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Imbibe, Southwark

I agree with gristy - the positive comments are obviously pr puff for the venue. You can tell by the fact that they have only commented on one pub.

For my part I have been to this pub several times over the years - its a reasonable bar, nothing particularly special as bars trying to be trendy go but ok for a few drinks after work.

5 Jul 2007 14:24

The Castle, Camberwell

Much improve dona recent visit. They now have art on the walls instead of the screen showing mtv or whatever which is much better. Still dont seem to have quite mastered the art of serving food quickly but it is not an unpleasant place to spend time waiting!

5 Jul 2007 14:15

The Phoenix, Denmark Hill

Absolutely shambolic pub quiz on Sundays - not worth the bother: questions irrelevant (mostly rubbish from Heat/ East Enders/ the tabloids not real knowledge), delivery and accoustics poor, only four rounds and it stretches on for far too long.

Music in the pub also very poor - it seemed to be the bar person's ipod and far too loud to allow conversation. Worst was the song selection - nirvana and other heavy rock which is fine for a late night club night or rock bar but not so good on a Sunday afternoon at 5.

In fact this Sunday it seemed like it was more of a teenagers' youth club being run for the benefit of the bar staff than actually a pub that seeks to welcome all people. I dont think I will be going back in a hurry

5 Jul 2007 14:09

The Fox on the Hill, Denmark Hill

Horrible horrible horrible - only reason to come here is cheap beer. Other pubs - george canning, phoenix - much better if you dont mind paying more than 1.79 a pint

3 Jun 2007 23:17

The Tiger, Denmark Hill

dodgy - to be approached with caution

3 Jun 2007 23:14

The Castle, Camberwell

Food seemed very good when we visited today - good menu with wide range of foods. Has been smartened up inside but otherwise little physically changed. Same standard range of beers and wines.

31 Dec 2006 15:23

The Trinity Arms, Brixton

Brixton's not that bad! (see previous post) very good pub with great standard pub things. I, or other female friends have never had an problems or felt unsfae whether leaving at &:15pm, 9pm or 11:30pm

17 Dec 2006 12:50

Kellys, South Lambeth

Has been done up recently - looks much smarter

17 Dec 2006 12:47

The Hermits Cave, Camberwell

Previous review is reason to visit this characterful pub!

17 Dec 2006 12:44

The Fox on the Hill, Denmark Hill

as others say not too bad as the wethers pubs go

17 Dec 2006 12:43

Dark Horse, Camberwell

This place is real Camberwell asset - although not perhaps everyones cup of tea its worth the trip.

17 Dec 2006 12:42


Very pleasant backstreet pub

17 Dec 2006 12:40

The George Canning, Denmark Hill

Generally ok if you're here for the beer. In my opinion food and wine are rip offs

7 Dec 2006 17:54

The Sun and Doves, Camberwell

Top notch

7 Dec 2006 17:45

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