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Comments by scotte84

The Bridge, Topsham

No lager on tap when I went in there last year.

6 Oct 2006 14:37

Yates, Southampton

Been to Yates in Torquay, Plymouth, Swindon, Cheltenham, Taunton, Liverpool, Manchester and oh yes Southampton which is by far the dirtiest and worst Yates that I have been to. Went there at about 11pm one Friday night earlier this month. They had run out of Carling, the layout of the pub was bad as well.

27 Jan 2006 10:40

The Red Lion, Southampton

Went in this pub earlier this year on a Saturday afternoon and it was pretty quiet just before the football started. More like a town pub than a city pub which was ideal - not so busy or big. Went in there in the evening and it was busier and a good place to go to before you go to the bigger pubs like The Square. Would defo go here if I was in Southampton again.

27 Jan 2006 10:35

Que Pasa, Southampton

Went in here earlier this month on a Saturday afternoon. Quite a relaxing and chill out place.

27 Jan 2006 10:31

The Old Fat Cat, Southampton

Went in there earlier this month at about 1pm on a Saturday afternoon. The bar staff were unfriendly. I left and moved on which I never do unless a pub is really bad. My friends stayed and they said the food was awful and service was slow.

27 Jan 2006 10:29

The Lower George Inn, Gloucester

Went to this pub at about 7pm one Friday evening. The locals in other pubs told us not to go in there because it is the roughest pub in Gloucester. Personally, the locals were very friendly and welcomed three drunk lads. A tatty looking pub, but that doesn't matter.

27 Jan 2006 10:22

The Chambers, Gloucester

Went to this pub one Friday afternoon and it was one of the best pubs in Glocuester. Was pretty busy even at 2pm.

27 Jan 2006 10:19

Kings Arms, Teignmouth

Went in this pub one Saturday afternoon in January 2005 and it was the ideal place to chill out while having a game of pool. Landlord was very friendly.

27 Jan 2006 10:16

Yates's, Liverpool

I've been to 7 different Yates bars and this was definitely the best one. Sitting outside in the afternoon on my 21st birthday watching the chicks go by was brilliant. Not often you can sit outisde in the centre of a town/city and relax at a decent pub.

27 Jan 2006 10:14

Que Pasa, Taunton

Went to 24 pubs in Taunton back in May 2005. Went to this pub at about 7pm and I have to say it was the worst pub that I went to on that day. Bloke behind the bar was very arrogant and rude by the fact that we came from Devon. There are a lot better pubs in Taunton.

27 Jan 2006 10:07

The Cider Bar, Newton Abbot

Went here in June 2005. Went to 19 pubs in Newton Abbot and this was the 18th. We are all lager drinkers and asked for a pint of the strongest cider they sell. They gave us the strongest which was bottled cider. It was gorgeous and got us all in a right mess. Very friendly people in the pub and very friendly bar staff.

27 Jan 2006 10:03

The Giddy Bridge, Southampton

Wethers are always for people with are too tight to buy pints over 2.00. Not bad for a Wethers though. Went there early on Saturday afternoon. Don't know what it's like in the evening.

20 Jan 2006 14:55

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