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BITE user comments - scottylad

Comments by scottylad

The Springbok, Covent Garden

Well I love this place and there's always lovely ladies there at the weekend. I think the drinks are rather cheap and the Saffas are really friendly

26 Jan 2006 17:23

O'Neills, Battersea

Don't care what anyone says, I like this pub.

17 Jul 2005 16:22

The Frog and Forget-Me-Not, Clapham

Do like this place but somethings missing and I can't quite put my finger on it.

17 Jul 2005 16:17

The Fine Line, Clapham

Hmm, trying to be cool but not quite getting there. The foods good but it's a fairly standard menu.

17 Jul 2005 16:15

The Duck, Battersea

Great place, enjoyed the food and the pool tables are a bonus.

17 Jul 2005 16:13

The Commercial (the Comm), Lochgilphead

This is a great pub for down and outs alcoholics and the like...wouldn't recommend it.

14 Dec 2004 13:17

The Admiral Duncan, Soho

This is a great it love it

14 Dec 2004 12:56

The Machrie Hotel, Gleneagadale

It's a good place but shame about the location, not exactly convenient

14 Dec 2004 12:54

The Harbour Inn and Restaurant, Bowmore

Now this is a great pub and the accomodation and food are second to none on the island...apart from the Port Charlotte hotel, which might just edge it

14 Dec 2004 12:53

The Ballygrant Inn and Restaurant, Ballygrant

The ballygrant inn is in the back of beyond...I'm amazed they do any business.

14 Dec 2004 12:52

The Royal Oak, Clapham North

This is a nice pub. Only thing that lets it down is the food which ain't bad but just very overpriced for what you get.

14 Dec 2004 10:53

Traders, Clapham

Full of pricks, hate this pub.

14 Dec 2004 10:52

The Sun, Clapham

Now this a great pub in summer, and serves delicious food...highly recommended

14 Dec 2004 10:51

The Calf, Clapham

Ok pub can lack atmosphere though.

14 Dec 2004 10:50

Bread and Roses, Clapham

Great pub serving great beer. Attracts a chilled out crowd, very cool.

14 Dec 2004 10:49

The Manor Arms, Clapham

Great little pub, good mix of friendly down to earth people, and the pub has a nice traditional feel. Great for watching the Rugby.

14 Dec 2004 10:47

The Pentagon, Clapham

Never been, but then that's cos it always looks empty......

14 Dec 2004 10:46

The Railway, Clapham North

Nice place, and relaxed. the only thing wrong is the music which is shit....depends what you're into though I guess

14 Dec 2004 10:42

The Bierodrome, Clapham

It's alright, foods good but the bar side of things pretty ordinary. They sell loads of different beer but 80% of them are shit and overpriced

14 Dec 2004 10:40

Cafe Sol Dos, Clapham

F'ing great night out. Foods great and cheap, and mmm the ladies.

14 Dec 2004 10:38

The Two Brewers, Clapham

Used to get on really well with everyone, then I got chucked (can't remember why). Is a good place, shame it's full of bent shots

14 Dec 2004 10:36

Revolution, Clapham

It's a terrible place, musics shit, beers shit and spirits are overpriced, never going again.

14 Dec 2004 10:34, Clapham

I quite liked this pub, though you do need a bit of money if you're gonna go here and there's no draught which lets it down a bit, no chavs either though which earns extra brownie points.

14 Dec 2004 10:32

The Belle Vue, Clapham Common

Now this is a good pub, great place to take the lady friend for a relaxing drink, oozes class i.e no chavs

14 Dec 2004 10:29

B@1, Clapham

Erm tiny and a pile of crap, just as well it's small otherwise it would be a big pile of crap. Food is delicious, but I go to the pub to enjoy myself and drink beer. Sorry doesn't do it for me.

14 Dec 2004 10:27

The Alexandra, Clapham

Now this pub is one of the best in Clapham. It has a good old traditional feel and is agreat pub for watching the footy.

14 Dec 2004 10:24

SW4, Clapham

I agree with Sarah, the Goose and Granite had a nice traditional feel about it. You could cosy up with a drink and relax. Now its SW4 its a pile of ****. Its full of Chavs and I wish the place would close down. The worst pub in Clapham bar the Windsor up the back which is terrible too.

14 Dec 2004 10:18

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