales.

8 Jan 2009 17:40

The Dutton Hotel, Manchester

Great pub. Beer always on top form.
Is the landlord still the same rampant racist Ulsterman? It's a few years since I've been there but he was quite friendly to me and my mate due to us not being black.

8 Jan 2009 17:26

The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

It's good to see some different beers in north London but Milton beers, in my opinion, aren't the best although I like Nero. I still try to get up there about every couple of weeks as I think this venture should be encouraged. Tom's curries are great also.

8 Jan 2005 09:35

The White Hart, Aldeburgh

I agree with happy punter. It's a lovely cosy pub. Locals are quite friendly. Service good, beer good and the chippy next door is fantastic and uses dripping. Heaven !

8 Jan 2005 09:27

George & Dragon, Watton at Stone

A pub with a restaurant that serves standard pub food at very inflated prices.

6 Nov 2004 07:43

In de Wildeman, Amsterdam

There's a truly wonderful beer range with 18 on tap and 200 in bottles but no changes have been made to that list for about 2 years. Bring a space suit as there's no atmosphere.

2 Oct 2004 13:07

Last Waterhole, Amsterdam

Full of non spenders who bring in their own mineral water when I was there. The barman gave us loads of free snacks as we were his only real customers.

2 Oct 2004 13:05

Bagabon, Stoke Newington

This pub appears to be always full of dodgy people looking to nick your handbag or wallet. Although the pub is always busy in the evening I always appear to be the only person with a drink. Food in the restaurant part is pretty good though.

25 Apr 2004 10:09

The Blue Lamp, Aberdeen

This is superb pub. A great free juke box in the original bar. Worth coming to see 'mad' Sandy Brown the owner who has remained unchanged along with the bar for over 30 years.

14 Apr 2004 15:03

The Salisbury Arms Hotel, Hertford

The excellent food is very reasonably priced for the quality. The beer is overpriced. Superb non smoking room. A great range of wines by the glass and even more by the bottle.

14 Apr 2004 14:56

De Bekeerde Suster, Amsterdam

This cafe is now called De Bekeerde Schuster and no longer brews on site. It is part of the Beiaard Goup of cafes.

12 Apr 2004 19:34

't IJ Proeflokaal (Brouwerij 't IJ), Amsterdam

It can't be denied that this place used to be THE place to go for the ij beers. The problem for the last 3 or so years is that they serve the beers too 'green' and all you can taste is candy sugar. To try them at their best go to the Wildeman or Belgique where they have been left to ferment before going on sale.

12 Apr 2004 19:31

Cafe 't Smalle, Amsterdam

Lovely old cafe. Great choice of wines by the glass (very unusual for Amsterdam)in addition to the superb range of beers.

12 Apr 2004 19:26

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